How do we balance the need for goods and energy


Write question and answer on How do we balance the need for goods and energy with the harmful impact production, transportation, and use has on the environment?


With the use of renewable sources of energy and good that are eco-friendly in nature, will help in balancing the needs of Goods and Energy. Goods which use to consume less energy, produce less garbage or waste, should be used. Also, use of a non-conventional source of energy which is not harmful to the environment should be given preferences.

Questions 1st Set

1.What is your opinion on jobs vs the environment?


We know that people do the job so that they make products and services, they can earn some money and they can share their knowledge, but at what cost? While doing our jobs, we should not neglect the environment. There will be no benefits if this product will directly or indirectly affect the nature and degrading the environment. We should think of our future generation, what will we give to them? Polluted water or polluted air? I think we all are responsible for taking care of our nature. We have to make products and provide services, without affecting the nature. By changing the way we work, the way we live and the way we think about our nature, we can give a better place to live. (Harper & Snowden, 2017)
Economic Growth should be done in limits, keeping in mind that: 
•    It is not affecting our environment or surrounding. 
•    More and more use of renewable sources of energy. 
•    Industries and manufacturer should make a product without degrading the environment.
Ethical Issues 
1.    Consumption of natural resources: We are continuously consuming all the natural resources without thinking of future. 
2.    Deforestation: Large or mass cutting of forest is directly affecting forest eco-cycle balance. 
3.    Pollution: Pollution is harming human, animal, and forest.
4.    Harming Animals


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Questions 2nd Set


2. As a regulatory official, what kind of information would you need to determine if a chemical is “safe”? Not using this chemical is not an option.


To know about the chemical, whether it is safe or not? There is few test for it:
Flammability Test: Flammability ability is the ability of a chemical to react and burn in presence of O2 or Oxygen. This test will help in knowing whether the chemical or substance used in the product is flammable or not? 
This test will help in reducing the harms because of flammable substances or chemicals. This will directly help in reducing the air pollution. 
Oxidation Test: Oxidation doesn't mean that there is a chemical reaction in presence of oxygen, but it is the loss of electrons while there is a reaction by atom or a molecule. You might have heard about pH level, it is related to this. 
PH level will help in determining the quality of soil and water, which will help in reducing water and soil pollution.  
 Acute Toxicity: Continuous direct or indirect exposure to some chemical and then it has its adverse effect. This mainly happens due to reactions of chemical or leakage of gases. This can be very harmful to living beings and creatures.
Explosive in Nature: Some products might have chemicals that might be explosive in nature, we need to carry these very cautiously. Else this can harm the life of human being as well as other creatures.  (Isaacs, 1970)
In order to address the potential threat to the environment, we need to a lot of changes, implementations, we need to make some Acts and Laws that will save the nature. We need some strict rules and regulations like:
1.    Deforestation Act
2.    Air Quality Act
3.    Water Quality Act
Rules and regulation for farmers, industries, hospitals and other public places. 
Level of Risk: The amount of tolerable risk that prepared for society to live. This will depend upon monitoring of risk and how risk management is prepared to overcome that risk (Glade, Crozier, & Hufschmidt, 2005).  It depends on: 
?    Individual acceptance
?    Aggregated-individual acceptance
?    Expert acceptance
?    System-internal acceptance
?    Societal acceptance


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Questions 3rd Set

 3.Nuclear power is one of the world largest energy producers. In light of the recent nuclear accidents in Japan and a growing demand for energy, does it concern you that nuclear power is one of the most abundant sources of potential for energy growth?


I'm not concerned with the fact that nuclear power is the potential energy for growth. All the society and communities that belong to Nuclear Power production are directly responsible for this source of energy. When we look back in history, whatever happened in Japan was very unfortunate, but this kind of issues and errors are caused because of involvement of human being. The real threat of nuclear energy is not the production of power and energy, but its use in manufacturing weapons for war. 
Nuclear power used to produce the amount of radioactive waste, which can't be disposed of in land, air or water. Long-term storage is made for these wastes, and all the 44 countries are working together to make a solution for disposing of this nuclear waste.  
Nuclear Safety
There is a proof of over 60 years, which shows that nuclear energy is one of the safest means of generating electricity and power. There is declining risk of hazards and accidents in nuclear activity. The outcome of any other accident or terrorist attack is less than the commonly accepted risks. There is zero use of fossil fuels and combustible product that can cause any serious threat. 
Alternate Sources
There are various other means for getting renewable energy like Hydroelectricity (Energy from water), Solar Plants (Energy from the sun), and Wind Mills (Energy from wind). Other forms are Ocean, Earth geothermal, tides and biofuel.
Nuclear energy and another form of renewable energy doesn't have any harsh effect on the environment, in case of nuclear energy, it is very environmentally friendly. Same applies to Wind and Solar. Only Hydroelectricity has some effect on the surroundings, like a manmade lake, river diversion etc. (Botkin & Keller, 1998)


Questions 4th Set


The Amazon Basin contains some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. The rate of deforestation and habitat destruction remains a threat to the area. Some of this is due to the slash and burn clearing techniques used in the area to create open land for agriculture. What can you say to convince the government in the area that this issue needs to be addressed?


Amazon Deforestation is one of the serious and major problems, especially in Brazil and surrounding areas. A huge number of trees have been cut down in mass for getting open land for agriculture and other activities. Steps recommended to the government for taking some measure for deforestation are:
Collaboration: Government can work with various NGOs and agencies in getting valuable products for forests. 
Marketplace Power: Big communities who have the power to destroy the forest, also have the ability to save them.
 Indigenous Peoples: Government and other authorities can work with indigenous people who used to live on Amazon.
Use of sustainable options: Government and communities can work together to inform the people to use sustainable products in their daily life to protect the forest from deforestation. 
All these will have a direct impact on the aboriginals and indigenous people who used to live in Amazon. These people will be able to live in the forest and maintain their culture. Clean water and the air is the right to every human being, and by following steps, we will help them get their right.




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