Employee training program and preparing them for system changeover

Describe your plans for training employees and preparing them for system changeover.

1. Introduction

ERP application approach in Brewton business can help to accomplish their organisational operation in proper manner. Employees training in relation to ERP application is discussed in this study with reference to the scheduling of training requirements and activities along with training organization and project budget preparation. Process of project approval is also demonstrated in this critique.

2. Scheduling of training activities

In order to conduct training on ERP implementation to the employees, proper scheduling of the tasks and requirements of training needs to be implemented. In order to train the employees, proper training planning needs to be done, this requires the following activities:

2.1 ERP training scope 

A proper introduction to ERP with the concerned goals and objectives along with training overview needs to be delivered to employees. In the view of Ford (2014), proper communication can help to understand the goal and objective of ERP in a concrete manner. 

2.2 Offerings of training 

Concerned parameters of the ERP system needs to be specified to employees, with considering training approach, types, schedule, curricula and groups with information on logistics. 

2.3 Responsibilities and roles 

Responsibilities and roles of the staffs need to be properly described in relation to evaluation, preparation and conduction of training.

2.4 Contingency Plan 

Different anticipated plans of contingency can be identified with providing details for each contingency in relation to its plan.

2.5 Designing of training material 

Proper standards, guidelines and design for training materials need to be developed, in order to prepare the training on ERP. 

3. Resource requirement in training

An expert or trainer, who has proper and concrete knowledge of ERP, is required to involve in the training session of employees, as they can resolve issues, which might encounter by employees. On the other hand, according to Sung & Choi (2014), knowledge of employees can be enhanced with approaching live scenario training, as they can see the major challenges while working with ERP software applications.
As employees in Brewton business are from different departments and thus playing different roles and responsibilities, therefore, groups can be formed with having similar roles and responsibilities, with delivering them through training in relation to the individual role.
In order to understand the concept of ERP, PC is required, as it will help them to understand the working mechanism through computers. CD-ROM based PC can be approached to help them understand with interactive media. Internet will be required in order to understand ERP concepts through video, using a VCR and online websites.

4. Organizing of training

In order to help the employees, a senior and expert trainer will be approached, which can help the employees to solve the queries, related to training of ERP. In the opinion of Karodia, Cowden & Kum (2014), time management is required properly in order to manage the training session.
A training session of 2 hours can be approached on 1st and 3rd day of each week, which will not distort the organisational operational time. Practical sessions need to be approached, in order to review the understanding of employees towards ERP. Reviewing of ERP concept through employees view can help to identify barriers and thus to resolve the issues in the upcoming session of training. 

5. Preparation of project budget

ERP training needs to be properly approached by the trainers and human resource management of Brewton, as it is necessary for the employees to understand the concept before the implementation of change in system procedures and working mechanism. On the other hand, Brewton Business needs to allocate budget on ERP training, in order to access it in the proper manner. 
Resources  Budget 
Software  $26,500
IV&V $18,000
Hardware  $5,000
Network  $600
Team Implementation  $162,132
Facility  $2,225
O&M $58,000
Security  $5,000
PC $400
Subtotal $27,7,357

6. Approval process of project

In order to gain the approval of the concerned project of ERP, the planning needs to be concrete. The concerned planning on ERP needs to be conveyed to the higher authority, CEO of Brewton Business, Mark Brewton. In order to gain the approval of business planning needs to be concrete with the delivery of impact on the organisational functions, along with productivity, finance, logistics and other departments. According to Amin et al. (2014), approval of a project depends on the impact of the project, which will be on the organization.
All the other departments need to be engaged in terms of approval of the project, with proper discussion and analysation. Budget needs to be estimated based on the assumptions of project implementation. With proper discussion and engagement of different employees and managers, approval of project goes with the majority and influence of the concerned project on organization.

7. Feedback

In-house performance, along with appropriate communication and documentation can help to enhance organizational productivity. However, proper monitoring is also required in terms of the implementation of the project.  Along with change management, Brewton Business needs to approach a risk management plan, which can help in terms of crisis or failure of the concerned project.
Apart from load testing, performance tests, and regression testing in terms of gaining high standard performance, a training session needs to be developed on monthly basis, which can help to identify the barriers, which can be faced by employees while working with change.  

8. Conclusion 

Training of employees on ERP application can help to gain employees productivity with reference to understanding systems in a proper manner. In order to execute the training to employees, proper resources of training are needed. Training can help the employees to understand the concept of ERP in a proper manner with proper identification of barriers and resolving the encountered issues.

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