Information System and Project management


1. You should have met with your sponsor and received some description of the
problem and background on the organisation. There may have been supporting
documentation you received.
2. The team should do some research to understand the
organisation, domain, problem, task better.
3. Based on the information given and your research, discuss the problem, the
activity/task, the domain and issues with your team so that you get a bigger picture
of the context the problem fits in. Particularly consider the IT needs related to that
activity and develop an initial proposed IT solution to one or more of the problems.
You will need to describe the problem, alternative solutions and justify the solution
you propose. Use the template on Moodle (Source:




The present feasibility study is carried out with an objective to gain an overview of a new project which is E-book library and reader. The benefit and success factors associated with the selected project are also mentioned in this study.  
1.1 Problem identification 
According to the current scenario, the students and readers are not available with option and alternatives which can support them to access the books and reading materials instantaneously. The readers are required to move out of their comfort zones and visit the library with to read and gain information (Eiseley, 2016). The demand of paper is increasing rapidly because paper is the major and most important component which is used in the manufacturing of books for the readers. Cutting down of trees is also increase because of increasing consumption of paper. For installation of a huge library, space is required and most of the time students or readers are not interested in visiting the library to access books and other related items (Barnett, 2017). Therefore, the entire space is wasted and the same space can be used for other productive areas by replacing the traditional system of library and reading.  
1.2 Opportunities
Increasing use of tablet computers can be termed as the most significant and most potential opportunity for driving sales and growing demand for E-Book library and readers. Nowadays, the students and readers seek for active and potential platforms which can support in making the entire process of reading more comfortable and convenient (Eiseley, 2016). Development of E-Book library and installation of the same is considered as an easy task. In addition to this, the manual process of library and keeping records of books and newspapers will be eliminated. Strong technological support and useful networking capabilities are some other opportunities available.   
1.3 Mandates   
To install the library are costly, and there massive financial resources will need to be invested in attaining desired goals and objectives. However, adequate discussions need to be carried out before purchasing new subscription or renewing the old one. The IP address of university needs to be valid and authentic as most of the time e-books control the access to the book, and at the same time, they verify the users (Bryson, 2017). The readers of E-book library are also required to install separate reading software so that they can access the book in adequate and every possible manner. Some vendors at E-Book library offers limited access, and it is also possible that the users may not have access to essential resources.  


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Success factors are defined as the variables which support and contribute in making a project successful and accomplishing desired objectives. The primary and most important factor which will contribute to making the project success is that in the present digital era, the content of e-book library is straightforward to access (Niebuhr, 2015). The installation of E-Book Library will result in delivering information or required data to students or readers instantaneously. After installation of the E-Book library, the users or readers will have the opportunity to purchase the book, download and start reading the same within few minutes (Goedeken and Lawson, 2015). The entire process of getting access to journals or books will become straightforward and convenient. 
E-books, contributes directly in the protection of environment as they eliminates the need of cutting down the trees for paper. To access any information, the users will be just required to download the book, and this is another major factor which is going to contribute to the success of e-books. In the present scenario, e-books are considered as the most valuable component of the classroom technology and the rapidly growing market of tablet phones will support in making the E-Book library popular. The benefit associated with the use of e-books is that the data or information or the book is never out of stock which is perceived as the most common problem related to the traditional system of the library (Wharton, 2015). Another success factor here is that the students will have the opportunity to save their time which is needed to reach store or library and to wait in the line to access the book or journal. The modern tablets also have potential and capacity to hold hundreds of books and therefore, E-Book library helps students to decrease their storage space. 
Success factor of project 
The project will become successful because here emphasise will be on involving all the key stakeholders in the project. Furthermore, the issues and quarries raised by the stakeholders will be addressed and resolved in the best possible manner. The current plan will become successful because the views and opinions of key stakeholders will be encouraged and taken into consideration. To set up E-Book library, effective planning will be done, and at the same time, adequate allocation of resources will be carried out (Taylor and Joudrey, 2017). Monitoring of the entire process of implementation will be carried out to identify the issues and challenges linked with the development of E-Book library for the readers. The installation team will also make sure that adequate and satisfactory support is provided after installation of the E-Book library. The development and installation team is highly skilled and competent enough, and this will be another critical factor which will make this project successful.




