Implementation of Digital Technology in Virgin Australia

For this assignment, due at the end of week 6, you will be asked to use the feedback from step 1 to prepare a proposal detailing your proposed project. The proposal is to be written in professional report format and contains the following:
? a short, preliminary literature review that places your project within the context of your
? a focused research aim, and at least one research question; and
? a research plan, including: an overview of your proposed methods of data collection and data
analysis; Gantt chart schedule; and clear presentation of data sources.
The required length for this report is 1,750 words (+/- 10%), excluding preliminaries, reference list
and appendices. You are required to include at least 10 suitable high-quality peer-reviewed
scholarly journal articles.



Proposal For: Implementation of Digital Technology in Virgin Australia


Digitization means changing over simple information into digital information. Then again, even though, it portrays the procedures of digitalization of procedures and plan of action by including digital technology, individuals and information. Although, what does this mean for Aviation Industry? Courage is needed to make such a change in a company because digitalization can provoke the business model inverted.Obviously, there are lots of unique alternatives that airlines can begin, for example, modernizing existing items and administrations with digital items or coordinating extra digital arrangements in existing portfolios. Airlines do not have to change digitalization again and again, with the assistance of creative partners, they must be secured to actualize conceivable advancements through digitalization.
Today, most airlines in the aviation industry have effectively incorporated real-time information for digital procedures, for example, travellers and online checking. Numerous investigations reach the conclusion that airlines fall flat with the specialized execution of new items. This might be because of an old IT foundation that requires anupdate or absence of representatives who have experience in digitalization. In the following years, there will be a tremendous heap of chances which the airlines need to get if they would prefer not to leave behind themselves.These are some of these opportunities through the development of new business models, increasing revenue,the possibility of discrimination and savings in cost through greater efficiency. Such great cases are how to put resources into advancement through development, for example, "Innovation Labs". These joint efforts permit new businesses to have the chance to design, make and test new potential outcomes in various areas, and access to such accomplishments can be the advantage of airlines.

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The case of Virgin Australia

In the year 2000 Virgin enters the market of Australia. After the airline started, they resulted in huge competition in the Airline Market of Australia. Even though, in 2011, Virgin Blue's name was changed to Virgin Australia. Virgin Australia CEO John Borghetti reveals that throughout the globe, this airline is the second largest in Aviation Sector. In the airline business, form the size point of view, Virgin is one of the best amongst all.The organization has built up its business with incredible exercises of management and leadership. 

The organization maintains its business in a remarkable market circumstance in the year and six months. The fundamental motivation behind Virgin Australia's business is to end up a pioneer in the worldwide premium airline market (Bezanilla, 2013). Virgin Australia offers administrations in view of client's point of view, to accomplish expansive market share and turn into a pioneer in the airline market. As indicated by the CEO of Virgin Australia, the client is the organization's heart. The organization dependably tries to give superb shopper encounter its flight. To take care of the demand of each client, Virgin Australia is reliably high administration, for example, based on esteem divide the class. The most imperative method for serving Virgin Australia is to give security and work trustworthiness and honesty.

What Virgin Australia did for Digitalization?

 In Virgin Australia’s business process, the company integrated many information systems within its portal for the customer's ticket booking. This e-ticketing system, internet booking system, book ticket via Booth and ATM, integration of call centre telephony booking, integration of major global distribution (Fan, Lili, Liu, & Wang, 2012). This company allows the user to facilitate the online booking of tickets from any place. Through Virgin Australia's designated portal, users can log on to the site and from any place, the company can create integrated payroll system for ticket reservations and secured payment, which can pay for online tickets.

