Hypotheses - Market Research


This week you will submit an outline of your Portfolio Project. Use each of the sections required in the Portfolio Project as your outline headings (I, II, III, IV, etc.). Under each heading offer several ideas you are considering for that section (A, B, C, etc.).

Your outline should be at least one page in length.
Instructions: Your project must incorporate the following elements:
Company and Organizational Background: Identify a company and provide a brief description of the goods and services it provides, its size, and the locations where it does business. ( see the attached file)
Management-Decision Problem or Business Issue: Identify a business issue for this company that requires a managerial decision. You can be inventive here. (see the attached file)
Fully describe the business issue—what is the issue; who or what does it affect, and how, where, and when does it affect them/it? Some examples of a suitable business issue to write on include: whether the company should invest research money in new product development; whether the company should expand to a new geographic area; or whether the company should benchmark its performance against its competitors. Don’t be limited by this list. You can use any other business issue that requires marketing research.
Research Objectives and Question
Based on the problem or issue identified above, identify the research question that needs to be answered.
Explain why this is the appropriate question.
Hypotheses: Clearly state the hypotheses to be tested.
Research Approach
Describe the research approach that should be taken to best test your hypothesis and answer your research question.
Be sure to describe how you would gather your data for this research project (e.g., a survey, focus group, intercept interviews, or other /Users/air/Desktop/chevron- decision problem or business issue copy.docx
/Users/air/Desktop/Chevron Company.docxmethods).
Discuss how and where the research would take place, the sample size, and who would conduct the research.
Identify any potential ethical issues associated with the research.
Surveyand Interview Guide
Design a survey with a minimum of 10 questions.
Explain the reason for including each question. Describe the type of scale you are using. Describe the benefits of the data you expect that each question will produce.
Design a face-to-face interview guide with three questions that would be used in a qualitative approach.
Statistical Tests
Identify the types of statistical tests you would use on the collected data.
Explain why you would use these tests.
Identify any potential shortcomings in your research approach and any ethical concerns.
Describe how you would handle each of the above.


Company and Organizational Background

  1. Chevron Richmond Refinery has been considered for the analysis. The company is into refinery process. The various products are motor gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel and lubricants. 

  2. Management-Decision Problem or Business Issue

  3. First main issue, unintentional releases avoidance and comeback – unintentional releases counting petroleum and substance trickle and discharge of dangerous vapors.

  4. Another issue, usual resources – employs of usual possessions, counting land and irrigate, as fine as biodiversity and possible impacts resultant as of noise, atmosphere and light

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Research Objectives

To understand the management orientation towards the issues identified above, its likely solution and the image of the company among common masses.
Research Question
How the management view the incidents?
Is management determined to do something about it?
How the people view the company?
Will there be any impact on the way company’s reputation is viewed?
Appropriateness of the Question
These questions will help the researcher in understanding the orientation of the management towards these issues and their intended actions. Moreover, it will help in understanding the image of the company that has changed in the eyes of the people after the incidents.


Mentioned below are the hypotheses:
H1: Management is positive towards changing the situation.
H2: Management is determined to do something about it.
H3: People still view company in a positive manner.
H4: There has been no impact on the way company’s reputation is viewed.

Research Approach

The research survey will be conducted with the help of survey questionnaire. The statistical tools will be applied. In total, there will be 100 respondents.

Ethical Issues

The ethical issues on the part of the researchers are that the result should be unbiased and should be in greater good of the society.
Survey Questionnaire
Likert’s five rating scale will be used for these questions.
What is your age?
Do you work with Chevron?
At what position are you within the company?
Do you think that the issue in relation to the noise, atmosphere and light is impacting the company’s reputation?
Will it impact the company’s profitability?
Will it be able to company to revive the image?
Is management positively oriented towards the issue?
Will you prefer to be associated with the company?
Is management determined to improve the situation?
Are you contributing on your part to revive the situation?
Face to Face Interview Guide
How would you define the company’s orientation towards the issue?
How you see the future image of the company?
Anything more you would like to add in it?

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Statistical Tests

Correlation test and descriptive analysis will be conducted. It will be done to understand the dependence among the various factors.
At present, the lack of literature review is seen as the major shortcoming that will be tried to cover.


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