learning process

Evaluation of effectiveness of usefulness of the learning experience:

Opinion about learning experience:

The research has been conducted on advantages and disadvantages of using social network in business. The topic is very relevant in the current scenario when the social networking is most commonly used by the business enterprises for different purposes. To complete the research on the subject matter I have to review several relevant resources on the internet and other external sources from where I have gathered the literature. I have reviewed the literature and then have successfully extracted the information that is relevant for the subject area. The topic has been the merits and demerits of using social network in the field of business. I have been able to get different perspectives about the topic. There have been many resources which have highlighted the unprecedented benefits that are obtained from the use of social network in business. There have been some other sources which have pointed out the basic demerits that the social network has. To my opinion the learning process has been one of the successful initiatives taken for the development of knowledge for both professional and personal life and through learning motivation increases (Spence, ND).

Value of this experience:

The collection of resources is another important aspect that makes the learning effective. The information when searched on internet or in any other external sources the competency on the subject matter grows and develops. I have found that while searching for the important resources I came across the important insights to the subject area which I was previously unaware of. The learning on the advantages and disadvantages and research on it has definitely enriched my knowledge pool and I think now I can utilize this knowledge into my professional field. The information and real life examples that I have gathered from the research of the external sources about the subject area will be helpful for me in my professional filed. In my future workplace I can suggest the extent to which the company or the organization should instil the social network elements in the strategies. For me the business research has always been a learning experience with lot of values which have impacted my inner knowledge and has allowed me to get the information regarding the use of social networking in business. I have used all the relevant and recent sources for gathering the information about the subject area. So I have been able to gain the information relevant and important for the professional and practical fields. The value of the learning lies in the fact that these resources could be feasibly and successfully implemented in my professional field and I will be able to implement the resources for the effective formulation of strategies and can be a vital part in the important process of decision making (Wanjohi, 2012).

Usefulness of learning process:

Ways might the learning experience serve me in:

The learning process has been helpful for the overall development of research competencies. I can have better hold on the different aspects of the entire course and that will help me in effective learning. I can be able to conduct any kind of research with the help of the knowledge of the steps that I have learnt from the research. I have understood the capabilities of conducting a research work on the course. It not only provides opportunities to explore my analytical power but has also helped me to gain important knowledge with the touch of practical fields. This will be highly beneficial for my career and future employment. I believe that it is always true to say that theoretical courses must have the impact of the practical fields and knowledge and that can be helpful for me to develop my career. 
The program is also impacted by the research and literature review as it has helped me to gain knowledge and competence on the resources that have been collected and analyzed from different relevant sources. The use of the exact keywords while making the research on the subject area has made me realize the use of the internet for the best. I have also collected information from articles and journals. This has enriched my knowledge with ample resources and I am quite confident that the entire program has been one of the most vital and resourceful learning experiences for me.
Future career:
It is important for any student or learner that the resources he or she gets from programs and researches make them enriched with valuable inputs which make them confident and knowledgeable for their future career. This is the prime important aspect for any learner that he or she gather right amount of knowledge and information to be applied in the future career.  I will always take the program as my learning resource and opportunity to develop myself for the career I have chosen and will be serving in future. 
Life generally:
Learning is a vital part of the life. In every aspect I have to be a good learner and for that I need to realize that learning is essential not only for career and professional life but also in personal life. I have learnt that I must be open to different views and perspectives of others and to grow decision-making power regarding right or wrong and relevant and irrelevant from the entire course of the program. 

What happens in the learning process?

The analysis and the review of the literature has made me understood that there are positive and negative aspects of using one of the most popular technological tools in the modern scenario of business. I am aware of the benefits but the actual extent that it provides to the business has been known form the analysis. This has been an effective approach towards my knowledge as firstly I have learnt to prepare a research proposal after thoroughly going through the topic and conducting preliminary research.  Secondly I have learnt to approach towards a feasible literature review which is one of the most important areas of any research. I have learnt to use the external sources like internet for the purpose of collecting important resources and information (Kim, 2015).

Evaluation of what I have learnt:

I have learnt the analysis of the relevant sources. I have learnt the use of right keywords while conducting my research and search for right resources for analysis. I have come across the real life business situations that have provided me knowledge on the positive and negative aspects of using social network. I have understood that any modern technology can be used for the better outcomes and to achieve the desired result but there is as extent. Everything has its own limitations and it is the responsibility of the managers and other employees of the organizations to realize the limitations they should maintain. The learning process has been one of the most resourceful aspects of the entire learning program.
Learning Process:
I have learnt that social network use has many advantages on the business outcomes. the marketers can feasibly and cost effectively market and promote the deliverables of the businesses and that also with the commitment of achieving the marketing objectives (Claywell, 2016). The social network also enables the businesses to connect with many people at a glance and that impact the volume of sales and brand loyalty. I have always thought that for any business the use of the social network can be most useful but while conducting research on the subject matter of the topic I have realized that the use of the social network in the business has some of the disadvantages like sharing of negative comments by the customers on the open social network sites, websites etc. It can make the businesses to be over dependent on the social networking sites for their promotion as the use of the social networking is always cost effective and convenient. Negative comments or feedbacks of the customers can impact the healthy relationship between the customers and the businesses (Price-Mitchell, 2014).
I have relied on both the assignment 1 and 2 as I could understand the aim and scope of the project. I can focus on the topic throughout my research. I could figure out the objectives of the study and on that basis I could conduct the literature review. From the literature review I could extract resourceful information that has helped to develop my knowledge. I have been able to gather many resources regarding the positive and negative sides of using social network in business. I could get the knowledge and information on the ways the business developers deal with social media top attract the customers and to promote the deliverables. 
Application of the learning:
The literature review has been one of the most vital areas as it has not only provided me with the opportunities of learning through the practical touch but it has also helped me to understand the actual scenario in the practical business field where the social networking is rigorously used. The analysis of the resources has also helped me to come across the real picture of the business world and this information and resource has been instilled in me which I can readily apply in real life scenario. Through the entire research procedure I have developed my analytical capabilities and this is going to help me in my future career to great extent.


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