Effect of E-Technology on Social Life

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How e-technologies have changed modern social life and how suppliers of such technologies have sought to overcome the threats and risks associated with these technologies.


While looking back at digital technology and electronics technology 15 years prior, it is unbelievable to see firsthand that what we have done. The Society realized this new technology would come, however never figured it would be here where everyone and her grandma have some form. Although it's quite confusing that numerous individuals despise this new age where technology is ubiquitous and is taking it. The greater part of them who are not attached to electronic or computerized technology dependably demoralize saying that it "causes an absence of social aptitudes", it is a "consistent diversion" and occasionally it turns into a "compulsion" Has the potential. The area of electronics can be extensively separated into three noteworthy sub-segments, PCs, communication and control. For all intents and purposes, each electronic application can be classified as one of these three divisions. The biggest area as far as sales of services and equipment’s and a number of representatives are the field of computer. This is the smallest of the three. The communications business is the second biggest and most indisputably one of the oldest as far as size since electronics really began with radio communication. The smallest control area is identified with the progression and regulating of computer equipment and software design utilized by the computer sector for business, industry and government handling, storage and recovery of information. The communication sector is identified with the electronic hardware utilized for the exchange of data between at least two digits. This data can be voice, TV pictures, PC information or some other type of electronic data. The control entered is identified with electronic parts and different sorts of electronic segments and circuits, which is used to control lights, heating components, electric engines and different gadgets. Even though there are three separate fields: PC, communication, and control, many applications additionally integrate the utilization of two or every one of the three subjects. For instance, PCs are generally connected with control frameworks to computerize production lines and plants. There is similarly a portion of numerous PC networks that enable them to trade information. Furthermore, the advancements of control and communication are regularly added to the remote task.
Mobile, phone, radio and TV, is the most recent in a progression of technical innovation in relational correspondence, it combines the inventive highlights of its predecessors, for example, connecting great distance and broadly contacting crowds. Moreover, the Internet also has novel features, which are the most applicable, which are relative anonymity that is given to clients and there is an arrangement of group location in which other individuals meet with similar qualities and interests. We keep the internet in its historical setting, and after that inspect the impacts of the Internet use on the client's mental prosperity, individual relationship, social identity and group membership, work environment, and group contribution on the development and support. The confirmation brings up that these impacts are subject to special objectives, which associate with clients like self- expression, connection, or rivalry - like they collaborate with the special characteristics of internet communication in essential ways. 

Effect of E-Technology on Social Life

E-Technology was also known as electronic- technology used to cover a vast area of IS/IT and ICT which are used with the network design support of the Extranet Intranet and Internet to assist the activities of the organization, business or personal activities. This included technology like mail, ERP, E-business or E-commerce and many more. Firstly, I want to state that technology isn't really ruining our lives, however, it surely affects how we can express our emotions and feelings while face-to-face conversation, instead of DM or texting and showing them how you feel about them. According to a research by PEW, teenagers of America whose age is between 12-17 used to send approx. 50 messages a day. 66% of individuals reviewed by the Center's Internet and American Life Projects say that as opposed to utilizing their mobile phones, rather than conversing with them or conversing with the face, rather than talking, they will probably utilize cellphones. (AMANDA LENHART, 2015) 54% said that they text their friends once in a day, yet just 33% said that they used to do conversation with their companions regularly once a day. Inconsistency with the Kaiser Family Foundation, the Pew Research Center found that Americans between the age of 8 and 18 spent a normal of 7 hours daily utilizing a few kinds of electronic gadgets, from which advanced mobile phones to iPods to the PC and iPad. 
In the last five years, the utilization of technology in the household use of an average family has increased significantly more than four hours. 80% of teenagers have at least one media working in e-technology. There is a wide multitasking related to media use (broadly utilized for texting and listening in to music on Mp3 players while doing homework, for instance). It is especially a case of worry that the utilization of TV in kids is expended. From 2004 to 2009, TV and video use are three to five hours for each day, which happens between the ages of 11 to 14 years, a basic period for the social improvement of kids. 24% of them used to chat with friends through messaging. 25% percent of friends used to communicate with each other using social media and 12% of them uses email. 
A few people contend that technology assumes a positive role on society by giving alternatives to social collaboration and making companions on the web, in any case, through a "bulletin boards, chat room and many other services", Jean-Francois Coget and Yamaguchi Yutake wrote in their paper," There are lots of dangerous people who are looking for youth for fraud activities.  The capacity to utilize each and every data known about somebody without the realizing that they are acting in a malicious activity at that point there is the possibility of being on the Internet while Coget and Yutake guaranteed that "Internet transparency, certainty, and It can expand the sentiment simplicity and solace in managing others. (Bargh & McKenna, 2004)
The Internet can likewise give openings by liberating individuals who are baffled to lead a social life in reality, "It is extremely unfortunate to make and keep up your online social connections.

