Memo Related to Corporate Communication


Write memo discussing the challenges and Opportunities technology has brought to corporate communication.


To: The Boss
From: Employee
Subject: Challenges and Opportunities technology has brought to corporate communication 
The rapid change of technology has come out as an important phase in the business strategies of the organizations as it empowers the process of communications within the stakeholders of the company. With rapid change of the global business scenario, though technological input is adhered to be an important incorporation in the organizational communication process, but some challenges are also seen to predominantly exist with the flourishing change of technological input. 
Corporate Communication as a discipline for employee structure
This has been rightly observed by many literary scholars in their researches when scholars like Argenti in his article “How Technology has influenced the field of corporate communication” has illustrated that though corporate communication acts as a discipline for presenting new information in the field of communication, but technology sometimes puts up considerable challenges in functioning of the staffs of the companies using different technological outputs of business communications. In many tech-firms of Australia, it has been identified that technology in the path of creating a discipline among the employees has created a discrimination towards those groups of staffs that has not been able to handle them because of their lack in skills (Argenti, 2006). 
Usefulness and challenges of social media for corporate communication
Researchers like Kaplan and Haenlein in their research article has opined that social media being an useful technological input within an organization has become the top agenda for many business executives for making business decisions which are profitable in various ways like staff coordination, collaborative projects, building content communities and creating employees personal blogs for feedback responses. All these acts to be essential components for building on a personal relation with the management of the company and also nourishing the team-building aspects for, a cohesive working atmosphere within the business context (Kaplan, & Haenlein, 2010). But under certain situation the researcher have also found that the understanding of social media as an effective technological tool for the management of the company has to be thoroughly defined to the employees as this can lead to conflict and failing of media plan integrations exhibiting to the customers which have been evident in organizational context of Coco Cola; where the employees performance being scrutinized under social media usage led to heavy turnover depending over their feedbacks and responses in social media sites.
“Communication Technology Centralizes; Information technology Decentralizes”
In the study of effects of information technology and communication technology in firm organizations, researchers have indicated that with ICT implications in firms, there have been both ways challenges being presented for sharing components like “information” and communication” together. It has been identified that though better communication has aggravated the decisions to be up as it can be seen that it has legitimate the employees to depend on the hierarchical authorities for making decisions (Bloom et al.,, 2014). Moreover it can be adhered that information technologies has participated for autonomy and greater duration of control, whereas the communication technologies have been creating a lesser autonomous situations for the company’s employees. 
Therefore form the following analysis it can be cleared that technological upliftment remains to be a constant flourishing phenomenon for enacting a change management process within the organization through which the organization’s stakeholders can keep their pace up with competitive world. But on other hand it can be deciphered that with every form of technological incorporation, the individuals involved with the process can lead to reduction in their efficiency and skills of showing their individualistic talent within the organization.

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