Human Resource practices being Implemented


Read the Singhania Case study and discuss what area of improvement you are going to recommend to Singhania and Partners and why. This case study focuses on the human resource practices being implemented in the Singhania and Partners.



This case study focuses on the human resource practices being implemented in the Singhania and Partners which happens to be the largest full-service national law firm of India. People and the resources should be provided for the best interests in the service industry and the organizations like Singhania and Partners should have a system or strategy planned to attract and cling to maximum talent possible. Since the 1990s the economy has begun to be liberalized, the legal services in our country are booming swiftly. Thus, the organizations should come up with ideas to cling to talent to reach the apex amongst the stern competition. 
Singhania & Partners is one of the leading full-service national law firms of India providing all sorts of law services ranging from commercial litigation to intellectual property law practice to the Indian companies along with foreign clients. It is a renowned firm that is famous for its law practices associated with successful international commercial and corporate, arbitration, intellectual property and litigation. This case study deals with the background study of Singhania & Partners along with the threats imposed on their business.

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Singhania & Partners is among the most renowned legal services industry of our country. It has various branches in Noida, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mumbai employing a plethora of alliances along with the provincial councils. These alliances have helped the firm to make it presence felt in 65 other locations. Singhania & Partners employs a team of approximately 70 law professionals who provide exemplary services to their customers. It was founded in 1999 by Manju Mohorta and Ravi Singhania. Mohorta serves as the Chief Executive whereas Singhania is the Managing Director of the firm. In 2001, Singhania and Partners decided to extend their business in the sectors of infrastructure and IT in India because of the tremendous increase in these sectors. The firm, among the severe competition, has been appointed as the legal counsel for the National Highways Authority of India.

1.)    Mr. Ravi Singhania, the Associate Director and Ms. Manju Mohotra, the CEO of S&P have regularly assessed the human resources practices that are being implemented in their company and provide the best facility to their people. They have three features in their HR practices: 

  • The open door policy which provides various presentations to provide opportunities to their employees;

  • All merits based career growth  where the company evaluates the performance of their employees and

  • Stress-free environment for its employees.

 However, they are a bit concerned about the risk of human resources that the company might be facing.
2.)    Further, various infamous corporate lawyers like Dina Wadia who was the former partner of Little & Co.; Nitin Potdar, former partner of Amarchand Mangaldas; and Akshay Chudasama, former Partner of AZB and Partners and Lex India have been signed up by their rival national law firm named J.Sagar Associates.
3.)    Under Indian Advocates Act of 1961, foreign law firms are not allowed to give any constitute practicing in the Indian law preventing prevented foreign lawyers and law firms to establish their offices in India and liberalization of the economy has increased the competition. This has led to the scarcity of decent quality of lawyers.
4.)    To serve customers and clients effectively, a streamlined system is required. Further for providing state-of-the-art infrastructure, technology is needed.

  • Singhania and Partners have to explore the opportunity that can enable them to expand beyond the United States, further expanding their business can lead them to create new heights in the field. This way the firm can expand globally and can learn new strategies that are being followed worldwide and can be fruitful for their business. Expansion of their business globally will help attract people from various countries and the international talents in accord with national skills can prove beneficial for them.

The entering of foreign investors and various multinational corporations can lead to increased competition in the market. Hence, Singhania and Partners can collaborate with these investors and corporations by meeting their terms and conditions along with maintaining their standards. 

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The quality of mandate should be considered from time to time. This will ensure the quality of work being done in the firm. Once the quality of mandate is regularly monitored , the rate of client satisfaction will automatically incline to provide the firm to have a stable output and more respect from the outsiders. The client satisfaction will enhance the business opportunities making their decisions and policies less risky. The Singhania and Partners should also sustain good practices and policies for their people like career development, engagement, and compensation. With these practices, the company can easily allow people not to take the company for granted as the company has the tendency to take back its people with ease. Due to this tendency the company has a high rate of attrition among its people, thus, good practices can reduce these limitations.
Further, the company can reduce the excess of expenditure it does on the resources. Secondly, the communication process i.e. the open-door policy can be enhanced by including various other activities. Some other recommendations can be to ensure proactive leadership and Human Resource Performance Management System. Including various other 

  • Strategies that can lead in good organization of the company, 

  • Training Methods for its people and coworkers

Can also be beneficial for the company.
Lastly, the company should be open to various profit-making schemes and mergers that can increase its capacity shortly.


The Singhania and Partners have been recognized as India's largest law firm has understood that the counsel market has become extremely competitive in nature, and, therefore, the demands of good and competent lawyers have hiked suddenly. Hence, to make sure that their lawyers and legal workers are satisfied and contented with their job, the environment of the organization, merit-based income, and various other advancements opportunities, Singhania and Partners have strategically examined and studied their hiring and retention policies. 
They have smartly evaluated the strategy of their organization and made sure that all the legal work made in the contract with their workers provide them with all the needed rights. They have maintained an amiable organizational environment by planning time to time picnics and vacations, increasing the salary on the basis or performance of the people and not on seniority. They award the worker who adds value and potential to their firm. All these strategies have continuously added to the firm by helping in retaining the best talents that they have in their workforce.


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