food-production methods

Respond to the prompt below in an essay:
PROMPT: Critics of agribusiness allege that industrialized, large scale food production poses harm to consumer health as well as the environment. Proponents of agribusiness contend that factory farming and other food-production methods are vital in feeding a rapidly growing population. After researching and analyzing the issue, compose an essay that addresses these viewpoints. Include your own viewpoint on the issue.


As we all know that large-scale food production is harmful to the health of the consumers along with the environment. The environment also gets affected due to large-scale food production. But the major problem is the health of consumers who consume such food. One thing is needed to understand that it is also necessary to go for large-scale food production because the population is increasing very rapidly. Traditional farming is not capable enough to feed such a large population. So, to feed such a large population of industrialized and large-scale production is necessary. But the question is at what cost large-scale production of food can be done to feed such a large population because large-scale production affects the health of the consumers as well as the environment.

However, there is little evidence to prove that foods grown from engineered seeds are harmful to the consumers and the environment. But the consumers have fear and concern for such food. People believe that extensive chemicals are used in processed foods. The extensive use of the chemical in food processing is harmful to the health as well as environment. Large-scale productions of food sometimes become feed for animals, and the use of the chemical is harmful to the animals as well.  
But according to the Freedman media also plays a very important role in promoting that all the processed food is harmful to health. The media has promoted that processed food is making people overweight and sickly. The food industry especially the fast food industry is making us addicted to sugar, salt, and fat which causes obesity crisis in the population. The large-scale production or processed food contains chemicals and cooking such food is making people sick. According to Pollan the problem of diabetes and obesity is prevailing because we have left all the things on industries. They are free to decide what to include in the food what would the amount be of salt and sugar in foods. They put salt and sugar according to their choice or as much as they possibly can. 

According to the Barlett and Steele, there are some very big players in the food market who produce food at large scale. They dominate the food market, and the traditional farmers are nearly out of the market. The foods are being supplied by those big players, and people are consuming the processed food supplied by them. The process foods are harmful to the health of the people. Those players are monopolizing the food market. But the concern of the people for food safety is increasing day by day due to the overweight and obesity crisis. 


One of the major concerns of the people is a health and the condition of the environment. The health of the people is being deteriorated, and obesity and overweight have become a major problem of the population.  The large-scale food production is considered as the reason of the people concern. The people have a fear of processed food because they believe that extensive chemical is used during the food processing which is harmful to the health as well as environment. But rapidly increasing population is also one of the major concern for the people because the large population needs a large amount of food which is almost not possible through traditional farming. So, we need to think about it along with large-scale food production.  

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