Marketing Management in the Digital Age

Marketing Management in the Digital Age, BRAND NAME; L’OREAL


L’Oreal Market Segmentation 

L’Oreal has put much emphasis on different types of market segmentation which includes gender segmentation and income segmentation. In respect of gender segmentation it can be said that L’Oreal adhered to the process of segmenting the population into different sexes (Thakkar, 2017). In the Indian market, for instance, L’Oreal’s products catered specifically to the women segment and then gradually the Company targeted the male segment with a revived objective. It should be noted that L’Oreal also segmented the market on the basis of income. The Company segmented the market under two broad income groups, viz. the quickly rising middle class and the upper class that has been gaining in affluence (Thakkar, 2017). The Company also indulges in age segmentation. It must be noted that “By segmenting the market into the younger middle class…it had also inevitably segmented the market based on age, and showed an increased interest in capturing the market share” (Thakkar, 2017). Moreover, L’Oreal indulged in benefits segmentation and on the basis of such segmentation the Company has “segmented the market on a benefits basis when it introduced Excellence Crème. It promised superior products with additional benefits to consumers” (Thakkar, 2017). The Company also practices psychographic segmentation through the process of segmenting the market into different groups based on their thinking and behavior (Thakkar, 2017). 

L’Oreal Targeting

In the emerging economies L’Oreal has been targeting some specific segments within the concerned markets. It should be noted that in emerging markets like in the markets of South Asia, L’Oreal has implemented the strategy of targeting the young affluent middle class females, especially those who are with graying hair, and simultaneously the Company has strived for targeting the masses (Thakkar, 2017). It should also be noted that the Company also “target women that sought benefits from using its products” (Thakkar, 2017). This targeting strategy, till date, has brought about success for the Company in a thorough manner (most specifically in the emerging markets). 

L’Oreal Positioning 

Market positioning is an important feature in respect of ensuring business success. In this respect it should be noted that L’Oreal usually markets its products with a promise of enhancing beauty and benefits and such marketing strategy has positioned L’Oreal higher in the market compared to many other international and domestic brands that have confined themselves within the process of positioning themselves as cheap, value-for-money products serving the basic function of hair cleansing (Thakkar, 2017). Moreover, by promising better quality the Company has strived for capturing the loyalty of new market segments and this has also strengthened its market position. It must also be noted that the Company has implemented the strategy of “think local and act local” in terms of positioning itself in foreign markets (Thakkar, 2017), and this has again contributed to its success in positioning itself as the top-most brand in the concerned markets. Moreover, in a recent campaign, L’Oreal included women from different regions of different countries and by using this sophisticated brand, “customers gain a look similar to celebrities and this again creates a belief among the customer, further establishing the positioning in the minds of customers” (Tabassum, 2015). 

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