Importance of E-Recruitment in an Organization


Importance of E-Recruitment in an organization


This business report entails the findings from an analysis undertaken by the HR department of an MNC organization in the UAE regarding the currently implemented HR policies on recruitment. The report contains a review of the systems and processes for the purpose of a major organizational change that the company wants to achieve in the domain of its current HR practice. The findings of the departmental head in relation to the problem situation encountered within the HR department have been portrayed and compared with various sources of literature in order to arrive at effective conclusions about the business scenario that needs immediate intervention. The major problem faced by the organization is the traditional form of recruitment and HR processes those are proving to be costly for the organization. The e-recruitment methods can be implemented by the HR for achieving better cost efficiency and ensuring that effective candidates are recruited within the organization. The conclusions have led to the development of plausible recommendations those might be followed by the management in order to ensure that the organization is able to achieve enhanced profitability through achieving cost-effectiveness in the recruitment process. Finally, the recommended policies have been forwarded to the key stakeholders for their review and approval. It is expected that the stakeholders will approve of the new strategies because they have proved to be beneficial in the past as depicted from the review of various information sources.

Area of HR practice for investigation:

The current HR practices have been reviewed under the instruction of the management of the organization that is looking forward to bringing a change in one of the HR functions that is recruitment. The analysis of the current HR practices has revealed some problem areas such as:
•    There is no proper process of recruitment that is followed by the HR department. Various techniques are used such as walk-ins, employee referrals, manpower consultants, etc. There is lack of focus and clarity in the ways candidates are selected within the organization. On many occasions, there are cases of favoritism and baseless recruitment of candidates those are under-qualified for the various job positions within the organization. Therefore, the organization is facing the problem where many of the employees are not able to cope up with the job requirements and work pressure as they are under-qualified for many job positions. This is costing the organization in terms of increased costs and reduced profitability. 
•    The other area of concern is that there is no proper tracking of the hiring timeline as a result of which on several occasions the company is not able to find the required number of candidates to fill up the vacant job positions within the stipulated time. Owing to this, on many occasions the organization has to function without the required number of employees and that is also a major cause of fall in productivity and profitability.
•    The traditional systems of HR functions such as manual documentation and file handling procedures have also affected the organization to the core. The lack of software for maintaining the hires databases has caused misplacement of data of the recruited employees and the new joiners. This is also a major cause of concern for the HR department as the misplacement of documents is causing serious problems in undertaking the HR functions.
•    The organization needs to reduce the hiring time process through the adoption of quicker methods of recruitment such as e-recruitment procedures such that the news of recruitment is spread to the maximum number of candidates within the shortest possible period of time. This will help to recruit the desired number of candidates in the fastest possible manner such that the vacant positions are filled in quickly at reduced costs to the company behind recruitment.
•    Another concerning issue is the involvement of a large number of HR personnel in the hiring process. This has happened owing to the lack of a systematic recruitment and hiring process followed by the organization. The lack of a sound strategy of recruitment has created the situation of too many cooks who have spoiled the broth. There is no requirement for such a large number of HR personnel to get involved in the recruitment process. This has increased the costs to the company manifold.

Research Methodology:

The methodology that has been adopted for the research is the Literature Review process. This is the technique that encompasses the review of various sources of articles such as journals, websites, reports, books, etc. for the purpose of gathering the required information on the topic for which the said research has been conducted (Royal Literary Fund, 2017). The advantage of the literature review process is that it helps to gather valuable, authentic and reliable data from the various sources which can be used in a research study for undertaking an in-depth analysis and arriving at the findings of the study. From the findings the relevant conclusions and recommendations are drawn.

Research Process: 

The research process encompasses the strategy that was used in the selection of the 3 sources of literature for the purpose of this research study. At first, the topic of the research was selected and after the approval, the research framework has been developed. The decision was to undertake a literature review study for the purpose of this research. Hence, the internet was used to select 3 reliable resources of literature on e-recruitment and its implications on modern organizations. The 3 resources were selected in such a way that all of them are research papers consisting of various methods of research such as literature review, primary and secondary data collection processes. Hence, a wide range of study was possible by using the said 3 resources those offered key insights into the analysis and findings of the research from which logical conclusions were made and plausible recommendations were offered to benefit the organization.

Literature Review: 

