Marketing Management


Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to enable students to undertake research into a specific product or service as a case study.
Description: This assessment requires you to:
1. Select a product or service
2. Discuss the effectiveness of the current marketing and/or
advertising of the product with regard to its sales
3. Make recommendations regarding how best to market the




In this paper, we will study the marketing initiatives of "Cranberry 15000." It is a women health product produced by the one of the recognized Australian company named as "Blackmores Limited." The company is famous for its high-quality products and services. It is engaged in offering the top quality natural health products to its customers. It has expertise in the production of minerals, nutritional supplements, and vitamin products. The main motive of this paper is to study the effectiveness of "Cranberry 15000" current marketing and advertisement techniques so that recommendations can provide accordingly. This paper covers the background of Cranberry 15000 and also discloses its unique selling proposition. This is performed to study the recent marketing initiatives. Furthermore, it is also right to say that the continuous research and development activities become the main success factor of its products and services in existing market. This paper will provide a solid knowledge to target audience about marketing strategies of "Cranberry 15000" as well as different marketing management concepts and frameworks.

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Product Background

Cranberry 15000 is a famous product of the Blackmores Limited. It is a product with integration of 15 000 mg extract which helps the women to reduce the frequency of their recurrent cystitis. Apart from this, the Cranberry 15000 also consider4ed a concentrated and potent extract that promote urinary tract health(, 2017).It proves very suitable for the health and well-being of women because Cranberry discourages adherence of bacteria in the urinary act and promotes urinary tract health. Moreover, it is also considered that the Cranberry proves perfect for mark urinary odors associated with incontinence. It is a combination of two active ingredients which includes; Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and VacciniumMacrocarpon. The combination of both enhances its quality and level of usability and benefits for women. It proves perfect for both adults as well as children. The adult women should take 1 capsule 1 or 2 times in a day with meals as described the professional. On the other hand, the girl children can use it only when professional prescribed it for their health and future benefits. Therefore, it is right to say that the Cranberry 15000 serves as a strong product for improving the health and maintaining the well-being of individuals(, 2017). Apart from this, the product also recommended to its target audience that they should not skip their diet during its consumption. It is because this act will reduce the efficiency of product outcomes. 


USP analysis

USP stands for unique selling proposition or price. () said that USP represents the characteristics and features of a product or service that further used by their owners for marketing purpose. In a similar manner, it can be said that the Blackmores Limited development Cranberry 15000 with a lot of features that serves as its USP in competitive markets. The USP of Cranberry 15000 can understand with the following description:  


Only source of prevent E.Coli


The first and foremost USP of Cranberry 2015 is that it is a foremost source of preventing E.Coli in a human body. The presence of E.Coli can become the root cause of different UTIs problem(, 2017). Due to the presence of E.Coli, the human body becomes a failure in representing the effectiveness of supplement's which they are using.


A higher dose of Active Ingredient


It becomes popular among women population due to its high benefits and low cost. The Blackmores Limited integrated the product with higher dose active ingredients. Due to the presence of highly active ingredients, the company is able to produce the effective outcomes among the body of women.


Best source of treat UTI


The presence of active ingredients enhances the effectiveness of Cranberry 15000. Due to the involvement of active ingredient, it becomes the only source to treat a UTI(, 2017). It is because the water and other fluid ingredients help prevent UTIs by flushing out the urinary system. 


Use of anti-inflammatory properties


Another important USP of Cranberry is its anti-inflammatory properties. The presence of anti-inflammatory properties helps it to provide the effective health benefits to women so that they can face their day to day challenges(, 2017). Therefore, it is right to say that the Blackmores Limited developed Cranberry 15000 with effective benefits and ingredients. Therefore, the above-mentioned USP proves the significant factor of sales increment for the company. 


Marketing Campaigns evaluation

The supplements and vitamins maker Blackmores Limited adopted a large number of marketing strategies to attract the attention of its target customers and enhance the sale of ultimate products. The company uses a wide range of marketing activities to promote its brand image as well as the sale of Cranberry and other potential projects. The following are potential marketing strategies and campaigns used by Blackmores to target its segmented market: 


Event Launch

The first and foremost strategy used by the company to promote its brand image and profitability is event launch. The main purpose of the use of this marketing strategy is to give an opportunity to its customers to visit its shelter home. The launch of the 80 deeds campaign is a live example of its efforts. While celebrating its 80th anniversary, the company invited media guests and bloggers to launch the 80 deeds campaign and promote the brand image of its products and services(Campaign Brief Australia, 2016). 



The second important marketing strategy that the company is using to promote its brand image is advertising. It is one of the famous marketing and promotion strategy utilized by a wide range of business organizations (Ottman, 2017). Here, the company utilizes the three different advertising strategies. These are advertisement through magazine, newspaper, Blackmore Facebook page, and Broadcast techniques like RTM 2 and Bergama. 


Marketing Campaigns


The third and important marketing strategy that the company is utilizing on a broad scale is a marketing campaign. The main motive behind launching the marketing campaign is to give direction and guidance to target customers about their health and well-being and attract their attention towards its products and services. The 80 deeds contest is a famous marketing campaign managed by the organization in 2017 (Ward, 2013). With the help of this campaign, the company made an appeal to those individuals who are doing good deeds through its products.


Discount Vouchers

The company utilized this marketing strategy for individuals who are regularly engaged in purchasing of triple and twin pack supplements. Apart from this, the company also offers e-vouchers to its database members through the Blackmores e-newsletter. 
All above-mentioned marketing strategies and campaigns become the foremost source of its competitive advantage and great popularity within the Australian market. The success of its different campaigns like a campaign for superfoods range via Monkey’s represents the company awareness towards marketing and promotion activities(Campaign Brief Australia, 2016). So, it is right to say that the company is highly active towards promotion strategies and doing well in its recent timeline.



On the basis of the identification and evaluation of Blackmore recent marketing strategies in favor of Cranberry and other products, it can be said that the company is putting marketing efforts in a right direction. But, it can make some changes in its marketing scenario to its better future in the same industry. For example, the company can conduct and organize the roadshows during weekends (Powell, 2016). By doing this, it can entertain the target audience as well as provide them the significant knowledge about its products and services. The company can perform its roadshows in Klang Valley like One Utama, Subang Parade, and at other places. The Klang valley roadshows are recommended to the organization because the city is covered with a large number of health conscious people. Therefore, this marketing activity will prove significant for its current as well as future growth. Apart from this, the company can go with online media sources marketing. This can perform through LinkedIn, Instagram, and various other social media channels (Crous, 2017). This will bring an opportunity in front of company to plan its expansion and increment in existing market shares. 




After studying all this, it can be concluded the Cranberry is a good production and outcome of Blackmore Limited efforts. Moreover, the company is putting effective efforts in marketing direction. The company does not utilize only the traditional marketing but also the modern ways to enhance the brand presence of its different products and services. Moreover, it can improve its recent marketing scenario by performing the recommended activities. The use of recommended marketing strategies will bring an opportunity for the company to plan its future as well as present growth in the existing markets.

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