Critical analysis of business plan of Microsoft Telelens

In this, post and critique your own business implementation plan. In your critique, address the areas that highlight your strengths and the areas that may be weak. Additionally, provide a brief overview of the areas in which your audience might challenge your findings or recommendation.
After analysing the implementation plan for “Microsoft Telelens”, it has been observed that there are many of those major area included by which the overall business procedure could be understood. By highlighting the strength and the weaknesses of the organization, it can be easy to identify those areas where development is needed. Every organization has their goals in order to achieve success in the business.
It has become very essential for the organizations to implement proper planning according to their goals and vision. After analysing the physical resources of the organization, it can be perceived that human workforces have been deemed as one of their major strengths, which can surely enhance their overall productivity within the marketplace. However, the authority needs to pay focus on the area of selecting the employees. For any organization, human resource department has been deemed as very essential part (Zarrabi, 2017).
Proper human resource policies can enhance the overall performance of the organization. Microsoft Telelens should consider their human resource department. However, proper training has always been considered as very crucial for the organization in order to train their new employees by which employees can perform according to the  organization’s need. It can be examined that there is a lack of proper training obtainable within this organization setting, which can create a barrier for the organization. It is very important for the organization to implement some professionals in order to ensure the overall procedure.
Through some customer’s experience, it has been observed that the customers are not satisfied with their customer service, which is indicating towards inappropriate planning of the organization (Barros, et al., 2017). The authority need to ensure effective customer service for the service users, which can help them in order to provide better services. For any organization, technological resources has become very crucial.
Promotion as along with the advertising of the business is very important for the organization in order to expand their business. After analysing their business plan, it can be said that some major aspects are missing. In the current time, social media has become one of the major part by which the overall promotion as along with advertising procedure of an organization could be accomplished. Microsoft Telelens are still using traditional method of promotion, which can be proved as harmful for the organization within this competitive marketplace (Ballis, 2017).
Authority need to take some major initiatives in order to ensure the better promotion process by which the entire scenario could be enhanced. In order to maintain the sustainability within the marketplace, analysing the competitors’ movement has become very effective for the organization. Microsoft Telelens is lacking in this department also. They need to develop a team of the professionals in order to conduct the proper analysis of the market trend as along with customer’s demand, which can help the organization in order to maintain the superiority within the marketplace.

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