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Please write an essay on Heart.


The heart is a muscular organ which is similar to the size of a fist. It is located behind the chest bone on the left side. With help of veins and artillery in the cardiovascular system, heart used them to pump the blood through the body. There are four chambers in the heart. 
In this system, Coronary arteries used to move with the surface of the heart to provide the oxygenated blood to the muscles of the heart. There is a large web or network of the nervous system that used to run along the heart, this produces a signal that helps in contraction and reduction of heart. There is sac that used to surround the heart, it is known as pericardium.


The heart is an important part of the body, it helps in proving the body with blood with oxygens and nutrients. It also helps in removing the unwanted waste in the body. Our heart is like a two in one pump that used to pump in blood from the right side and pump out blood to the left side. In a case when you take the food you eat and the action you take in part may drastically influence your general health heart and numerous different tissues that make up your cardiovascular framework.

Four Types of tissues present in Heart

Right Atrium: Blood is pumped from the body with the help of right atrium and then transfer it to right Ventricle.
Right Ventricle: Blood comes to right ventricle from right atrium, to load the blood with oxygen, blood is pumped to lungs. 
Left Atrium: Oxygenated blood is pumped from lungs with the help of left atrium and then it is pumped to the left ventricle. 
Left Ventricle: Left Vertical is said to be the strongest chambers of all, it helps in pumping the blood to the rest of the body with the help of veins. 

Tissues and Cells

The structure of Heart contains three different types of cardiac tissue allow it to work continuously. 
1.    Myocardium
Myocytes, the cells known as special muscular cells, make thick fleshy layers of the heart wall that is termed “Myocardium”. 
2.    Endocardium
The inner surface of Heart is known as “Endocardium”. Endocardium also includes heart valves, is a one-way path that allows the flow of blood in between the chambers of the heart. Endothelial cells are also present in Endocardium, also known as skin cells.
3.    Pericardium
There is double layered and thin pouch that used to surround the heart, and at the end of the blood vessel where the heart is attached to them. 
Cell: An essential
Every cell has its own shape and size that is suitable for its working. Those cells which used to do the same task get combined together to form body tissues such as muscles, bones or skin tissues. And because of a grouping of this different cell, major parts like heart, liver, lungs, etc. forms. Our body is made up of cells, even plant and animals or any living organism is made up of the cell. Cells are very small in size so an organ can’t be made up of one cell, a grouping of the cell is essential for making a part or organ. 

Advantages of multicellular 

The multicellular organism, as per the name, have numerous kinds of cells, while one cell organism contains just a single cell. The two kinds of living beings (Unicellular/Multicellular) are reproduced through meiosis or mitosis. Multicellular creatures, for the most part, make an abnormal state of life in the structure. In this organism, including plants and creatures, there is a more unpredictable internal layout contrasted with the unicellular organism, they depend on specialized cells and various departments of cells to perform a particular function, for example, breaking the food, send the vital electrical messages and different duties to help life. 
This refinement, which is called cell differentiation, enables multicellular living beings to take part in more complex physiological and intellectual tasks than a unicellular organism. A simple living organism like microbes can be unicellular, while the complex living organism is multicellular. There are various advantages of being multicellular rather than unicellular. There can be:
  • To grow bigger
  • Cell differentiation (with different functions having different types of cells)
  • To make the organism more complex
  •  A multicellular organism has more lifespan in comparison to the single cellular organism. Since they have a numerous number of cell, they can work more than the unicellular organism. More cells help them doing more complex jobs, which a unicellular organism can’t do. 
  • They can live in range or a variety of climate and environment which a unicellular organism can’t do.

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