Environment Study on Global warming

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Detailed information Students are required to apply the concepts from lectures 2- 7 to a current topic in the public domain in order to prepare students for their team projects.
Students will be given a newspaper article that has a topic focus of socially



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Global warming is the incidence in which the average air temperature is increased near the earth surface that is taking place for the last one to two centuries. Since the mid twentieth century Climatologists accumulated comprehensive inspection of different weather phenomena like storms, temperatures and precipitation and factors that shower impact on climate like the chemical composition of atmosphere and currents of ocean.  These data pictures that since the beginning of the geologic time scale the climate of the mother earth has changed and specially human activities has affected the earth since industrial revolution has taken place. The economics in the context of global warming specifies some policies that governments might take in hand. There are various which make this a problem from both of the political and economic views, which is a intergenerational long term problem.


Analysis and evaluation of the chosen article

To turn away catastrophic climate change like storms, floods, droughts, famines, global warming  is not in our hand but we can beat this with seven megatrends.
Plant based meat- with a small environmental impression
In words of Hutton (2010), Carbon dioxide emitted from the burning fossil fuels is the major greenhouse gas. Apart from this two other gases like nitrous oxide and methane are influential source of global warming e.g. - livestock farming which includes cattle belching, their manure. The reason behind this more cattle production is the need for meat and milk because as the income of the people rises, appetite is also increasing in a very fast grade. So to beat up global warming people need to change their food manner. In words of Jenkins (2008), in this regard plant based food or in detail plant based meat is the alternative and of course a way better and also environment friendly comparing to some food products of animal based food.
In words of Hall (2014), protein ingredients derived from plants when use to make food product is regarded as the plant- based food. It is thought to be a substitute some of the animal meat products. These food products are designed in such a way which has the color, taste, mouth feel, texture and aroma almost similar to the cut meat from an animal. Examples of vegetarian meat can be extracted from the isolates of pea protein, from yeast, soya milk etc. this buzz is still particular in United States. Bill Gates, the former CEO of Microsoft has also sponsored two burger Companies that are plant based. Eric Schmidt, who is the former CEO of Google, also take believes in plant-based foods that are give positive impact on environmental issues like global warming. Major dairy and meat companies like Nestle, Tyson, Danone are now gathering with their acquisitions and investments. Even some Israeli companies got offer of $300million from the Chinese government for the production of meat that is grown in a lab. But this procedure has not implemented on a large scale, is under trial and error period


Use of renewable energy

As opined by Neuman (2011), fossil fuels are the non renewable source of energy and also have an impact on the biodiversity. So Instead of fossil fuels using renewable energy can reduce climate change in a better manner. There are many sources of renewable energy such using using solar, biomass, water, geothermal and wind power .in case of Geothermal energy heat is constantly coming out from the inside of the earth and this heat is used for the production of large amount of electricity. These sources of energies will never run out and can be constantly replenished. The more technology improves, the more cost will reduce and more people will use this renewable energy. As a result non renewable energy sources will become expensive. Though China is the leading country but the impact is enjoyed around the world. Like in Germany the customers even got free electricity due to the production of large wind power.


Coal -the filthiest fossil fuels

Developing countries like India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Sri Lanka et cetera are now searching for the energy sources that are repetitive and inexhaustible instead of coal. But Coal is the non renewable energy source. As mentioned by Manni (2007), hence to complement the utilization of coal some renewable energy sources like wind, water et cetera are used that can reduce the risk of interrupted power supply. These wind and solar power energy are cheaper in compare to new coal. A situation is expected to happen in the near future like around 2030 to 2040 that the cost of running existing coal plants won't be cheaper any more than the production of renewable energy sources.
Era of Electric vehicle 
Third of all global energy is gained through oil. Some of the countries like UAE is totally depend upon this oil industry.  Oil is used to run Vehicles, and as result combustion takes place producing various greenhouse gases and other particulate matters which pollutes air badly. Until recently oil is not mandatory rather more eco friendly electric cars or battery powered cars has come to the market and this concept moreover reduces the air pollution. China is the leading country in this perspective. They are selling the equal amount of electric cars combined to Europe and United States per month. Tesla, a united states based company is recently designing their more affordable model 3 of electric cars. Even international car maker company like Volvo, land rover and jaguar are also thinking to declare that they will end up i making fossil fuel based cars in the near three or four years. The electric cars also provide the facility of GPS navigation in the over crowded cities from India to Paris in the future. But there is still a problem for heavy cars. Engineers are experimenting to run a ship with renewable batteries and wind powers for getting intermittent service.


