Frankenstein Application Essay


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The Frankenstein Application Essay

Mary Shelly in her celebrated novel “Frankenstein” has brought forward the social issue of the embryonic stem cell research and its consequences that the society has to endure by unethical application of science and genius. Mary Shelley has made an endeavor to express the effects and consequences of the actions taken against Mother Nature and defying the natural processes that bring upon immense misery on the humankind and society and in this regard the embryonic stem cell research challenges the course of nature. Quest for long life invoke humans to kill embryos and in spite of the knowledge that it is an evil act, researches regarding this subject is rapidly in vogue. In order to reveal this nature of humankind, Mary Shelley said, “No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks” (“Mary Shelley quotes”, n.d.).

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Since, “to obtain embryonic stem cells, the early embryo has to be destroyed. This means destroying a potential human life” but the mechanism of stem cell research demands that the researchers strip off their moral principles or values and demean the fact that every life force is priceless (Hug, 2011).

The advocates of the embryonic stem cell research usually refute that human life begins at conception and hence killing an embryo is no less sinful than homicide. While judging from the biological point of view and also considering the medical angle, “The embryo is simply a cluster of cells” (“Embryo Life Arguments”, n.d.) and hence the supporters of the stem cell research may deny that they are killers of life force but they should respect the scientific truth that every human embryo is a miniature adult human as “from the zygote stage onward, the human embryo has within it all of the internal information needed – including chiefly its genetic and epigenetic constitution – and the active disposition to develop itself to the mature stage of a human organism” (George & Lee, 2009). Hence, killing a human (embryo) for the benefit of another human is beyond ethics and morality and researches in this regard should be paused considering the moral perspective. The human embryos are miniature human beings who are formed with their fundamental right to live and hence, cannot be treated as research material and have them disposed after killing them  (George & Lee, 2009). In the eye of the advocates of the stem cell research, the embryo is a meager bunch of cells that are appropriate for the researches that would benefit mankind with the invention of novel medical treatment procedures (Hug, 2011) but the truth is that sacrificing a living embryo for the cause of experimentation is equivalent to human sacrifice because from the very point of fertilization, the human embryo is active and naturally programmed to develop into a mature stage in course of development (George & Lee, 2009). In a nutshell, embryo sacrifice in the name of scientific research should be considered as unethical and illegal and such researchers should be considered as a threat to human rights.

There is no doubt that scientific researches are necessary for the advancement of science and progress of human society but all the research that is happening in the realm of medical science are not conducted within the boundaries of ethics and value. The stem cell research is one of them among several others that challenges the process of creation directly and continue with culpable homicide in the garb of scientific progress and invention. If the immoral aspects of such research and researchers are not immediately addressed then the society might have to suffer from grim outcome in near future.

The stem cell research is instigating a, somewhat moral dilemma on the society that has to dwindle between the two facts that stem cell research is actually carried on for the betterment of human society and also to make new discoveries in the medical treatment procedure but then again it is done at the cost of so many embryonic lives that are a storehouse of possibilities and many of these embryos could be born to become genius human beings who could welfare mankind in varied ways. The proponents of this particular research would never accept the fact that they are engaged in a series of homicide until and unless they are compelled by law of the state to do so.
When some evil intention brings satisfaction and happiness, it should be considered as a greater evil and not putting an impediment to such approaches will hasten more unethical practices in future and therefore the government should rise in this regard and bar stem cell research and let nature decide the fate of the human embryos.

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