invention of new appliences using microprocessor

Question: invention of new appliences using microprocessor

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A house's life jacket! - Disaster Detector

Where did the project idea came from:

In the recent times it was observed that the fatal incidences of Gas and Fire disasters have increased in residential/commercial spaces. The project idea might appear known and there might have been several projects proposed and documented under this name but we do not see its real time and practical implementation in residential places. They are majorly implemented in industrial spaces but we cannot foresee the damage caused by if e.g. a gas leaks in an apartment or the building's basement catches fire. 
So I thought to build a real time systems that can detect gas leakage or fire at the earliest and perform safety measures automatically in house and notify to the respective authority simultaneously.

How is this system different?:

This Fire & Gas detection solutions are designed to prevent disasters by giving users time to respond before life, critical infrastructure or business continuity is compromised.
This project using sensors and wireless communication achieves this feat of detecting the occurrences of such events and automatically switches off the power supply, gas connection , opens all the gates of the house and generates and alarming signal to notify the nearby places and authorities present at the premises so that the damage incurred in life or property can minimized or literally be avoided.

Project Insight:

The system consists of temperature based sensors acting as fire sensors and oxygen and sulphur gas based sensors acting as gas sensors for detection purpose and to trigger system automatically. There is an abort push button which is used to trigger the alarming system manually if the person himself finds a danger situation inside house. 
1. If system detects a gas leakage the system first shuts off the gas supply (displayed using solenoids ) to avoid more gas leakage. The system now also starts an exhaust fan to suck out all the leaked gas. Also all the closed gates/doors within the house are opened and the system sends information of this event to the authorized user through a wireless interface to the other equipped project board. The other board thus receiving this information displays it on the LCD and also raises an alarm so that the user can get aware of the situation. 
2. If the system detects fire, the system shuts off gas supply thus preventing the fire from spreading further and avoiding any chances of explosions. Now the system starts the exhaust fan too in order to suck out all the smoke, so any person stuck in the fire can see easily and escape it. Also in this cases too all the closed gates/doors within the house are opened and information of this event is sent to the authorized user so user can take necessary action urgently. In this way this Detection System is an effective system which can deal with emergency situations of explosive gas leakage or fire outburst in a premises.

Hardware Specifications

•    Power Supply
•    GSM Modem
•    Gas Sensor
•    Wireless network
•    LCD Display
•    Temperature Sensor
•    Microprocessor
•    Resistors
•    Capacitors
•    Diodes
•    Transistors
•    Solenoids

Software Specifications

•MP Programming Language: C

Why will you want to install this?

I always believe before making our life convenient and easier its important we make our life and other's life better and safe. Mishaps don't announce their arrival so it remains our prime duty to avoid falling prey to it. Installing this system can help mitigate any unexpected events and keep you , your family and your assets safe.

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