Batteries keeps a good storage

As opined by Hatch (2006), batteries, store energy when the sun goes down or other cases, is a renewable source of energy give us long fuel energy to run the specially cars, electronics, phones, phones and various portable devices. At this stage of eco friendly and renewable energy alternatives batteries need to be long lasting and should work efficiently. A megatrend is falling for lithium ion battery .An experiment is being carried out at The University of Illinois located at Chicago, United States by using some authentic materials like Magnesium ions. By using this ion the battery life can be expanded. Another country Japan has been running on a project of making dual-carbon battery which has 20 times faster charge rate than batteries made up of lithium ion. Solid-state batteries are a recent introduction in the market. In words of Desai (2014), this battery relay on conductive solid material rather than liquid materials and minerals. Toyota is trying to make their cars using these technologies in the recent years.
This means rather than relying on liquid minerals and materials to store the energy, the battery uses a conductive, solid material. Toyota has been scrambling to work out the kinks in this technology to have it ready for commercialization as early as the 2020s. Renewable battery technology is developing every day. And it is highly important to remain updated to the recent developments.


Increasing battery efficiency

In words of Mummalaneni (2014), boosting battery efficiency is in high demand. In the European Union countries, efficiency has improved by 20% since the year 2000 in the field of transport, homes, and industry. On the other hand it is much important in the standardization of gadgets and other appliances. A sector which is still underdeveloped in energy efficiency is the industry, but a process or technology of capturing and sequestering carbon dioxide from plants is being tested and cleaning up at the time of cement-making is also getting explored.

Forestation is the urgent need 
In word of Bocken (2015), the biggest megatrend is cutting down forests for the purpose of farming, ranching, making high rise building and for several other causes. 10 % of the greenhouse gases like hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, nitrous oxide, ozone, chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs, Sulphur hexafluoride, per fluorocarbons et cetera are emitted by this process. And the annual loss of tree is has just been doubled since 2000. This causes flooding. So in this regard people have to start forestation immediately. In the same timeframe government of Brazil and Indonesia invested $276 billion. New research has proven that almost a third of all the carbon emission what the world needs could be provided by a good land management. In this purpose forestation is not only done theoretically but is being done practically in countries like china, south Korea, India. These countries have thought to remove 12 billion tonnes of Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Theoretical perspective
Corporate governance theory
In words of Acker (2014), corporate governance broadly mentions to the mechanisms, rules and relations, processes and practices. Through this system a company is controlled and directed. Corporate government substantially requires an adjustment in the interests of a firm's management, suppliers, shareholders, customers, financiers, management, community and the government. The model of corporate governance is based upon three pillars which are as follows- accountability, security and transparency.
To run a company all the three pillars are very much important. So every corporation besides maintaining corporate governance must fulfill their concerns about the environment and global warming and must show possible positive outcome. Diverse facets are discussed in the above mentioned report. If any firm goes through these megatrends, they will supposedly get the credibility for this work. 
Global commerce theory
As mentioned by Beinhocker (2008), in the nineteenth century global commerce theory spread by a theorist named Vilfredo Pareto. This Pareto distribution model tells us about the 80 to 20 theories. In this theory 20% of the population has 80% of wealth. Beinhocker also summarizes an idea that economies grows up even in the most elementary of societies without any of the infrastructure or influence of today. As mentioned by Tsoukas (2001), global economies have developed from simple resource trade that is based upon the supply of economies. This global or international commerce give allowance to the countries in taking competitive advantages in some areas and lowers the disadvantages in certain areas. In words of Singe (2000),  International chamber of commerce and the world trade organization have been set up to regulate selling and buying among the countries in the international level. In this context the specific country after getting advantages expands its growth and should comply with the world trade organization in the perspective of global environment issue and with other environmental concerns and the outcome must not harm the Mother Nature. If any of this affect environment there should be instant corporate changes. Manifold aspects are discussed in the chosen article. This report shows the trustworthiness of the work done. 


Critical evaluation

It is now a controversial issue if these megatrends fair enough to overcome the adversities of climate change. Opinions vary person to person. According to Anderson all such megatrends may be possible, he being a pessimist thinks that action will be taken on the context of global warming. He also adds to that this is not enough to use electric vehicles and various renewable energies as stated above but all we need to close down the industry of fossil fuel too if we want to reduce greenhouse gases causing global warming. On the other hand Stern is a way optimistic thinker and says that it is just a realization that green economy growth can be a optioned as long term option.



Trillion dollar investments are induced for the quick paced global megatrends. The megatrends includes plant based meat alternative product, renewable energy sources like water, geothermal, air et cetera, mass market electric cars, reducing coal based energy, highly efficient batteries, increasing energy efficiencies and forestation. Each and every organization keep maintain at least two theories namely corporate governance theory and global commerce theory, along with this they should be compliance with the environmental outcomes such as global warming and they must show reliability to their work.



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