Developing Curriculum for Health and Wellness Program

Key Topics

Explain the process of constructing a curriculum and then describe that process in the context of developing a curriculum for health and wellness programs in the assisted living facility.


Answer curriculum design is a process of critical questioning to frame learning and teaching. 
The process of constructing or developing the curriculum- constructing the curriculum for the assisted living facility that is for health and wellness program (Browing et al., 2007).


The first step determines your target audience-  here it is very important to know who is the target audience here in this case the people who are living in the assisted living facility are been targeted.

The second step develops goals and objectives- it is the heart of the content. Goals should be the statement which should describe what the assisted living member be able to learn and how they can get the true and relevant information about the wellness program.
Goals- Member of assisted living be able to understand the importance of health and wellness program. And how they can contribute to taking various precaution to save themselves from the communicable diseases while living in the assisted living facility.
Objectives- the member will share their knowledge about the communicable diseases and how to be preventive.
Objective- they will also tell their nutrient chart that eating habit and lifestyle.
Both the goals and objectives are measurable.

Third step choosing instructional strategy there are many types of instruction to be used beyond lecturing such as demonstrating or role play or group discussion. Here, in this case, presenting the case of health and wellness issues and how to be preventive can be adapted to make the assisted living member aware about the health and wellness issues (Mihalko et al., 2003). Providing demonstration relating to First Aid and conducting the workshop on the First Aid will be better to convey the awareness and knowledge.

Fourth step considering the logistics here planning about where and when and how the training is to be delivered and how to be delivered. Planning of required material such as First Aid materials, nutrient ion charts, and medicine is to arrange in advance to make the awareness. 

Fifth step developing assessments keeping in line with the previous example, an assessment for the assisted living member who learns how to be safe and preventive from the communicable disease. This will enhance the effectiveness of the program.

Final and sixth step evaluating the effectiveness it is also very much essential to collect the feedback from the assisted living member so as to make sure that program is effective and delivered in the right manner. Evaluating that whether the assisted living member gained the importance and how to be preventive while living at the assisted living facility. Proper feedback should be gathered.  For improvement in the next time if lacking anything.

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Browning, D. M., Meyer, E. C., Truog, R. D., & Solomon, M. Z. (2007). Difficult conversations in health care: cultivating relational learning to address the hidden curriculum. Academic Medicine, 82(9), 905-913.
Mihalko, S. L., & Wickley, K. L. (2003). Active living for assisted living: Promoting partnerships within a systems framework. American journal of preventive medicine, 25(3), 193-203.

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