Research a current article on the use of wireless technologies in the workplace.
Write a 700-word summary of your selected article on wireless technology. Be sure to also address the following:
How has wireless technology changed your quality of life or your work environment?
How are wireless technologies used by organizations to form a communication channel with clients?
Summarize the advantages and disadvantages, limitations and risks for the wireless technologies described in the article.



 Wireless communication is the process of transfer the information and power between two or more points which are not connected by the ethical conductor. Wireless communication is considered the biggest contribution of the technology for human beings. (Thomas, 2014) By using the wireless technology, one can easily communicate and transfer communication over a distance without any help of wires or any other electrical form.  Some of the wireless devices which are frequently using by the human beings are mobiles, satellite television, cordless telephones or wireless computer parts. In this assignment, we will study about the wireless technology and how it impacts the life of the human beings. 


Development of the wireless technology changed the complete lifestyle of the human beings of different countries. Wireless technology impacts the work life of human beings in a significant manner. It changes the whole work environment by improving the way of communication, increasing the efficiency level of the task and introducing the new and advanced ways of performing different business tasks. Smartphones are the biggest contribution to the wireless technology, which is uses by various users. (Cook, 2013) The advanced cell phones and other high-tech devices which are connected to the other wireless devices has improved the ability of workers to share the information and perform their tasks in an efficient manner.  It is certain that the wireless quality contributes more to improve the quality of life. The wireless technology is becoming famous, just due to its various characteristics which are:
- Easier to implement and
- Systems are very cheaper. 
The wireless solutions can be time saving, more mobile and easy to use. The most common benefit of using wireless technology is that employees can reach anywhere, at any time. Thus, we can say that wireless technology is considered very important for a work life.

Wireless technology as a communication channel:-

Wireless technology play a significant role in communication. Wireless technology is becoming the most popular channel of communication during the 20th century as the radio is invented. From that time wireless technology as a communication channel removed all the communication gap between societies and made the whole world a smaller place. Today mobile phones play an important role in wireless communication which is an innovation given by the wireless technology. (Thomas, 2014) 
Advantages of wireless network:-
Adopting wireless technology for business houses has various benefits which are:-
•    Increased mobility: - The biggest attraction of wireless technology is considered the increased mobility. By using the wireless technology, peoples can able to work anywhere.
•    Enabling BYOD: - Due to increased mobility peoples can bring their own device, through which more and more business houses are taking advantage. 
•    Increased productivity: - Another important benefit of using the wireless technology is that it promotes productivity of a business organization.
Disadvantages of wireless network:-
Using wireless technology has various disadvantages also as well as its advantages. Its disadvantages are following:-
•     It can happen that the Wireless network may choose to utilize some special encryption technologies. 
•    It can also be possible that the speed of the wireless networks is very slower than the slowest common networks using by others.
•    Using the wireless network at the workplace requires more security to protect the secret data because people can connect anywhere.
Limitations of wireless network:-
•    The wireless technology which is implemented currently does not provide the same bandwidth to the business houses which are provided by a wired connection. The bandwidth of the wireless network considered limited than a wired connection.
•    For the purpose of authentication, the traffic of the wireless network passes from various gateway devices, which may cause congestion problems.
•    Wireless network traffic is considered firewalled. It can be possible that not all the campus services may be available to the wireless users.
Risk from using wireless network:-
A risk factor is always associated with using the wireless network. The wireless risk comes in every sizes and shapes. (Sun, 2013)The great risk associated here is that the anyone can easily attack to the WAP without any authorization. Most of the wireless users have no any danger they face by attacking a wireless access point (WAP) to their wired network. Another risk which is associated with it can be related to the health risk and safety risk.


After studying all this, we can conclude that wireless technology considered very important. It is important in every department. It plays an important role in communication through which one can easily interact with others. This reduces all the differences between the various peoples of society and enables the business organization to work in an effective manner by using proper wireless communication.

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