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The people with mental illness or the mental health issues need to be treated with equal care and provided with an equally healthy life like any other individual in the society. In addition, such persons require going through well structured treatment processes to get rid of their issues. However, often lack of support from the close friends, family and the community intensifies the issues faced by such individuals (Lanata et al.2015). So, it is evident that there is need of using lived example and a well-defined framework for treatment of the patients with mental issues. The essay deals with the analysis on how lived experience of Sandy Jeffs, as demonstrated in her stories and poems, helps the professionals to align their services with the concept of recovery mentioned in the National Recovery Framework for mental health services. The current essay also includes discussion on the concept of lived experience and the recovery in mental health services.

An outline of the main ideas from the National framework for recovery-oriented mental health services: guide for practitioners and providers:
In Australia, the practitioners and the providers use a guideline for treating patients with mental health issues. The framework is centered on the lived experience of individuals who have dealt with mental health issues. The framework indicates that the recovery oriented mental health services in Australia are based on three key concepts -- the recovery, the recovery oriented practices and recovery oriented service delivery ( While incorporating the recovery oriented practices, the practitioners take a holistic and the person first approach. However, the practitioners also focus on the social determinants and social inclusion to ensure a better life for the individuals. The example of the poem ‘Congratulations’ of Sandy Jeffs can be considered in this case as it describes how an individual is increasing participation in social life with help of mental health services (Centre for Medical Humanities, 2018). The recovery of a person cannot be ensured unless the professionals are committed to solve issues faced by the individual (Fejzic et al.2017). Therefore, the need for developing organizational commitment and organizational development has also been given adequate importance in the framework. Every individual has unique issues and emotional features and so, the mental health related issues of every individual also require being treated uniquely. In other words, the patients with mental issues need tailored services in order to meet their specific needs. Therefore, the service providers and practitioners in Australia puts emphasis on the culture, age and socio-economic background of an individual while tailoring the recovery based service delivery model. Discussion on the recovery based service delivery framework in Australia indicates that the framework helps the practitioners and service providers to focus on all the basic elements of recovery based model for mental health and issues. The framework also helps the practitioners to recognize the unique needs of individual patients and treat them accordingly.

