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How can Cloud Computing be beneficial for TRS? What are the importance of Cloud Computing?



This paper deals with the study of the increase in retail business profits with the help of cloud computing and the impacts of cloud computing on retail.

Problem Statement

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the impact of cloud computing and why is can be beneficial for TRS.

Supporting Data

Cloud computing is term given to the practice of using remote servers' network rather than using a personal computer that is hosted on the Internet and can handle data in a way that it is stored, managed and even processed.
It is of three types namely, private, public and hybrid. Private clouds are the data center architectures providing flexibility, monitoring, etc. and that are owned an individual company. The public clouds are the term for the providers who use the internet and are available to the general people. Hybrid clouds are the ones that are used in companies where these companies manage the control of a private cloud and rely on the public cloud whenever needed. offers the best business development help to assist the students in getting their dream grades. We also provide information system homework help at any instance of time and in any corner of the world. By taking our programming language assignment help, the students can easily understand the codings.

There are various types of cloud computing platforms like (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) and various cloud types (private, public, hybrid). SaaS or Software as a service that makes use of the web for delivering the applications that are being managed by the third-party vendor, and their interface is always accessed on the side of the client. Paas or Platform as a Service help in developing or customizing the applications. It develops, tests and deploys the applications quickly and directly whereas the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are self-service models that are used to access, monitor and manage the remote infrastructure like storage, networking, etc.
It has been seen that cloud computing has helped to reduce the IT costs of managing the systems, and many retailers have high profits by using cloud computing. To increase their business retailers should tie up with technology and upgrade their business.  TRS should move towards the new hybrid era of cloud computing and must distribute its applications to the data center and cloud providers of the trading partners of the retailer. It has been seen that the cloud market has tripled from $4.2 billion to $15.1billion from the duration of 2011 to 2015. (, n.d.).

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Suggested Solutions

Because of the compelling need for addressing the problem mentioned above, we offer the following solution(s), taking into account both short-term and long-term costs, current and future issues, and pointing out potential future pitfalls. A cloud computing provider identifies the ongoing trend and takes care of seasonality component and helps to monitor the performance as well. Various applications that TRS can use for enhanced business. Some of the applications that can be beneficial for TRS are: 

  • Cashier Live: It is a web-based software that is the point of sale, and it is easy to use. It can manage the transactions, and it will provide the TRS committee with the tools that can help to decrease cost and inclined sales.

  • DemandTec: It provides software that will help the retailers and TRS committee to optimize their operations. This app involves SaaS merchandising along with various optimization application and combine all this with the analysis of consumer behavior and, therefore, helps to maximize the effectiveness of its solutions.(, 2013)


Cloud computing and its service providers help to provide a secured consumer data and contributes to the retailer by providing the analytical results. Hence, it is imperative for TRS to adopt cloud computing.


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