Management Information System

Go to a UC system with which you are reasonably familiar (for example, this could be Moodle, Student Records, the Library, Allocate+ or some other similar system). Make sure you have had a bit of a look around the system and are familiar with what it does.
? Write a one-paragraph summary describing what it does.
? Identify the main business processes that this system might be connected with. Name the processes and briefly describe them if the name does not make their intent clear.              Select 1 of the processes that is important with respect to the operation of the system – why do you think the system's connection with this process is important?
? Diagram the overall business process(es) using the Alter's framework described in these notes.
? Describe (in generic terms) the contents of what you think is the most important information in your framework. In doing this, think about the stakeholders, and who this information might be interested in this as information.
? Think about what use this depiction of the business processes can be put.

University of Canberra (Library) 

The library of the University of Canberra provides services such as borrowing books, document delivery, study rooms, past exam papers, ISBN Allocation, and scan, print and photocopy and also provides quality scholar information resources to the community of the University. The library also recognizes the significance of the students and staff and provides needed material to both the clients, students, and staff. The library of the university also strives to be innovative and responsive in delivering the services to the students and staffs. It also aims to be a vital contributor to the university’s academic life. The students and staffs can borrow books and other reading materials from the library of the university. But to borrow the reading materials from the library the students and staffs are required to be the member of the library which can be done through a library membership form. Apart from this, the library also provides space to the students and staffs of the university to study. Other services such as printing, photocopy, and scanning the document and other things are provided by the library. 

Business Process 

In the University of Canberra MIS (Management Information System) is used to facilitate the students and staffs. Management Information System helps in managing the library. It produces a regular report to the management which helps in managing the resources. MIS can be defined as an information system which processes the information through a computer to manage and support managerial decision-making process within the organization. It produces a regular report which helps in formulating decisions within the organization. It provides information regarding the inventory. So, inventory management is also done through management information system. It keeps a record of the level of inventory as well as the demand for a particular thing. So, Management Information System is connected to the library to keep a record of all the things such as demand for a particular book by the students.  
The relevance of the connection of the system with management information system is that it provides accurate information to the management and support in the decision-making process within the organization.  
Alter’s framework focus on the need to build well-managed and effective architecture to offer a platform for the search, retention, capture, retrieval, use, and disposal of organizational information. The main elements of the Alter’s framework are customers, products, and process. The above diagram has been drawn on the Alter’s framework. 

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Most Important Information

 All the information is important and necessary of management information system. For example, getting information regarding demand for a particular book by the students, information regarding the number of the book issued on a particular day, information regarding the last date of submission of the books, information regarding the fee of late submission of the books, etc. are important. Lacking any information will hamper the overall system and reduce the credibility of the system. It is very much needed for management information system that proper and timely all the relevant data should be processed and entered in a way to make the system more effective and productive. All those who are related directly or indirectly are interested in the information such as administration, librarian, and student and other technical and nontechnical support staff. The administration will be more interested in the information to know the fine amount and to how many books are to be purchased in future to satisfy the students. The administration is also interested in the information so at to plan the future strategy in regards to services. As it will help the administration to satisfy the maximum number of users and students.


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