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The concept of the lived experience of mental health and illness
The lived experience of people with mental health issues and illness gives the practitioners with insights on how do these problems affect lives of the individuals. Having real life insight on the mental health issues can benefit the practitioners to find out solutions on basis of the real implications of the problems. ‘The Madwoman in this Poem’ written by Sandy Jeffs can be considered an excellent example in this case. The poem clearly depicts the life of an individual with mental issue and how social exclusion adds to her problems (Centre for Medical Humanities, 2018). Her autobiography, ‘Flying with Paper Wings’ also state the struggles of people with mental issues like Schizophrenia. Use of such lived experiences can help the practitioners to get a real insight on the problems faced by patients. So, it can be stated that the lived experience of individuals with mental health related issues need to be given the maximum importance while treating people with such problems. 
 The people with mental health related problems require leading a healthy life where they can obtain the relationships, can have occupations, respect and a sense of safety like other individuals in the society (Sarwer et al.2015). Use of lived experience while treating such people helps the practitioners to understand what prevents the patients from living a healthy life. For instance, ‘Medicated’ another poem by Sandy Jeffs describes how side effects of the medicines provided as part of the treatment affects one’s well being. As a result, setting priorities for the patients needs becomes easier for the service providers. Clearly use of the concepts only cannot help the professionals to understand and prioritize the needs of individual patients. ‘It can also be stated that use of the lived experiences enables the professionals to deliver better services. The traditional models of recovery of mental health issues provided the practitioners with a more powerful position (Sarwer et al.2015). However, in the contemporary models of health care, the collaboration between the service users and the service providers is given with lots of importance. Use of lived experience in treating mental health indicates that the service providers have direct experience with the mental health problems and so, they can collaborate easily with the patents. It indicates that use of the lived experiences helps the professionals to offer better services to the patients. 
 Use of lived experience assists the professionals to diagnose and treat people in a range of settings including the private and public health service providers, the community health organizations and the hospitals. Use of the lived experience while providing the mental health issue related services ensures a skill mix within the workforce (Scott et al.2016). The poem ‘Medicated’ also indicates that use of medicines is not enough for the individuals with mental issues and lack of compassion among the mental health service providers can affect effectiveness of their problems (Centre for Medical Humanities, 2018). The experiences enhance value of the peer practitioners along with the patients who are recovering, their family members and the care givers. Innovation is a crucial aspect of the recovery based mental healthcare model. Use of lived experience is effective for implementing innovation while delivering the services. It can be stated that use of lived experience is effective to make outcomes of the mental health related services and lives of the patients better.
The concept of recovery in the experience of mental health and illness:
The concept of recovery is quite different in case of mental health and illness than it is in case of physical health and illness. In case of physical illness the concept of recovery means getting rid of the physical problems completely (Lanata et al.2015). However, in case of mental health and illness, recovery means that the individual is able to lead a controlled life in spite of having mental health related issues. In other words, the concept of recovery in mental health means the process of developing resilience against the mental health issue. The recovery model in mental health and illness depicts the unique features of this concept. The recovery model in mental health and illness has four dimensions -- the home, health, community and purpose. To ensure recovery of the individuals with mental issues, the participation and support from the community and family is highly needed (McLaughlin et al.2015). However, the purpose of the recovery process in mental health is ensuring that the individual is gaining full control over the mental issues.The aim of recovery model in the mental health and illness is making the individuals self –directed. The recovery model also focuses on incorporating the individualized and person-centered care model. The poem ‘Congratulations’ of Sandy Jeffs reflects how the practitioners identify the reasons behind mental health issues of the individuals (Centre for Medical Humanities, 2018). Empowering the patients to improve the life is another crucial factor for the recovery model. In other words, implementation of the recovery based model is enhancing strengths of the patients. 
The recovery process takes place in several steps. One of the key features in the recovery process is obtaining a holistic view for treating the mental illness. The treatment process in the mental illness is not limited to treating the symptoms only. It focuses on overall improvement of the patients. Another critical feature of the recovery based model is making the patients believe that the getting recovered from the mental illness is possible. The poem ‘Cold Chemical Comfort’ by Jeffs states how proper treatment helps an individual with mental issue to carry out their regular activities and lead a healthier life (Centre for Medical Humanities, 2018). Optimism is a key component of the recovery model but it does not ensure that an individual would become able to lead the life before illness. Rather it indicates that the individuals can be able to lead a happier life while controlling their problems. The key to creation of a successful recover based model is involving the friends and families of the patients with it.

Provide examples from the work of Sandy Jeffs to illustrate your argument about how mental health professionals can implement recovery orientated practice.
The case of Sandy Jeffs can be an excellent example of the implementation of the recovery oriented principles by the mental health professionals. Sandy Jeffs is an eminent poet who suffered from mental health related issues for several years. However, after treatment, she recovered from her issues and became able to lead successful life (YouTube, 2018). Analysis on the case of Sandy Jeffs indicates that support from the community is essential to get recovered from the mental illness. The people having mental issues are often stigmatized. Social inclusion of such people helps the individuals with mental issues to get recovered easily. The two poems of Sandy Jeffs, like Medicated reflect the struggle of such people efficiently (YouTube, 2018).
Analysis in the essay indicates that use of lived experience enhance quality of the mental health care services and its outcomes by increasing the collaboration among patients and the service providers. However, the recovery in mental healthcare is different than the concept in physical illness. The recovery in mental health care does not ensure that the patient will get rid of the issues completely but it makes the patient able to gain control over the issues and lead a healthy life. Finally, collaboration of the families, friends, peer specialists as well as the considering the cultural and socio-economic features of the patients is effective to provide them with tailored services. Support from the community is effective for faster recovery of the patients. The case of Sandy Jeffs also indicates how the support from community and sympathy of the caregivers help patients to recover faster. 

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