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My previous assignments were related to problem identification of the company I was asked to deal with and I got those assignments done through Sara Chapman. But this time its more related to providing solution to that company.So after analyzing the problem I am suppose to provide a solution to the problem encountered in the company and for that I need to contact with some vendors to make an application for the company. In this assignment, I have to compare the vendors regarding contracts, costs, workflow, and artifacts.



1.    The organization, for a while, has been facing trouble in finding the right software solutions for its business. It had laid down its requirements, narrowed out the available options as well as compared different systems, however nothing seems to be working. Therefore, the solutions proposed by the expert committee includea wide range of steps from handling sensitive data for outsourcing IT architecture to implement the critical procedures required for enhancing the business processes. These software solutions can be immensely helpful in addressing costs, benefits, risks and return of investment. So, the organization is virtually ready to implement the enhanced and smart software solutions with a holistic approach. provides the students with high-quality software engineering assignment help and support from highly qualified and experienced writers. If you suffer from writing your assignments, then let our civil engineering assignment help helper assist you with the quality solutions that you always desire. By taking our computer engineering assignment help  the students can score their desired grades without taking any tension or stress.

2.    The basic requirements of the company right now are to implement out of the box software solutions that provide the following options for it:

  • The company needs to change the mechanism with which it will work towards accommodating new technology.

  • Utilizing the customized software solutions to meet the company’s needs and processes.

  • Making required investments in the development of custom software solutions that would be tailor-made for supporting the company.

Sometimes, the accommodation of software technology could bring out changes that are too radical, inconvenient and may impact the business negatively. So, if the changed software is disruptive, then it is always recommended to customize it and should be implemented in a way that would not make it untenable (Krueger, 2001).
3.    In order to implement the above customized software solutions, it is very important to weigh the vendor viability so that it could provide the organization with a sufficient information for differentiation(Li, Cheng, Zhang, & Tong, 2013). So, the following important steps were taken to ensure the effective viability of vendors:

  • A high degree of market understanding displayed by the vendors is the indicative of its vision and that it understands our exact needs and demands.

  • Sales and marketing strategy for selling their software indicate their credibility and the depth of their market reach, skills and expertise.

  • Software product offering strategy is crucial as it focuses on differentiation, functions, features and methodologies.

  • Innovative approach indicates proper exploitation of resources and expertise for competitive advantage.

  • Overall viability allows a deep insight for assessing the vendor’s financial health that in turn indicative of the continuity of best software manufacturing.

  • The vendor’s market responsiveness as well as track record.

4.    Risks are always associated with the organizations as no strategy is a fool-proof strategy that is a guarantee of high investment returns. However, it is also not suffice to take leap of faiths and to overlook some simple, effective and smart ways in order to minimize the risks and costs(Zhai& Lafferty, 2006). So, in this organization the experts, having conducted an investigative analysis, came up with the following set of risk minimizing steps:

  • Being cash conscious to address improper cash-flow management in the organization.

  • To insure against some of the specific risks that can go a long way to improve the financial status of the organization.

  • With the change of strategies and software solutions    , the insurance is also needed to be changed.

  • The key people of the organization should also be insured by reviewing policies either quarterly or half yearly basis.

  • The risk minimization in the organization also allows the use of contractual indemnification clauses.

  • Creation of separate entities.

5.    Keeping in mind that there is a range of custom software engineering services, we have a variety of options available with us, which include – native applications, Web applications and Hybrid applications. So we have the following options:

  • Software and App Development: it ranges from on-premise, a web or a mobile solution for the business of the company. It apparently prefers those custom software firms that builds internal business solutions along with testing, prototyping and building the software products.

  • Enterprise Solutions and Integration: these are fairly complicated solutions to utilize, thus ERP or CRM software solutions are necessary. It is very important for them to integrate these solutions for realizing their full potential (Gold-Bernstein&Ruh, 2004).

  • Project Rescue Solutions: these software solutions are used in the event of failure of project implementation. It allows the firms in analyzing as to what went wrong along with helping fix unforeseen issues such as nasty bugs.

  • Supplementary IT resources: these resources are helpful for the short-term or one-off project requiring high skilled professionals who could greatly augment the information technology infrastructure of a company.  

6.    What was expected from the expert committee, was a provision for a whole reviewed draft of important documents stating very crucial aspects of the organization. The cost included cost of purchase, cost of installation, cost of operation as well as maintenance(Dinoor, 2010). Application Development Agreement, contracts and copyright assignment. 

7.    As far as workflow is concerned, the following crucial steps have been identified by the organization:

  • Identification of the problem and points of entries and barriers.

  • Designing of a layout regarding the organization’s required customized software solutions.

  • Testing and assessing the applicability, performance and effectiveness of the new software solutions.

  • Creating the opportunity to identify the problems and challenges arising second time.

  • Deployment of the software solutions.

  • Implementation and monitoring the activities by including process as a part of routine.    

8.    In order to make vendor analysis, the expert committee evaluated and rated each of the vendors against one another as per the weighted criteria and the results were used to generate a magic quadrant (Roodhooft, &Konings, 1997). Then the vendors’ positions and ratings became comprehensively clear along with the new developments in the market. In the end, the internal peer review as well as validation was done. The vendor analysis, so performed with the help of magic quadrant, provided us the crucial information of vendors in the form of – leaders, challengers, visionaries and niche players.

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