Examination of the different tools and methods

Question: Examination of the different tools and methods used in studying history


Tools and Methods of History
Historical events are often complicated ones to analyze. But despite the complications
ingrained in such events’ analysis, it must be noted that there are some primary and secondary tools
and methods that help learners to learn and explore more about the concerned events and topics.
History, if study with the aid of such tools and methods, becomes a easier subject to decipher and the
analysis of the events under question then become easier to interpret and discuss. In this respect it
must be said that for studying and understanding events like the Crusades it often becomes necessary
for an individual to take the help of the different tools and methods as have been found to be depicted
in the concerned website. There are different tools, methods, and scholarly disciplines on the website
that can help a learner learn more about the Crusades and study the Crusades in a more elaborate
Historical analysis means looking for causes and effects and interpreting both in a structured
manner that can be understood well. How culture, politics, and religion have often contributed to the
occurrence of a historical event is the subject matter of study of many historians when it comes to
analyzing a particular historical event and about the events related to the particular one. The task of
such interpretation and analysis is not an easy task but it can be conducted and completed thoroughly
with the help of certain historical tools and methods. In this respect the different tools, methods and
scholarly disciplines that can be found on the website can come to the aid of a researcher who wants
to conduct more research on the Crusades and interpret the event from multitude of perspectives.
Primary sources like the artifacts found at the north of Israel, and the Latin Chronicles (along with the
Medieval Muslim history chronicles) can help a researcher to know more about the history of the
Crusades – its objectives , missions, visions, philosophies, and socio-political and religious ideologies.
Moreover, as found in the website, some archaeological evidence may also come to the aid of a
researcher who is willing to know more about the Crusades. Such evidence has been used to uncover


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the truths buried in the Crusader Castle of Vadum Jacob in the form of human remains (including the
remains of human bones).
It can be quite interesting to note that each tool, method and discipline has its own importance
in terms of unearthing the facts related to the Crusades. Such unearthing of the concerned facts would
be a process helpful for reconstructing the history of the Crusades in a thorough manner. The
archaeological evidence, in this respect, should be given more emphasis because such evidence are
pieces that should be collected from the past to know about their story by joining them together into a
wholesome fact. The joining of such fragmented facts of the past is a way towards reconstructing the
socio-cultural and economic conditions of the time in which the event took place. Going through the
website it has been found how researchers were able to reconstruct the history of the Castle of Vadum
Jacob and how they were able to create a 3D model of the same for better understanding of the value
of the place in the context of the Crusades’ history. By dissecting the skeletal remains and by
unearthing the condition of the concerned castle, historians have been able to understand why the
Castle was attacked and how the protectors of the Castle were killed. By studying the marks of injury
in the skeletons, historians were able to identify the kind of weapons that were used to kill the
inhabitants of the Castle and why the Castle was attacked during a time period when its resistance
became quite weak. Moreover, as understood by exploring the website, by studying the archaeological
evidence like arrow heads and sword pieces, the researchers were able to determine the kind of
weapons and tools used during the attack in a precise manner. But the value of the written primary
sources should not be undermined under the light of archaeological sources. Primary sources like
Medieval Muslim and Latin Chronicles, historians are able to reconstruct the major events that
constituted the entire Crusades in a thorough manner.
It should be noted that each tool and method depicted in the website has the potential to help
researchers in reconstructing the history of the Crusades. What occurred when King Baldwin IV
decided to call arms and go forth with a building expedition can be known from the primary sources
like the Latin Chronicles. The broken pieces of evidence helped the researchers enormously in
reconstructing the history of the event in a thorough manner.
But it must be noted that the primary weakness of archaeological sources is that; such sources
wane with time. This waning away of the evidence often makes it difficult for historians and
researchers to reconstruct the past on a pragmatic basis.

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