Electrical Engineering


Question: Electrical Engineering


ANSWER A:  In both the papers etching is used because of its versatile nature as the MEMs fabrication processes but the difference is that in the paper silicon as a mechanical material, other processes are also used with the process of etching like epitaxial process, thermo-migration process and field assisted thermal bonding process because the purpose is to alter the prevalent perception of miniature components. Whereas in the bulk paper micromachining of silicon, wet etching is used with different phases like isotropic wet etching, vapor-phase etching, and plasma-phase etching because the purpose is to remove the eloquent amount of silicon. 
ANSWER B: the applications which are highlighted in the paper bulk micromachining silicon are usage of interhalogen etches, method of high aspect ratio dry etching and the applications which are highlighted in the paper silicon as a mechanical material are the continuous development of mechanical material, fabrications are being taken from the industry of semiconductor, processing techniques of low temperature like plasma-phase etching, disk storage technology, IC fabrication for the laser etching. Therefore, the given applications are being highlighted in both the papers.
ANSWER C: The applications in both the papers differ because in the bulk paper micromachining of silicon wet etching is used as a method of fabrication process because the purpose is to remove the eloquent amount of silicon from substrates, so the applications are used according to their techniques. Whereas in the paper silicon as a mechanical material different process of etching are used in order to alter the prevalent perception of miniature components, so the applications are used accordingly. And the difference is reflected in the manufacturing process because their objective or purpose are different which they want to achieve.
ANSWER D: The most promising application for MEMs in 2014-2020 can be the growth in the ‘global automotive’ MEMs sensors. It is expected that by the year 2020, it will expand around four percent in market coverage (Electroiq.com, 2016). Moreover, it is expected that MEMs will cover all the five senses, namely, sight (Image sensor, mirco-displays), balance (Inertial devices), hearing (microphones), smell (Gas Sensors), taste (Humiditiy sensors and electronic tongue), pressure (pressure sensors), and touch (force and touch sensors) (Bosch Seminar, 2015). 


ANSWER A: MEMs estimated that their market size would increase by 12 percent till 2020. MEMs wanted to grow in the area of telecommunications and medical devices the sensors can be used in laparoscopic devices, and this can be controlled by the personnel while checking the patients. The techniques of optical switching will enable the MEMs to grow in the area of telecommunications. And this will lead to increase in the market share. And this would help the MEMs manufacturers to sustain the business. (Purlmutter, 2016)
ANSWER B: MEMs are very different from micro-nanotechnology and the fields of MEMs are nano-electromechanical systems and nanotechnology. MEMs are also called as micromachines. The MEMs use semiconductor devices in order to make electronics. And MEMs will grow in the fields of telecommunication and medical devices with the help of technology. The expected growth is due to the three major features of MEMs, namely, development of microstructures that have challenging dimensions at the scale of nanometers, effective development of the mechanical parts that contribute to the motions and mechanical resonance, and the effective manipulation of electrical signals through various mechanisms.


ANSWER: The world -wide market size for integrated circuits is 18.3 percent more as compared it to the MEMs market size. Silicon integrated circuits and silicon micro-sensors were invented around the same time in the 1960s but the silicon integrated circuits are etched with the electronic circuit by using the techniques of photography. When the magnitude is affected by the mechanical stress, then that impact is known as piezoresistive effect. This causes inaccuracy. The main motive of this effect is to show the techniques which reduce the mechanical stress. This effect can be applied on structures of mechanical censor. (Feng, 2016)
Whereas, the impact of piezoresistive effect on micro silicon sensor is it reduces the negative impact on the sensors, and it is used to fabricate the elements of stress sensing. There are some reasons that could explain the difference in the market size. As silicon micro sensors have progressed so much from the past 30 years but there some of the dimensions of micro silicon sensors have not downsized with the time and the reduction of those dimensions cannot be done now, but the efforts are being made to downsize them. The thin film metal materials also raised which became the reason for integrated circuits to have a more market share than the micro silicon sensors. The usage of wet etching is also increasing by the industries, and this resulted in the difference in the market share of integrated circuits and silicon market share.


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