Drugs Across Cultures


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Exchange enables to build the social and dynamic relationships in the society. In a same way exchange of the drugs and heroin also help in building the social hierarchy in the market and society. Exchange of cigarette and heroine in the marketplace is mainly dependent on the behavior of the individual (Murphy et al., 2017). That is the market condition is heavily depended on the behavior rather than demand and supply.
Drugs market are basically animated and governed by the behavior of the actors prevailing in the market. Exchange of the drugs and heroine in the marketplace builds the social connection and changes the behavior of the general public who are involved in the exchange system. Dwyer, R clearly pointed out that the behavior of the actor in the marketplace is constituted through the social relations and power differentials. Which helps in building the cultural understandings in the society.
Exchanging of the cigarette with the heroine in the marketplace will create a more social relation in the society. An analysis shows that ethnographic method of research will provide more accurate output. As it increases the social connection with the participants as well as with the market actors (Orrico, L.A., 2015).
Melbourne, Australia is the largest marketplace in regards to an exchange of drugs and cigarettes. Through the ethnographic research method, the deep insight of the market actors and a system can be gained. The best and appropriate method of investigating the drug market is the ethnographic research methodology. As it will enable to understand the social consequences of the marketplace activity. 
The main problem in investigating the drug market in obtaining the relevant and most appropriate information of the market. So this can be solved only by the sound market research that is through adopting the ethnographic market research.
Through the ethnographic research, it was found that social relation shapes the drugs exchange method and exchange of the drugs shapes the social relation in the society. 
As per the Davis, he argued that exchange is very important in the marketplace in order to create the social hierarchy. Exchanging the cigarette in the marketplace is a vehicle through which status and degree of respect of an individual can be examined.
A maximum number of cigarette dealers are from the Vietnamese. Maximum number of the customer are not Asian based. Most of the customer are African. A marketplace of the cigarette exchange is been dominated by the Vietnamese dealers. Vietnamese customer is of an Aussie category. Aussie category implies that customer who is a mix of Anglo-Celtic and belongs to second generation southern/ eastern European (Fraser et al., 2017). That is most of the customer of Vietnamese are those who belong to Southern or Eastern European background, they don't have an Asian background. 
Over the period near about 123 dealers are from the Vietnamese out of the 300 dealers of the cigarette exchange. Most of the dealers use to consume heroin daily. Dealers use to divide the heroin into a smaller portion for resale and take a small portion for their personal use and consumption. Dealers are involved in the business of drug exchange since near about five to ten years.
Through the exchange of the cigarette and drugs, one can make the stranger as a friend. As already discussed that exchange use to build the social hierarchy in the society. 
Using drugs daily may increase the addiction. Addiction of drugs changes the social life of an individual and it also affects the social connection in the society. 
In order to gain the entry into the market process of cigarette, exchange seems to be a feasible option. As it will create the social hierarchy and social connection with the market actors. It will also lead to increase the trust and belongings (Fitzgerald et al., 2015).
Through the continuous exchange of the cigarette, it will make the tobacco the communal property. The continuous exchange also makes the individual drugs addicted.




In the end, it can be concluded that exchange plays an important role in the society. As it builds the social hierarchy system in the society. Social behavior and connection shape the market conditions. In the same manner exchange of the cigarette also shapes the social behavior of the individual in the market. Exchange of cigarette in the marketplace will enable the researcher to find the deep insight of the marketplace. It will also enable the researcher to find out the most relevant information behind the drugs supply and exchange. For conducting the drugs market investigation ethnographic research methodology is found very feasible. As it will lead to entry into the market in best possible manner.
Social relationship directly affects the market condition and price of the drugs. But social relation plays an important role in the exchange of the drugs and cigarette in the marketplace.




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