Critical Reflection of Development of Nursing Care





Write reflection using a recognised model to demonstrate how the exploration of the creative representation will enable your future practice to be authentic to your values and beliefs.


Use of creativity in profession is essential for improving quality of the services offered by a professional. Use of creativity in regular works done by a professional can boost quality of the work to a great extent (Ivcevic, 2009). The nurses have to deal with a number of patients and face several complex situations as part of their daily activities. Therefore, use of creativity is important for these professionals in order to manage the complex situations effectively. The current discussion deals with use and implications of creativity in the regular works for the nursing professionals. The instances related to use of creativity in nursing works are also included in this discussion.

Impact of creative reflection on future values and beliefs:

The creative reflection often impacts on the future activities of an individual (White et al.2016). However, the creative reflection also enables the nursing professionals to incorporate their values and beliefs to their activities. The creative reflection ensures that the professionals are maintaining authenticity in their works. To understand, how creativity helps the individual to be authentic to own values and faiths, the different factors influencing creative reflection need to be considered. The factors that influence the creative reflection of an individual are discussed below.

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Example of using creativity (What):

The example of managing multiple patients simultaneously by a nurse at ED Bass Coast can be considered as a perfect example of carrying out an ordinary task with extraordinary effect for the patients and their families (, 2018). Feedback of one of the patient’s relative indicates that the nurse was already dealing with several very sick patients. However, when new patients with immediate medical needs were admitted to ED, the nurse took care of them efficiently. At the time, she was dealing with more than five patients, but communicated the treatment plan to the families of every new patient. The family members of the new patients were amazed to see that the nurse is paying attention to each of the patients while communicating with them. The multitasking ability of nurse and her excellent care satisfied families of the patients extremely. However, for the nurse, taking care of every patient is her duty.
Learning from the example (So What): 

 Figure 1: Kolb’s learning cycle
(Source: White et al.2016, pp-23)

The learning cycle indicate that an incident is reflected into the minds of human beings in four stages. At the first stage , the individual focuses on analyzing what happened. In other words, in the first stage, the individuals give importance on assessing the incident. The next stage deals with reviewing the experience. In the third stage, the individuals learn from the experience (Thomas et al.2015). The last and fourth stage deals with implementation of the learning of the individuals. 
From the above example, it can be learnt that the nurses should focus on each and every patient equally in all circumstances. Along with treating the patients, communicating with their families is also an important task for the nurses. Sharing health status of the patients and the treatment plan with their families is effective to satisfy them. Analysis on the incident indicates that the nurses should give the value on showing care and empathy to the patients and their families.
Application of own values and beliefs in nursing: The creative reflection facilitates the individuals to incorporate their own beliefs in the regular activities while enabling them to solve issues with an extraordinary outcome (Malik et al.2016; Ivcevic, 2009). The creative reflection is influenced by the way an individual interacts with the environment. Another factor that impacts on creative thinking and bringing extraordinary outcome from ordinary tasks, is the interaction with the social groups (Ma et at.2018). 
The creative reflection of nursing professionals can be analyzed. While providing services, a nurse focuses on using personal traits and values such as empathy, care, innovation, altruism and honesty (Isfahani et al.2015). It indicates that the creative thinking of the nurse will be shaped by these values. In addition, the nursing professionals also need to focus on the team spirit, trust and compassion with others. It indicates that the attitude, the nurses use for social interaction also impact on the creative reflection process.
The nursing professionals should aim for making strong interpersonal relation with the colleagues, patients and other parties involved with the diagnosis and treatment. In addition, the nurses have to ensure bringing positive health outcomes from the diagnosis. Creative use of team work can help the nurses to achieve their goals by maintaining collaboration among all the concerned parties (Carson et al.2018). The own value of the nurse such as care and innovation can help her to work with different individuals and providing quality solutions. On the contrary, the traits like professionalism, critical thinking and trust can be effective to handle complex situations easily.
Application of creative reflection in Future roles (Now What): The learning from the creative initiatives of the Center of Creative Health Care can be implemented in the nursing works. The success of the organization indicates that well-being of the patients can be improved by involving them in artworks. In future, the nurse can try developing skills to meet the medical needs of a number of patients simultaneously. The nurse should also focus on communication with patients and their families to increase their satisfaction.
 Analysis on the personal value of the nursing professional indicates that they should focus on improving the health outcomes while ensuring patient satisfaction. In this case, the nurse can combine the learning with her personal values such as care, innovation and critical analysis. After conceptualizing the learning properly, the nursing professionals should give importance on implementing the learning at own workplace. Showing care to the patients and sharing the treatment plan will help the nursing professional to enhance the engagement with them. It, in turn, will increase the patient satisfaction. Clearly, use of skills would help the nursing professionals to deliver better services to the patients.
The above discussion indicates that the nursing professionals can use creative reflection to achieve higher patient satisfaction and obtain better health outcomes. However, the nursing professionals should give importance on learning from the creative activities surrounding them and implement those in their own activities effectively.


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