Proposed Methods

Online Ticket Booking: For the web booking framework, designer of Virgin Australia can make two types of object-oriented software, which will include traditional service-oriented structure and the software-oriented design. The software-oriented design or architectureis intended for application programming in the ticketing booking area that keeps running without web services to book tickets or to save the flight. Then again, SOAwill be intended for appropriation framework where operators can book tickets or reserve a spot on the web. Distinctive innovations will beused to plan the design of the administration situated framework, for example, Universal Discovery and Integration (UDDI), Web Service Description Language (WSDL), Simple Access Object Protocol (SOAP) and Extensible Markup Language (XML). (Sankaranarayanan & Hamilton, 2013)

Information system for the booking of tickets: 

Data information systemwill be utilized for the gathering of information or data which is identified with ticket booking, and constant utilization incorporates information handling and real data. Even though, the Information System will be based on the Hypertext Transfer Protocol that will enable clients to incorporate data to gather information.What's more, the data framewill be intended to display ticket booking information and will help in getting the system information.
Management Information Systems: Management Information System is a tool which is required to get important information that an organization need to work efficiently. Will help Virgin Australia in getting historical as well as current information that will help Virgin Australia in decision making, planning and controlling. MISwill be utilized to supervise information and data assembling in the event of basic leadership and set up a report about the reviewer of Management Information System. This also compresses the data of Transaction Processing tool and will display the basic functions of an organization. Management Information System will cover all parts of Virgin Australiain a modular structure. The modular structure helps separate offices and furthermore makes a paperless office. There are diverse sorts of modules: 

1. Finance and Accounting;
2. Procurement and inventory;
4. Flight tasks and engineering;
3. Reservations and tickets;
4. Showcasing and insights;
6. Workforce and finance;

Modules will work freely in an integrated environment and sharing also takes place among themselves. A set of the decision will be provided to controllers or planners by the system which will be either fully automatic or semi-automatic. This will help the user to focus on maintenance, legal activities, financial and daily rosters. The face of crew management will be changed after integration of this system. This will also change the role tothe manager of crew resources from crew data admin. This will change the established work-arranged and present-day cost-situated way to deal with deal with the team in the present business.
Transactions Processing System: The framework for the processing of informationwill be made through WSDL (Web server portrayal dialect) for data, alteration or exchange, exchange and so forth(Flood, Bosley, Morris, & Ambrozak, 2011).The composed exchange process framework will be used to maintain numerous clients at one time since it was intended for use by the engineer at the same time. The framework of Virgin Australia's transactionsprocessingwill store data in the database of Virgin. Gathered information will be utilized for the organization's different purposes, for example, compensation, contractions of stock, booking of assembling, checking, charging and so on.(Puhe, Edelmann, & Reichenbach, 2014)
External System and Natural: Virgin Australia’s Natural Network will be designed for HTTP in the matter of promoting the human brain. However, Virgin Australia’s the design networkwill be used to remember and learn information. Company expert system will be designed by using UDII technique on contrary basis. This system will beknowledge-based and is used to produce outcomes and analyze the information for the recommendation. (Silva & Ferreira)

Decision Support System:

This systemwill be intended to separate the information gathered in the business procedure of Virgin Australia, which will be put away in the database. Decision Support System will enable the organization to plan information models with measurable evaluations. Decision Support System will permit the airline firm to enhance the nature of administration in lieu of representative or directors' decision.
Passenger empowerment: The increasing digitalization choices enhances the experience of a client by enabling travellers to stay updates of business improvement, speaking with loved ones, or picking their own choice of entertainmentwhile on the flights. As indicated by the Future Travel Experience, traveller strengthening is the main thrust behind trends in airline technology. Travellers need a support and comfortable environment, and customer friendly solutions, they need to remain associated and updated. When Virgin Australia will provide updated digital choice to their passengers to stay updated and they find it easy to communicate with their friends and family and easy to choose their choice of entertainment while onboard. 
Server: UNIX (Linux or Solaris)
Operating System: Windows 10 or Linux
Oracle Database and Java ver. 1.3 and above. 
Price Estimation: 
1.    Online Ticket Booking: $12000
2.    Information system (Ticket): $4670
3.    Management Information System: $3400
4.    Transactions Processing system: $1500
5.    External System and Natural: $3000
6.    Decision Support: $1300
7.    Passenger Empowerment: $3000


Additional Proposed Method

Data Gathering Solution by LOT Technology: So how might you gather the fundamental information to offer perdition service, components and plans to organizations? Internet of Things (IoT) gives manyvarieties of beacons, sensors and investigative tools to give a solution to the customer by using predictive services. Internet of things provides many a connectivity with cloud opening unlimited doorsof possibilities. 



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