Literature on Qualitative or Quantitative Proposal


Question: Develop a qualitative or quantitative research proposal 



The role of health workers are considered to be noble for preventing diseases and also achieving proper health security. Therefore, it is important for a health care organization to perceive frontline health treatment for eradicating aligning diseases in the community. The research will be focussed upon the influence of the frontline health workers and their noble role in preventing the diseases for achieving higher security.  Thus, the problem about the study along with the ideas of different literature will be discussed. Apart from this identification of proper research methods has been simultaneously intervened from the overall research procedure. 

Problem Statement

The problem statement is considered as a short description regarding the issues that are needed to be revealed through idealizing the problem solved by the respective team that are associated with the research. Thus the research will facilitate and underpin the problems despite the fact that the health workers associated in the frontline section are highly knowledgeable to provide medical aid but they have been highly neglected in different parts of the world (Meyer, et al., 2016). 

Research Hypothesis

Thus in order to ensure proper research, the researcher has constructed research hypothesis that has revealed:
H0: Noble role possessed by the frontline health workers are highly knowledgeable and trusted through they are neglected as a cadre of the health workforce.
H1: Noble role possessed by the frontline health workers are highly knowledgeable and trusted through they are not neglected as a cadre of the health workforce.

Importance of the study

The study will assists in understanding the importance of the frontline health workers that are associated in preventing precarious health conditions of the patients that are admitted within the health care home. The attribution regarding the fact has been poorly equipped by their presence has assured proper health care providing facilities required. On the other hand, training and career development facilities are highly needed to ascertain health care facilities. 

Literature review

Providing care facilities to the ailing patients are always required. Thus for determining the facilities, it is important for the organization to entail frontline health workers to ensure efficiency along with effectiveness regarding the patient safety. According to Marcu, (2015) it is highly needed to explore to influence technologies on the respective perception considering the patients. 

Research Methodology

In order to undertake a successful research, the researcher has to possess effective research procedure so as to enable a successful completion of the research on the relevant topic. Thus the research will be perceived through following a descriptive research design and cumulating deductive approach for entailing the mobile health clinic that are indeed with the best innovative ways that are highly utilized for delivering the care to the respective populations. The research strategy utilized in this particular area has utilized for measuring the qualitative and quantitative strategy of the research (Taylor, et al., 2015). The quantitative research strategy will be determined through idealizing the statistical software like MS Excel after the responses gathered from the respondents when they have been asked to provide feedbacks at the time of survey. While, the qualitative research strategy will be determined by identifying secondary research articles and past scholarly review made upon the judgement of care delivery perspectives among the health workers. 

Research Timeline

The research timeline has intruded the timeline of the research that the researcher has empowered for determining the time period of the research:



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Taylor, S. J., Bogdan, R., & DeVault, M. (2015). Introduction to qualitative research methods: A guidebook and resource. John Wiley & Sons.


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