Essay on Maths and Numeracy


This assignment requires you to write a 1000-word essay that demonstrates your understanding of
mathematics and numeracy. Your essay should be based on scholarly sources and should
integrate real-world examples.
Related learning outcomes
This assignment assesses the following unit learning outcomes:
1. Define and describe the similarities and differences between mathematics and numeracy.
2. Identify everyday phenomena that can be explained using mathematics and numeracy.

Your essay must draw upon the course materials and specifically address the following two points:
1. Define and describe mathematics. Support your discussion with one everyday phenomenon
(e.g. in nature or built environments) that can be explained using mathematics.
2. Define and describe numeracy, including at least one example of where you have used
numeracy skills in your everyday life.
Before you're ready to submit your essay, use the pre-submission checklist to ensure you've
covered all of the requirements for this essay.




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To study of mathematics is important because it uses in every stream during academic career and important after studies as well. Numeracy is similar to mathematics, but it is not complete similar. Numeracy defined as a skill to use a basis of maths in regular life.  This report will be demonstrating about the two different terms such as mathematics and numeracy.  It explains about similarity and difference between two terms. Additional, the report discusses importance of   mathematics around the world.


Discussion: 1 


Mathematics term define as the science of numbers. It is a study about logical thinking procedure to find a solution of complex problem.  The basics of mathematics are studies in school life. Mathematics studies includes some logical methods and reasoning.  The study of mathematics include principles of maths, rules, procedure, sign, equations, numbers, geometry, parametersm drawing etc.  Mathematics is huge subject, so it can separate into subsection such as numerical methods & statistics, algebra, trigonometry and probability-distribution etc.      
A numeracy invents from mathematics, it can be defined as the skills to use mathematics terms. That depends on the knowledge, interest, and skills to use maths terms.  Numeracy is essential for each person e.g.  businessman, school or college students, housewife etc. for example,  the numeracy use for prepare timetable of study and other activity,  use to allocate work at business premises and use to buy household equipment.  It depends on how we use mathematics in terms of numeracy in routine life and find the best solution to a complex situation.  It depends on how we deal with the situation and how solved that situation. (Beswick, K, 2012)
Both terms are similar to each other and differences also.  The similarity between both terms are associated with numbers, i.e. numbers are common for both term.  Still, mathematics and numeracy are not same terms. The mathematics can study from the classroom or can teach us personally, but numeracy cannot deliver by another person it needs to develop skills through mathematics.  The numeracy use in real life by people to solve the difficulty of problem or situation. There is not any principle define as express in maths. ((Tasos) Barkatsas, A., & Malone, J.2013)


Discussion: 2 


Everyone use numeracy in routine life.  The real-life example of numeracy is to purchase household equipment weekly or monthly.  In real life situation, the buyer checks the quality of a product, compare two product, check price,  asses total budget for particular and decide where it product may within budget or not.  At this situation, the buyer use skills of maths such as assess money, compare numerical value, find a difference between two products, estimate the total value of personal product whichever is within budget limit.  The mathematics technique used when purchase product and decide payment.  The example of numeracy of routine life such as cook for six people in a family. The cook needs to understand the basic of math such as measure, time, vegetable quantity, ratio of individual items etc.  (Coben, D, 2011)
That will decide about with accuracy and skills of maths.  Another example of numeracy is to manage visitor at marriage time, manage ceremony schedule, buy things related to events, tour plan, study plan, travelling plan at unknown place, project plan,  exam preparation plan,  routine exercise plan, purchase product by comparing with other product with different parameters such as price, quality, quantity,  measurement  of ingredients. Another example of numeracy is to purchase a second-hand car and send for maintenance for better performance.  In this case, numeracy requires for an estimated cost of a second-hand car, maintenance cost, quality of the car, condition, average, kilometers, usage till this day, seller cost, estimated cost and cost fix for purchase.  The best result of the car purchase is to purchase a low-cost car with less maintenance.  


Discussion 3


The mathematics can found everywhere, it can be exist in nature phenomena. For example,  peacock weather and design. This is the fundamental of maths that peacock can fly with balance through equal weight distribution of weather over the body.  It is natural things and shows the basics of maths.  The skins of zebra also an example of maths. Have anyone gone to draw equal line space in black and white contrast over the body of a zebra. This is natural architecture to express equal spaced line over the zebra body.  (Harel, G, et. Al. 2015)
Another example of birds travels from one place to another at winter season where they are flying in the sky at equal distance with equal speed.  The turtle's body shape and holes at each side prove the nature skills.  The behavior of groups of bees which travel from destination to food and food to destination in a perfect traveling path. Another natural example is to find the fern leaf or branches of a tree.  The body shape of octopus and numbers of hands is also an example of natural mathematic techniques. The shape of lemon is the example of mathematics geometry. Grow of tree and expansion of personal tree is the concept of Fibonacci series. (Willis, E, 2012)




From the reported study, we can conclude that mathematics and numeracy are similar to a certain extent but at the same time, both terms are distinct also.  The mathematics suggest the method to solve problem because numeracy is the skills to use maths term in real life problem.  Both terms are essential for social people to the entire world.  It is necessary to understand maths principle and use that principle in real life situation in order to improve maths and mind skills also.  Mathematics can found in every place, such as shape, number, parameter, nature phenomena, geometry etc. because numeracy also found in each and every term, therefore both are equally important.




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