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  • Write a report on Ethical issues in Fair & Lovely.


 Ethical issues in Fair & Lovely.

Case Scenario

Fair & Lovely has been deemed as one of the most popular fairness cream product within India. It is a product from Hindustan Lever Ltd. This product is known for providing fairness solutions to the women in India. As per the analysis, it has been examined that concept of being fair is very popular within in India and however, Fair & Lovely has been used this concept for conducting their advertisement product within this nation. The majority of the Indian women want to look fair and attractive, and Fair & Lovely promises them to provide their desired result (Eagle, et al., 2014). The major issue within this scenario is the ethics of their advertisement, which is showing that for being successful it is very important to have fairer skin tone. Some of their advertising is portraying that for getting a job by attracting men, fairness is the major criteria. However, in the Asian region, majority of the women are dark by their complexion. This kind of advertisement from Fair & Lovely can badly affect the psychology of the women within India (Hafernik, et al., 2014). Their advertising is also indicating towards the gender discrimination. They show in their advertisement that, women with dark complexion cannot help her family financially, which has been proved as very demotivated for the women within the society. They explained that fairness is the major parameter for achieve something in life.

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This kind of marketing approach from Fair & Lovely evoked many committees or associations to protest against their ads. All India Women Democratic Association filed a complaint against the Hindustan Lever Ltd for making the offensive adds. All India Women Democratic Association said that Hindustan Lever Ltd is promoting the racism within the country(Hafernik, et al., 2014). According to the allegations, Hindustan Lever is also encouraging the son preference, which is delivering a bad message to the people. Those allegations make Fair & Lovely to withdraw their advertisement. 

Through the case scenario, it has been observed that for dealing with this issue, Hindustan Lever has launched Fair & Lovely foundation. For controlling the damage, Hindustan Lever has taken this initiative. The major aim for this initiative was encourage the women empowerment within India in order to provide all the needed resources for education and business by which they can ensure a bright future. Many associations have appreciated this kind of approach from the company, which has been proved as very effective for their overall reputation. Fair & lovely has also sponsored many scholarships for the women, by which they can reach towards their desired goals. Providing home healthcare course is another major initiative from Fair & lovely, which provides opportunity to the women in order to gain the employment within the marketplace.
It can be said that after such allegations Hindustan Lever Ltd adjusted their marketing policies, which has become very effective for them in order to increase the business within the marketplace. 


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