Human Resource Management for the Events Sector


Assignment based on Human Resource Management for the Events Sector



Glastonbury Festival is a five-day festival which takes place near Pilton (Somerset).  At summer most of the peoples visited in Glastonbury festivals which are from different- different countries like - USA and EUROPE. One most important part of Glastonbury Festival is Contemporary performing the last years it achieved the largest growth from a small music festival. Almost in every year number of attendees of Glastonbury festival are increased. The first Glastonbury festival was organized in a village of Pilton, which situated in the UK. Michael and Jean Eavis held first Glastonbury festival. This festival took place on the biggest level in which more than 1000 activities arranged on different 17 stages( Jamison.2014).It organized in the mid of June at the same farm. In this event volunteering, placements have a critical juncture. It makes staffing for the UK as it based upon use of unpaid workforce. Glastonbury event works collaboratively with Oxfam, which considered as the largest recruiter, and event helper. It occurs different events like- hosts dance, circus, and comedy. In Glastonbury festivals, there are some members of media for showing its coverage on various channels, which will ultimately enhance their popularity and also the number of attendees of this festival.

TASK 1:-

(1) As everyone wants a healthy and suitable environment where people can work without any conflicts. In this regarding the question is arises who will make this possible? Only volunteers can. Volunteers are very necessary for creating a healthy environment volunteers are devoting their precious time and efforts in every day or night (Reynolds, 2013). Proper utilization of community resources can be done only with the help of volunteers. Most of the peoples think that volunteers are only as helpers, who spent their most of the time on their smartphones, and organize files (Devito,2016). Volunteers play a major role like:- 
1.    Handling day to day tasks
2.    Raising funds
3.    Taking other financial decisions
4.    Controlling all the functions of the organization.
In the absence of volunteers, some organizations cannot exist .but; the most important thing is that all boards and committees consist of volunteers. All larger business organizations like - Salvation Army or An American Red Cross, have continuously survived more than 90 years because of including a large part of their workforce is volunteers. As the business firm is growing day by day and hire paid staff, yet they depend mostly on volunteers to perform all their necessary task. Volunteers have very talent in which most of them experienced professionals, medical doctors, financial planners or engineers. In 1999, in the US more than 9.0 million volunteers were full-time employees working in different organizations. Due to changing an economy, more emphasis is placed on hiring volunteers. An independent sector of US states that more than 50 to 60 % likely to be a volunteer rather than be a high school graduate. All this increase demand volunteers in many of the new professionalism organizations. Thus, at today in many of the volunteer corporations consists of young and dynamic professionals, retired workers and management personnel. Volunteers are now working at different organizations as their leading role. So, we can say that volunteers in the US preferred more because of having their more benefits.
(2) It can be possible that organization are not aware about the advantages if volunteers in an event.  But, volunteers are crucial to the success of its event. Might the organisation think that they are not reliable, but they can be reliable just only need to give them proper guidance and training. It considered that it is a long time process to train volunteers, and there is also not surety from them to work there. It is the great fear for every employer that volunteers leave the job after taking training from their organization. That is a problem why most of the employer does not hire volunteers right now. It is quite easy for them to do their work with the help of paid staff. Despite, all these things there are various benefits of using volunteer staff which is following:-
1.    Volunteers save money: - The most significant advantage of using volunteer as a team is that they can become the reason of lifesaver of someone by saving their money. The dollar value in 1997 for the volunteer was $13.72 per hour (Clayton,2016). Many of different organizations like Red Cross almost do their functioning by volunteer labor and by doing this, it is performing the very useful task without spending more money on their operation's. 
2.    Volunteers bring needed skills: - Most of the volunteers have their unique skills like advertising, professionalism or computer programming that an organization required occasionally. A volunteer who has the capability of spent his whole time with  organization can be a perfect staff member for that organization.
3.    Volunteers bring renewed energy and excitement: - Volunteers in an organization can be a fresh perspective or enthusiasm for the work. All this proves helpful for revitalize staff, and can be useful in moving a project in the best direction.
4.    Volunteers increase community ownership: - There were a significant number of community members which participated in a project, the easier thing for them to gain support for their work. Perhaps, by using volunteers in various community organization can feel sure that all its goals were in time with what a community wants, not just only what their organization members thinks they want.

