Evaluation of Diet

For this task you are to collect and evaluate two different menus from local restuarant. Each restuarant must offer different menu choices. Research and explain the compatibilty of each menu.


The assignment has showcased the evaluation of the dietary needs regarding the respective menus offered within the local restaurants. The needs of important dieting abilities in the food habits are required. So maintaining the dietary needs is successfully induced in this report. Here, the nutritional value of the each and every food has been encompassed through identifying the effectiveness within the health. Thus different professional has ensured the ideas of identifying the health aspects that are needed for maintaining the health.  Explanation regarding the compatibility within the menu has been determined through the influence considering the approaches by inducing the analysis of the menu.

Nutritional Value of each food

The food offered by the local restaurant has been demonstrated with a clear picture that has depicted the each of the food items that are presented within the menu. In the context of the menu it has been identified that the foods that have been prepared within the restaurant contains nutritional value. At the present scenario, every human being wants to possess food habits encompassing higher nutritional values. The nutritional value has been determined from the point of view of keeping exact content of different nutrients that are required for human being. Thus the foods are prepared by the respective restaurant has always intended to provide fat, carbohydrates, proteins and also vitamins so that the food is enriched with these nutrients and can have impact upon having the taste as required for the respective individuals. Therefore, the food served as dinner contains beef, pork, poultry and seafood items. Thus each dish has been encompassed with calories not less than 640. Therefore, the distribution of the calories of food has revealed the effects after the intake made by the individual customers within the dinner time. This has intruded the fact that the customers are gaining excess fat from the foods that have been supplied by the respective restaurant. Nevertheless, the content of protein are higher enough but the value of both fat and carbohydrates are accumulated to a higher figure that intends that the customers will gain much more level of cholesterol and will lead to increase in higher sucrose, fructose and glucose level causing deterioration of the insulin balance. 
On the other hand, the other restaurant that are successfully pertaining the business locally has offered different dinner items that has included different dining experiences with different foods which is much similar than the above depicted restaurant. The items provided have also provided beefs, chickens and other important things and has justified the roles of enabling the nutrition content within them. Starting from the starters upto the dinner habits, it has been observed that normal foods are served as dinner that are higher than 500 calories. These are constituted with excessive fats and other nutrients that are both harmful and also add benefit to the individuals that are having it. The consolidation achieved from different soups and salads provided to the customers has inherited that the not less than 50 calories have been served to the customers. In the mean time, the derivatives have earnestly ensured the facts through which nutritional evidence of protein has been determined (Lu & Chi, 2018). It can be said that the preserving characteristics has enabled the factors by dint of which the importance of identifying the consequences have been pertained within the survey through different health professionals.

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Research through health and industry professional

It has been researched that the maximum number of local restaurant are mostly unhygienic as because the oil that have been used in preparing the food items are considered not so much edible. Apart from this maintaining cleaning mechanism of each and every utensils have entailed the fact that they has assumed low quality cleanser that will highly affect the respective individuals that are often having foods from the local restaurant.

Explanation of the compatibility of each menu

It is quite obvious that the requirement of quite compatibility within the menu that has been selected should be preferred for the individuals that are having the food within the local restaurants. It has been examined that the three important dietary requirements that are necessary for a local restaurant which are high carbohydrates, low cholesterol and low fat should have to be encompassed within the respective restaurants. But it has been ascertained from the first menu, that the level of fat are higher. 
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As fat level was higher within the foods provided rather than other essential nutrients, it is quite obvious that the level of cholesterol will be higher. On the other hand, the carbohydrates generally provide us energy to maintain a healthy body and the food served possess carbohydrate as a normal potion to add healthy instances within the body.
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Considering the second menu, it has been observed that due low cholesterol and low fat content foods have been supplied through soups and salads but other items are highly rich in fat content and also cholesterol (Choe & Kim, 2018). Nevertheless, carbohydrate rich foods are also provided to the customers in order to perceive balance between the healthy food habits. 

Recommendation for changes

It can be said that the local restaurant should not sell foods that are rich in fat content. Utilization of butter, cheese, mayonnaise has enriched the content of fat and also rich in cholesterol. Foods that are boiled have to be served with added nutrients to it in order to persist healthy characteristics among the customers. The carbohydrate type of foods should be used in preparing good foods and avoiding package foods are also necessary. 
Outlining process of how the changes will effect
The changes for maintaining and serving healthy and nutritional foods to the respective customers by different restaurants are highly necessary. This will lead to determine maximum importance in assessing the criteria through which the foods are prepared. Thus the ingredients utilized in making the food should be fresh and should not be preserved for longer period of days. The nutritional contents may be decreased with higher period of storage. The process of cooking the dishes should have to be altered as preparing foods with more spices and oils will lead to increased fat level and cholesterol if it will be intake daily.  Cost for the foods that are highly spicy and oily should be kept higher in order to avoid customers to have the food easily and foods with nutritional benefits should be served at lower costs.


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