The basis of analysis for this study has been a comprehensive review of various sources of literature on the topic of e-recruitment and its impacts on an organization. The details of the studied literature are provided as follows:
Literature review 1:
In the opinion of Malik and Razaullah (2013), e-recruitment can be considered as one of the most emerging branches of e-commerce. It is nowadays considered as one of the most effective tools for having access to the most talented workforce in the job market. It is also considered as one of the most efficient processes of developing and maintaining the database of the HR. This article discusses the results of a research study that was conducted on the e-recruitment methods observed by the organizations in the telecom sector in Peshawar. The quantitative data collection and analysis methods were implemented by the researcher for the purpose of achieving the results of the research and arriving at the logical interpretations. The results of the study have depicted that there is a positive relationship between the implementation of the e-recruitment strategies by the organizations in the telecom sector and the successful attraction of workforce. The reason behind the effectiveness of the e-recruitment strategies is thought to be the fact that it offers quick, reliable and prompt solutions to some of the most potent HR problems such as high employee turnover in the telecom and services sectors. The said research also utilized the secondary data collection procedure for gathering published materials from various organizations in the telecom sector. The primary data was gathered with the help of interviews and questionnaires administered to the HR personnel of those organizations.
Literature review 2:
In the view of Lakshmi (N.D.), e-recruitment can be described as the process of online recruitment that encompasses the use of resources and technology those are dependent on sources from the web. It is a much efficient and effective technique of recruitment. The major advantage of using the e-recruitment process is that the organization can reach out to a large pool of candidates and recruit those whose skills match with the job requirements. The process of e-recruitment helps the organization to cut down on its costs and make the recruitment process much quicker. In this article, the author has discussed the various advantages and disadvantages to the organizations in using the e-recruitment process. The major advantages those have been identified from the study are as follows:
•    The vacant positions are filled up fast that reduces the delay in hiring.
•    The administration behind recruitment is reduced by almost 50% and therefore the HR personnel can focus on other key HR activities.
•    The company can post the job vacancies on their own portals or in external job portals.
•    The dependency and costs incurred by the recruitment agencies are reduced fast.
•    The brand awareness is enhanced as several candidates are attracted to the official website of the company.
•    It is possible to achieve global talent sharing through a single system and this data is used to target the job seekers who seek jobs passively.
The e-recruitment process has some inherent limitations also those are as follows:
•    The organization can only reach out to those job seekers those have access to the web and internet.
•    There is enhanced competition among the candidates because many companies can have access to the same candidates.
•    The process is not so much effective in case of local job markets.
•    There is a chance of lack of authentic information and qualifications provided by the candidates in their online credentials. It often happens that the company wastes time in recruitment and selection processes behind the wrong candidate whereas a truly qualified and deserving candidate is left out of contention.
Literature review 3:
According to Dhamija (2012), the role of internet and web has become pivotal in the modern HRM. There has been innovation in the ways that HRM is conducted in the modern organizations. Human Resource Information System and E-HRM are some of the new technologies those are being implemented in the process of modern HRM. This article has discussed the essence of e-recruitment in an organization. It is defined as the process of posting job vacancies by an organization on its own website or on the job portal of an online recruitment agency. The utility of this form of recruitment is that it enables the candidates to send their resumes directly to the company via the online website or to the online recruitment agency's portal that forwards the resumes directly to the company. The major advantage of the process has been that there has been a reduction in the number of routine tasks of administration those were required in the recruitment process. The article contains details of the various forms of e-recruitment such as official websites of organizations, emails, and the online recruitment agencies. The various advantages and disadvantages of e-recruitment have also been discussed in this research report.


Thus, the findings from the research have revealed that there are many disadvantages to the current recruitment and selection process. Therefore, there needs to be certain changes in the current recruitment policies such as the e-recruitment policy which is an extremely effective recruitment policy where the students are selected online with the help of several online platforms. It is a cost-effective method of recruitment and selection and also has the capacity to select the right candidates for the organization. It will keep a track of the hiring timeline and also be able to achieve the completed recruitment process within the stipulated deadline.


In conclusion to this business analysis report, it can be reiterated that the evaluation of the current HR systems within the organization has revealed some of the major limitations of the existing systems and functions implemented in conducting various HR functions. One major area of concern is the recruitment process that lacks focus and clarity. Hence, there needs to be immediate intervention from the management so that they can change the current process of recruitment and implement the modern methods of recruitment such as the e-recruitment methods. There needs to be updated in some of the other HR administrative functions such as the maintenance of a database of the new hires and the existing employees of the organization. 

Recommendations to stakeholders:

The key stakeholders of the organization are the investors, management personnel, employees, customers, and suppliers. It must be ensured that the change strategy will not affect their interests in any negative manner. The following recommendations can be offered to the management to improve the current system of recruitment:
•    The e-recruitment processes should be administered with urgency such that the company can hire the right candidates within the timeline of recruitment so that there are no vacant positions beyond the recruitment deadline.
•    The organization should develop its own website and post the job vacancies on its own portal for which it needs to undertake the services of a website development and management company that will develop the website of the company and maintain it.
•    The social media needs to be used widely for the purpose of promoting the various job positions those need to be filled up. The responsibility of this can be attributed to the same organization that has been given the charge of website development and handling.
•    The management needs to install some of the latest HR software that helps in maintain and handling employee database and offers effective storage and retrieval of employee data. The big data methods can be implemented by the organization along with the innovative database management systems those help in maintaining effective communications among various departments within the organization and achieve real-time update of information.
•    The number of administrative personnel involved in the recruitment process needs to be reduced considerably so that the HR personnel can focus on various other key tasks other than recruitment. This will also enable the company to achieve cost-effectiveness and productivity will increase.

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