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Bond of friendship

True friendship is a bond between two persons who share a common bond between each other in terms of the same set of beliefs and thoughts. In Japanese, there is a phrase, kenzoku which means family. This phrase is used to describe the bond between two people, where the commitment of thoughts is shared by each other. But friends are made by destiny. These bonds are formed due to the experiences over the long years. For being a true friend the souls have to share the basic elements of attachment, interest and respect for each other. It is a saying for true friends that they know each other more than they know themselves.

True friendship is a long lasting concept, and it will grow more and more as per the time. It is just like the seed which will flourish if we tend and care for that. So in case of true friendship, we have to understand each other deeply so that it will grow like a seed and as the time passes away it will grow into a tree.
My true friend is Jessica. We are friends since our childhood when we are just nine years old. We met with each other in school. It was my first day in my school and my teacher told me to sit with Jessica as she is the all-rounder of the class. That was the day when our friendship starts and now it is growing day by day. I never thought a day without my friend as I share each and every problem and feeling of mine with my friend, as she understands me and suggests me when I am in a problem. As we both are alike in a way so sometimes our point of view coincide with each other, but I am never worried about my relationship. 

Now as we both grew up we see each other’s rarely as we both are busy in our professional lives. She is a software engineer by profession and I am a doctor and we both lived in different cities, but on daily basis, we both do conversation with each other on the telephone, WhatsApp and hangouts whichever we find comfort in our daily busy life.
We both know our families but sometimes our opinions differ with each other on the topics like clothes, films or music. In these type of situations we freely express our views, sometimes it creates arguments between us but we never suppress each other as we both understand each other.

In my opinion, the true friendship should be sincere and a true friend should be attentive and reliable towards the friendship. As our friendship is a strength because we both understand and trust each other, by sharing opinions and feelings with each other. In the same way, all true friends have to care for each other.

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