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E-Technology & Security

As the technology grows, so additionally in our lives. We are presently experiencing a daily reality such that technology develops and incorporates with most parts of our lives. By controlling most of our home's belonging, in a matter of seconds, with the capacity to get a boundless measure of data; Technology, and maybe more particularly, the Internet is around us.  Similarly, life-sustaining occasions, a counter-advancement process is occurring. The person who needs to take our data, can harm us and reduce the personal satisfaction. With each newly specialized advancement, somebody is endeavouring to cut it down or utilize it for a malicious, alternative purpose.  One of the major problem using E-Technology is privacy. Privacy is an essential right since it is a fundamental condition for different rights, for example, freedom and individual self-sufficiency. Along these lines, there is an association between mystery, opportunity and human pride. To regard the protection of a man, such a man needs to acknowledge the privilege of opportunity and perceive that individual as a self-ruling individual.

Threats and Solution

Our electronic gadgets are a major part of our lives today, it is hard to imagine what we did once without them. But, keeping in contact, paying bills, remaining over the news, shops and research related subjects has a negative impact: Our information can be presented to criminals who used to commit cybercrimes like data fraud and Mastercard extortion. The explanation behind our developing reliance on electronic gadgets is that careers are expanding quickly in digital security. Employment in Information Security, Web Development and Computer Network Architecture - For the situation of Cyber Security, the initial three areas are expected to grow around 22% during the year of 2010 and 2020. Understanding the threats can help everybody make their activity less demanding. As per specialists, here are five best E-Technology threats and tips on the best way to ensure themselves against them. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012). Here are some of the threats and their solution: 
1. Cyberbullying: As indicated by Internetsafety101.org, 90 percent of young people taking an interest in web-based social networking have seen bullying, and 33% themselves are casualties of cyberbullying, web-based social networking and web-based games are the present virtual play area, and this is the place There is a considerable measure of digital threat. For instance, kids can be kidded via web-based networking media trades or, in internet diversions, they or their "player characters" can be subjected to continuous assault, the game must be changed into an inventive explorer in a mortifying test. (Pridgen, 2009)
Solution: Manufacturers and sellers today have implemented a new feature to overcome this problem and this feature is Kid Mode, whether its TV, Mobile or PC. 
2. Malware and Bots:  There are different sorts of malware in which there are interesting properties and attributes and among them, the virus is the most widely recognized kind of malware, and it is characterized as a malicious program that can execute itself and spread different projects or documents by contaminating them. A worm might be a sort of malware that can auto-imitate without a host program; Worm usually spread without the guidelines of any human contact or malware authors. Trojan Horse is also a part of malicious program family intended to show as an authentic program; Once actuated underneath establishment, Trojan can execute their vindictive errands. (Marinescu, et al., 2005)
Solution: To overcome this problem, manufacturer or sellers already have initiated a step toward installing System Security features in PC, Laptops, Mobile, Smart TV and many more products related to E-Technology. 
3. A secure connection for checkout (SSL): Internet is also a form of E-Technology so there are lots of threats and vulnerabilities regarding financial transaction over the web or private communication. Very few people know that internet used to work on HTTP protocol to transmit data to the facilitating server from the client's program; its nature isn't safe to exchange the HTTP secure data, this is mainly because it doesn’t use to implement any kind of encryption in the data that is being transmitted. It keeps your eCommerce site clients helpless before hackers on a similar network, sniffing for the data being sent. It might CC information, passwords, and addresses. 
Solution: HTTPS is the solution for this which uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which used to encrypt the data being communicated. (Das & Samdaria, 2014)


It is clear from the discussion that E-Technology is a part of everyone’s life in a different type. The use of modern technologies requires a broad understanding of the reality of the change in the community. Thus, with the presence of user awareness programs being monitored by these organizations, concrete efforts are needed for the concerted effort through full cooperation in all the areas of the society, in government institutions, and to ensure and keep it safe. Future generation adopted by the family to use modern technique.


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