Marketing Management


 Marketing Management 

  “Ring Security”

1)    Assess the type of retail outlet Ring Security Doorbell utilizes by reviewing the strategic issues in retail (p. 455) Include in your response a description of the profile of the end-user and the location in which they are placed.

The Ring Security Doorbell was built to safeguard people from unwarranted crimes, threats & provide a meaningful security. It was designed after surveying 20,000 people across various platforms. The device ring was built to give security & provide the meaningful device to owners. Through video security along with smart doorbell we could see who is at door, identify anywhere via our smartphone as well but a smart doorbell functionality can provide a convenient benefit. It's the internet featured doorbell, which when ringed gets connected with the customer smartphone who could discuss live with the visitor anywhere.

2)  As the marketing manager at Ring Security Doorbell, what might be your communication objective that you would like to achieve to support the growth of the brand? A meaningful device to provide blanket security cover to the end users anywhere at the customer convenience will be a clear communication objective to support the growth of the brand.

a. Using the factors essential in developing a campaign (pg. 518), omitting the cost and availability factor) ,what might the traditional and non-traditional promotional vehicles be used to meet your communication? How will they be integrated?
The traditional and non-traditional promotional vehicles will be to demonstrate it physically to create visual effects & influence customers hence below methods will be chosen-:
Promoting in the large scale through T.V, newspapers, events or trade shows to display how it's utilised & how effective is the usage will be.
Through, word of mouth between customers, influencing visitors by promoting through shopkeepers, middle men’s, agents or vendors will promote it more & get more visibility. They can also give heavy discounts, promotions, margins or through tie-ups with various brands or influential products etc. can also lead to strengthening the brand image & customer relying heavily on it (Nyne, 2014).
This will all be integrated through salesmen, aggressive sales & marketing campaigning.

3)  Using the general steps in the personal selling process (pg. 548), how does/should a sales person greet its customer in order to “close the sale?” Please be very specific in the questions that would be asked.

In order to close a lucrative deal, a sales person first greets the customer & let him know about his background, company & his purpose of visit. Upon the customer response, salesperson proceeds to detail about the product. From the price, dimensions, usage to warranty or any technicality will be elaborated within a fraction of seconds to create an impact & influence the customer. After this, if the customer still looks interested then price negotiations & more benefit will be shared due to the personal selling initiative. Customer as a last resort will close it as a positive deal since all its doubts, questions are resolved & customer feels good after purchasing it (Wyle, 2015).

4)  Describe 2 sales promotions that could be used with Ring Security Doorbell(consistent with your communication objection stated in Q. #2) How are they supporting your objective? How might they be measured to understand their effectiveness? What factors (at least 2) did you consider in determining the type of sales promotion to use?

For the sales promotions of Ring Security Doorbell below would look ideal-:
Tie-ups with big brands & promoting cross selling’s.
Initial days, promoting through aggressive market campaigning by displaying in the various events, getting sponsorships or spreading through word of mouth.
By choosing the above sales promotional techniques it’s supporting our communication objectives as its displaying sense of security after it’s purchased by consumers. Through tie-ups with big brands, it’s getting recognised due to the strong brand image.
To measure effectiveness-:
Sales will improve tremendously due to the spread of trust & word of mouth among the consumers.
Factors to be considered while determining type of sales promotions.
Studying about the customers mindsets, crime rates, negative activities in terms of pricing & how safe they feel in a given environment in order to promote during events.
Through tie-ups & sponsorships getting more visibilities & how effective they are able to create visibility issues (Cheng, 2013).

5)  What types of variable and fixed costs are involved in a Ring Security Doorbell product? Briefly, discuss 2 types of alternatives used in the pricing of business products (pg. 619) that might be used with the suppliers to Ring Security. Why might the alternatives be effective with this brand?

The fixed cost is $200 per unit & along with it recorded with a price of $3 per month or $30 in the year integrated with the Apple software.
Alternatives used in pricing with the suppliers & effective with the brand.
1) Integrating with the front end & back end vendors or dealers to get a smooth supply of raw materials, inputs & easy transport accessibilities.
2) Promoting & tie up from big to small shops giving them margins to support the branding & influencing the mind of consumers (Kim, 2011).

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