ethical obligations


Detailed description of the assessment students must nswer all of the following questions in 300 words each.
1. Choose era of policing outlined by Broadcast and Davis (2009). Explaing the key focus of this era and its strength and weakness.
2. Describe and define ' entrapment', Examine its merits and limitations.
3. Describe and explain the peace model used to guide an interview with suspects of a crime.
4. Explaing the theory of critical  victimology.
5. Define " Human trafficking' and explain the nature and extent of this TOC using reliabl sources. 



Every organization has some ethical obligations which they have to maintain where they draw the line between what is ethically right and wrong. Ethical obligations are very similar to the legal norms and regulations which determine the ethical conducts of the business and help the organizations to achieve the strategic goals. The analysis of different aspects of ethical obligations has been done in the light of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Company which is a homemade ice cream company being initiated in 1978 in Burlington (benjerry, 2018).

Identification and explanation of core ethical obligations of Ben & Jerry’s including sustainability obligation:


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It is very important that Ben & Jerry’s identifies its ethical obligation and sustainability obligation. It has to carry out all its business operations keeping in mind the ethical obligation is has. It is supposed to maintain the quality of the products well-maintained (Lohrey, 2018). It has to be ethical to its suppliers and distributors. It has to provide healthy working conditions for its employees. It must promote ethics to its workforce. It has to be ethical to the customers and to the community as a whole. It has to be responsive towards its customers, supply chain, environment and to its employees (Bianca, 2018). The company can be responsive to the sustainability obligations by meeting its corporate and social responsibilities and taking proactive steps in meetings the demands of its stakeholders.

Core ethical issues, conflicts and dilemmas encountered by Ben & Jerry:

In 2015 Ben & Jerry’s has encountered ethical issues. There had been many complaints made by the franchisees regarding the weights of big boxes where were found to be of low weights than expected. The marketing tools and tactics have also been identified to be unethical. The sales figures have been created higher for the franchisees and that made them to earn less profit. The company also did not take any step to promote its franchisees (LukePykett , 2015).

Informed ethical position of Ben & Jerry’s on contemporary business issue:

Ben & Jerry’s claims to be ethical and it values fair-trade, marriage equality, peace building, climate justice, supporting better dairy, being vegetarian and safety of the people. The ethical issue that has been highlighted by the franchisee has not being taken well care of. The company did not take any proactive steps towards helping the franchisees in promoting them and getting them more customers. The company did not also taken any step towards truthful creation of sales figures. It did not try to keep its franchisees contended (LukePykett , 2015).

Theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of ethics and its relationship to law:

Utilitarian theory defines the morality of the outcomes or the consequences of any action. It considers the interest of other persons more than one’s own interest. The actions can be ethical or good if they are meant for the good of maximum number of individuals. The actions taken by Ben & Jerry’s in dealing with the issues it has encountered cannot be said ethical. The company’s actions in different aspects have been pointed out to be creating discontent among its franchisees yet it did not take any responsive steps.

Current business responses to topical ethical issues and dilemmas:

The business responses have not been as desirable. The company did not take steps to be truthful to its franchisees. It did not produce correct sales figures. It did not promote the franchisees properly that made them suffer from lower profitability and customer base.


Ethical analysis has been done taking one ethical issue of Ben & Jerry’s has taken. The ethical dilemmas and the sustainability obligations in respect to this company has been covered and analysed.


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