Evaluating the wisdom of Tambrands


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Evaluating the wisdom of Tambrands becoming part of Procter & Gamble

It can be said that being a part of the Procter & Gamble is one of the most clever and wisest decision ever taken by the Tambrands because of Procter & Gamble's recognition. It is observed that Procter & Gamble is one of the most eminent and globally accepted brands whereas Tambrands were only known by few people. Tambrands only had one brand that is tampons but Procter & Gamble had a huge variety of products for the people. On the other hand, Procter & Gamble's decision was also quite smart to acquire Tambrands because they wanted to enter the tampon industry.

Goals of Tambrands and reason P&G will continue with Tambrands goal 

One of the worldwide advertising plans of Tambrands was to conduct marketing each and every group in an identical way. Tambrands also divided the globe into 3 groups that were completely based on how a woman resists using a tampon. Tambrand's goal for marketing each group in the same way that included addressing the cultural and regional conflicts of women has on a tampon.  Even though Tambrand has taken into consideration this specific approach still they did not feel to continue with it. It is suggested that they should focus more on the fact of educating the girls from each religion. Furthermore, Tambrand should choose an approach same to how the company selects to educate women in Venezuela and Mexico. 

Approaches overcoming resistance 

The clusters identified by Tambrands are: In cluster 2, South Africa, France, and Israel tampons are only used by half of the women with regards to the population. In cluster 1, the women belonging from Australia, United States, and the United Kingdom use tampons. In cluster 3, most the women from Russia, Brazil, and China feel that they will lose their virginity if they use tampons. 
 In cluster 2 the women's will be shown that how tampons will be useful for them for promoting their smooth flow of menstrual cycle. In cluster 1, the women's will be shown new technology with regards to tampons that may interest them to use the product. In cluster 3, the women's will be educated as they feel tampons will take their virginity (Middleman and Varughese, 2012). 

Approach for reaching the goal

Yes, there will be an approach for reaching the goal of the company that will be educating the women's about the tampons as well as about menstruation. It will work for all of the above-mentioned clusters as they will be much more informed about this subject matter.  The education will teach the women in the three clusters about the future usage with regards to tampons.

Thoughts on company reopening in Brazil with the same model

It is recommended to the company that if the marketing campaign of Venezuela is successful then they should consider reopening the Brazilian market with the exact model. However, P&G should do a market survey if they are considering reopening there and the advertising costs should also be increased as there are other prominent brands with regards to a tampon in Brazil (Johnston-Robledo and Chrisler, 2013). 

Commenting about the critic’s statement

The comment by the critic highlighted the importance and equivalence of higher education, clean water, good health and longer life utilizing the feminine protection. It is completely true especially for the girls belonging to Africa as they stop going to school whenever they have menstruation. Hence, proper education must be provided to them regarding menstruation and using tampons.


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