Essay on Garbology

Write an essay on Garbology.

1. Introduction

It is already known that the archaeologists tend to study about the garbage, middens and also about the prehistoric garbage and refuse. Furthermore, middens are mainly the items that have been refused by the domestic households it mainly contains the broken objects and food items.
Throwing light on the above-mentioned discussion it can be said that the entire study will focus on examining a specific modern midden that is a trash container. However, for this project, a garbage can or a trash will be taken into consideration. There will be also some of the sections followed by the archaeological findings and conclusion. 

2. Discussion 

It has been greatly observed and witnessed that America is on one of the top solid waste producing countries in the entire universe (Damron-Martinez and Jackson, 2017). For this study garbage can was the midden that has been taken into account and the study took place in America itself. 

2.1 Objects that were thrown by people in the can

There were several objects that were thrown by the people in the garbage can namely: Plastic beverage bottles, aluminum can plastic bag, newspaper, cigarettes, napkins, syringes, and food leftovers. It has been noticed that most of the things that were thrown in the can be of plastic. Some of the cans were so overloaded that most of the plastic bottles and plastic bags were lying in the open area that was another bad thing because anything related to the plastic generally takes almost 450-500 years until it's gone completely. They do rot away simply but it takes a lot of years as it has been mentioned in the above-statement (Moore, 2012). 

2.2 The garbage excavation

Gloves were used when the garbage was excavated. The garbage cans that were examined for this study had more than a week's garbage inside it. However, the task was not carried out individually as teachers helped in this task for making it successful and there were also my batchmates. The garbage cans were marked in layers with the help of chalk at the regular intervals. It was also observed that the variety of garbage inside the can show some amount of change when it was left for few days while others remained the same because they were plastic. There were several methods that have been taken into account for the excavation: Digging technique for observing the layers of the soil and the effects with regards to the garbage, and mapping was also used to some extent.

2.3 The objects in the garbage that told about the people 

The objects inside the garbage can told various stories about the people who have dumped those middens. The garbologists are also like the archaeologists only difference between them is instead of studying the remains of the ancient civilizations they tend to study about the modern middens. However, the type of objects that were thrown into the garbage can reveal some of the shocking things about the people. Firstly, there are some of the objectionable objects in a garbage can that revealed that no matter what some people will always throw everything inside a garbage can even after they know the side effects. Secondly, then there were people that tend to use a lot of plastics and sometimes even dumps the plastics outside the can making the environment more polluted and unbearable. Lastly, there were some of the medical supplies that should not have been disposed of in the can it revealed that those people were educated yet so much careless.

3. Findings

The main findings after conducting the entire study were:
  • Some of the materials will decompose after 450-500 years
  • Most of the wastes inside the garbage can were not meant to be inside it as they were highly dangerous
  • Using the law of Superposition and stratigraphy the order of the events can be recreated. 

4. Story on what happened in the place

After conducting the entire study it can be said that several incidents took place here for instance, a lot of youngsters mainly the college goers must have been in this place because there were a lot of soft drinks can and plastics dumped and there were also some of the household items that must be thrown away by the housewives. There are also some of the office goers along with the teenagers who have dumped cigarettes in the can. It can be concluded that an entire can of a garbage can tell a lot of story about the people who live in that area and also about their mentality (Zimring, 2012). 

5. Conclusion 

The entire project revolved around the main subject matter that is of garbology. A study was conducted with regards to the garbage can and the materials dumped inside it. A specific area was chosen for the study and there were a lot of things that were found about the people who dumped that garbage's inside the can. The study was quite helpful as it imparted a lot of knowledge about the garbology. 

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6. References

Damron-Martinez, D., and Jackson, K. L. (2017). Connecting Consumer Behavior With Marketing Research Through Garbology. Marketing Education Review, 27(3), 151-160.
Moore, S. A. (2012). Garbage matters: Concepts in new geographies of waste. Progress in Human Geography, 36(6), 780-799.
Zimring, C. A. (2012). Encyclopedia of consumption and waste: The social science of garbage (Vol. 1). New York: Sage. 

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