TASK 2:-

(1) It is necessary for any business organization to encourage the volunteers so that they can be the part of  this organization and can help in achieving its business goals. Motivation is a key factor in any of the organization, in the absence of motivation organization cannot become so successful in achieving their long-term objectives. It is the duty of every organization to identify the needs of their staff members and fulfill them to feel them more satisfy. In Glastonbury event, the most focus should be done to convince volunteers and giving them proper motivation which gives them a feeling of the precious member of that organization. There are many reasons which lead lack motivation in among all the volunteers:
1.    Not being asked: - It is the most powerful idea which demotivates volunteers that they do not receive any importance from their organization.They are feeling uncomfortable in working that type of environment which leads their low performance below the expectations. (Sardo,2016)
2.    Fear of being used as a token: - When volunteers think that they are only just here to work, and their skills exploited here than it arises a terrible feeling in the mind of volunteer and they never agree to become a part of any other corporate firm.
3.    Lack of personal time: - The organization should give personal time to every volunteer so that they can feel connected with the social environment. In an absence of personal time, volunteers distract from their work, and they were not able to perform as expectation.
4.    Lack of knowledge about volunteer opportunities: - Most of the volunteers were there who are not aware of their chances. So, it is the duty of the organization to inform them about all available opportunities for benefits of volunteers.
5.    The absence of benefits: - In the absence of advantages for all volunteers they are not feeling motivated, they are not utilizing their full capacity. So, for the benefit of the organization, it is necessary to give some benefits to their employees so that they can feel motivated. 
6.    Not feeling connected to the mainstream community: - When volunteers think that they are not the part of this community, this will arise a feeling of loneliness. So, for an organization, every member should be equal, and they should maintain proper coordination between them.
(2) In past time, employees treated only as a production factor, but now they considered as human resources of an organization. Human resources are viewing as the critical assets of the organization. So, it is necessary to have a proper management of their human resources. HR Manager is responsible for developing all the strategies for maintaining the human resource. So, HR manager should develop those strategies which motivate volunteers to utilize their full capability.
1.    Seek buy- in - It should be necessary for an organization to involve all his volunteers’ members in fixing their business goals and taking the important decision. All this arises a feeling of attachment to the organization and with all its members. All this enhance volunteers work performance 
2.    Encourage contributions: - If the management gives volunteer staff to give their contributions in working with the organization, it will provide them with an important feeling which enhances their worth of a job. Giving responsibility to volunteer members enables them to face challenges and work hard. 
3.    Keep employees informed: - When a volunteer feels he is not aware of anything which happened in their department, this will give them a feeling of “not necessary" in the organization. It ensures that all the required information should be circulated to all the members of an organization so that they can keep updated themselves.
4.    Help in fulfilling career goals: - It is necessary that HR should develop activities which help volunteers in achieving their career goals. Giving volunteers opportunities to enhance their skills helps the organization in motivating the volunteers.
5.    Provide training: - For motivating volunteers, it is necessary to give them proper training which builds their skills and can aware about their strength and weaknesses. Training helps volunteer to fill the gap between lack of competencies and their productivity after identifying training needs.
6.    Communicate often: - It is necessary for an organization that open communication should be there to all the volunteers’ members, its management, and other paid members.  This will lead high performance, and they feel highly involved in all the activities. 


As we have studied, it is concluded that volunteers should be more focused for an organization. They are the only way of getting success in all the tasks of the organization. So. Volunteers should be honored in the same way as other paid members honored. If management were doing so, they would seem more favorable in the future. An HR of the organization should build all those strategies which save the future of an organization, and this can do only after developing strategies regarding the volunteer’s benefits. These strategies should be for every volunteer who will provide alternate benefit to the business organization by fulfilling all their objectives. Motivation should be there during every task of the organization this will lead high performance and better result. All these things help firm in improving their goodwill in the market and can survive for the extended time on the market. For the success of Glastonbury event, it is necessary to provide a satisfaction which builds popularity and its value which enhance their number of attendees.

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