According to the current situation, a traditional form of the library is used, and it includes a collection of several journals, books, newspapers and other sources of data or information (Fourie and Loe, 2016). Furthermore, the traditional system of the library is more focused on the areas such as collection, storage and preservation of physical items in the form of book, journals and periodicals. Instead of providing detailed information, the current system of the library is more inclined towards giving high-level information. 
The digital access to materials, books and other related sources is not available, and this has resulted in creating several issues and challenges for the readers. For examples, lots of time and energy of the readers is wasted in getting access to the required data or information. BY reviewing the present conditions, it can be expressed that the browsing of information or books is also carried out by the physical proximity of related materials. 
Massive space has been utilised by the library, and the materials are arranged on different shelves according to their domain and subjectivity (Niu, Zhang and Chen, 2014). Even the process of accessing or issuing a book from the library is also very time lengthy and time-consuming. However, it can be critically argued that the readers are also facing several issues and challenges in getting access to certain books or journals. For instance, it is very complicated the books which have been already ordered by another reader or the materials which lie in the section of reserved. 




4.1 Tangible benefits 
It can be expressed that development and installation of E-Book library for the readers will be an expensive project as it will require considerable financial and technological resources. However, in the long-run, the use of E-Book library will help in saving money (Young, 2017). The investment is one-time investment and the financial benefits associated with the project in long-run are numerous.  
At present, the traditional library system is consuming lots of time of the readers and this time can be saved and invested by readers in other vital areas. The development and implementation of E-Book library will support the readers in saving their time which is considered as the most valuable assets, especially for the readers. The manual process of getting access to data, information or book will be replaced by an automatic process, and therefore, the readers will be able to save a significant amount of time (Graubard and Leclerc, 2017). At the same time, chances of human errors will be eliminated to a great extent and this is another tangible benefit associated with the development and installation of E-Book library for the readers. 
It can be stated that the process of searching for a book or journal or accessing the same will become straightforward and convenient for the readers. The space used to store data or information will be reduced to a great extent with the help E-Book library.    
4.2 Intangible benefits 
The readers will be able to access a huge amount of information, data and therefore they will be able to enhance their knowledge base and become more competent. Reduction in the cutting of trees and paper consumption is also a significant intangible benefit which is associated with the development and installation of E-Book library for the readers. Over the past few years, E-books have emerged as the most potential and environmentally friendly alternative to print. Therefore, the project will be contributing a lot in the protection of environment. Another intangible benefit associated with the use of e-books is that these books are highly possible concerning reducing carbon footprint which has emerged as one of the biggest environmental challenges.  




5.1 Alternative 1: Amazon Kindle Store
5.1.1 Advantage 
•     The benefit associated with Amazon Kindle Store is that it helps the readers to carry as much as books required in a little device.
•    The use of Amazon Kindle Store provides the readers with an opportunity to read books and other related materials wherever they want. Even the readers have a chance to develop their library by purchasing thousand of books according to their need and demand (Wharton, 2015). 
•    The font size of text can modify according to the need and convenience of the reader, and this is another major benefit associated with Amazon Kindle Store.  
5.1.2 Disadvantage
•    The drawback or disadvantage associated with the use of Amazon Kindle Store is that the readers do not get the same feeling of reading a book because they do not have the opportunity to turn pages. 
•    To issue or lend the books, the readers are required to give their own device to other people and there is no other alternative available of sharing or lending books. 
•    Another disadvantage associated with the use of Amazon Kindle Store is that it is very hard or difficult for the readers to resell the kindle. 
5.2 Alternative 2: IBooks Store
5.2.1 Advantages
•    The main advantage of using iBooks Store for the readers is that the models are very compact and therefore, the process of reading becomes straightforward and convenient. The design is also rugged and provides the users with exceptional reading experience. 
•    iBooks Store is handy to readers during travelling as it offers a great experience for reading. 
•    In comparison with the other alternatives available in the marketplace, iBooks Store is considered as relatively less expensive (Graubard and Leclerc, 2017). 
5.2.1 Disadvantage  
•    The display of data and information in iBooks Store is comparatively small, and this can make it very complicated for some readers to read the books and extract the required information. 
•    Considering the case of iBooks Store, it can be expressed that upgrading the optical drive is a very challenging task and the readers do not have the opportunity to upgrade the processor in any condition. 



It can be recommended that the development of E-Book library for the readers is going to be the best and most feasible option in comparison with the other alternatives available. For instance, E-Book library will provide the students with an opportunity to access different types of and multiple contents. The issue linked with traditional libraries is that lack of physical resources, and at the same time, instant access to data or content is not provided by traditional libraries. Furthermore, it can be recommended that Amazon Kindle can be used as an alternative because there are wide ranges of benefits associated with the same. For example, the readers can put anything they want in the Kindle and Kindle is considered as an excellent device for reading especially during travel. Apart from this, access to any book at any time is also major benefit associated with the use of Amazon Kindle for learning the purpose.  




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