Executive Proposal for Information Technology Management

Write a proposal (report) to the executives of the company presenting your solution.

Executive summary 

The aim of the paper is to offer solution to the company to eliminate the data storage problem it is facing in its business. Cloud scale storage has been recommended as one of the most efficient storage device for the company. The software has the advantage of reducing cost, eliminating legacy storage, improving accessibility of data and others. Thus, this will eliminate the disadvantages and problem faced by the company with the older data storage version.  


Data of organizations are becoming complex and huge which is increasing the storage problem in these organization. This is causing other problems as well such as difficult in the access to the data, setting the ownership of the data, cost management and others. Similar is the situation for the company I work in. it is a retail company and they are facing problems with their data storage system. The proposal discusses about the new storage system that would be beneficial for the company in eliminating the problems they face in their data storage system. 

Cloud Scale Storage System

Cloud storage system is one of the advanced technology of storing the data and provide storage services. Thus, a cloud storage system is recommended for the company. It helps in storing the data in the cloud system which offers unlimited space and other benefits such as elasticity, flexibility and scalability (Avram, 2014). It has a multi tendency of performing multi task at a time which improve the efficiency of the data storage system and offer a secured system. 

Eliminating Legacy Data Storage Systems

Legacy storage is the older or traditional version of storage in a hardware form which has started losing its value due to security, cost and many other reasons. Thus, to eliminate from such as legacy data storage system a cloud scale storage system is an ideal form. This can be done by using WekalO which is one of the fastest form of file system with cloud storage. This will help to store four times the data and take huge load (Marketwired, 2017). Thus, a cloud storage of this type will help in eliminating the legacy of storing the excess data in outside source. 

Consolidating Existing Data

Cloud computing system will also help in consolidating the data from various sources under one head. Cloud software is one of the ideal form to collaborate distributed data under one place. This further helps the team and other branches of the business spread worldwide to view and share information among them as all kinds of data are available in one place. This can also be facilitated by the collaborative social spaces that the cloud storage software offer to connect engagement among the employees and different brand (Avram, 2014). Collaborative platform that cloud software offer is not only fast, it is also much effective compared to other collaborative solutions. 

Easy and fast Access

Easy and fast access to data is another problem that the company faces in urgent situation due to legacy of present data. The suggested cloud storage system also improves efficiency of the data by improving the accessibility. It helps in getting access to the data from any internet connected device. It is one of the most flexible data storage and data accessibility system. In the time of data requirement the person can just go to the data saved in the cloud storage and access it. This is because entire data will be stored in a consolidated form in cloud storage software (Chang & Wills, 2016). However, in a private server there it is required to take up access permission from the owner of the company or a responsible person. 

Setting Up ownership for Data

Along with easy and fast accessibility feature, the software also offers ownership right to the data. Under the private cloud infrastructure, the company will get the chance to set up ownership rights of the stored data. It is a way to limit the accessibility of the data by various users. In offers either single-tenant ownership or multi-tenancy, depending on the data (Nawaz & Soomro, 2016). In this case there is a need to take access permission from the owner of the data. 

Reducing Data Management cost 

Cost is another factor that can be controlled by the cloud storage software. This is because of the easy accessibility facility that it offers. This can save both the time and cost of the company in getting the required data. There are few extra features that the software offer; however, it follows pay as you go facility to the user (Goyal, 2014). Thus, the user has the choice of just limiting to what cloud is offering and then choosing some extra facility they want. 


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that cloud scale storage software will be the most suitable software for the company to get rid of all its data storage and accessibility issues. It is all in one software that offers multi-facility to the organization to store its data in the way they want. Moreover, it is also cost-effective and help to eliminate the legacy external storage. 

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