Cool Little Capital



This is an writing exercise on Canberra the “Cool Little Capital”.                                    


Canberra is cool place to live

Canberra, the future dream place for generation Z who will love to be in this city as their dream city. 
Australian Government has taken the initiative to make this city as one of  the world best cities and thus it has ranked as the 3rd best city in Travel magazine in the year 2018. 
For the followig main reasons Canberra become most popular and attractive as well:
1.    It is the fun as well as lively place to live
2.    It is safe along with accessible for any kind of foods, technology or the other requirements in everyday life.
3.    The city mentains an active and also the diverse street life to live especially for the teeanagers and young fellows of the country.
4.    The economy is rotated here in 24 by 7 hours within this city and thus it is the best business hub in Australia.
5.    As there are planned pedestrain and road connectors, it is found to be very easy to ride for cyclists and other commuters which makes this place attractive as well as active. The celebrations are going here as normal life.
The most significance for Canberra is its communication and location. In one side there is airports and city and in other side the bushland that is the only place for kangaroos which makes this little city as the most attractive and coolest place to live in. Also, the beach distance from any places inside Canberra is within 2 hours anyone can reach to have alook of snow in cold time. Individual can have an experience to reach the big city like Sydney within very short time. From the month of September it is possible to fly directly to New Zealand as well as Singapore where Singapore Airlines are going to start operating out for Canberra Airport.
As there are most planned communicators place inside the place, the tme to get any place si within some minutes as not much traffic is possible inside the city. The city is surrounding by the rail ttacks which is also proof of the better communication place than the big city, like Sydney or Melbourne.
It is always said that Canberra is one of those cities which keep the individual active. It is very heathy to take a walk of 6 kilometer around the lake Burley Griffin while there is a 24 hour mountain bike events which provides any kind of good taste to live in. For the runners as well as cyclists and also the bike movers can take the extensive network of road within the city. There is historic Manuka Pool for visitor to take a swim or the open water lake in Burley Griffin also allow the swimmer more to enjoy in summer season. There are some great opportunities for the elite atheletes as well as the sportperson whoc can easily take admission to show their skill get inspired by Australian Institute of Sport.
Contrary, it is observed that Canberra belongs the reputation of being cold as well as miserable winter. Although there is pretty cold during winter times, Canberra’s weather has found to more beautiful and clear. For these reason, the insulation is taken care so that inside the houses the climated can be suited. It is also hot in summer and windy during the spring. The climate has seen joyful in autumn and there are mild pleasant weather with longish twilights. Canberra thus have full of air balloons over the city as well as the evenings are perfect at barbecues.
Another important point to be remember about Canberra is that the gardens and the parks make this little city as polution free which is most required in today’s world. The liveliness provides the little city as the best business place as the people want to live where there will be more income which makes the life easier to live in.
The non-political arena inside the city makes this place more happy to live. Also, Canberra is the great place for raising kids as there are many open spaces to enjoy with friends each other.
Government takes the most initiative for upgrading the job market so that smart people like to live within this city and that will make the city with full of ethusiastic professionals as well as the researchers. In addition with the above, Canberra is always found to be easiest place in Australia to get a job and normally those are relatively higherpiad than in other cities.
Moreover, the festivals, foods and wine within Canberra is the bast part of this city. Floriade which is the flower festival held within Commonwealth Park of Canberra, is the most attractive festival within the world in each year.
In addition with this, the milkshakes which is known as Freakshakes is made of Frankenstein-style and the bussessman in patissez café is found to most happiest man in this city. People are enjoying to play the long tennis on the astro-turf courts within the Old Parliament House which is found to have beatiful setting as well as well mentained.
Therefore, as a whole, Canberra can be considered as the city of endless opportunities as well as potential along with collaboration and cooperation. The presence of big blue skies and the fresh air always welcomes the citizen within its long arms.
Altough this city is not big as the megacity like Sydney or Melbourne, but the easy road way communicators make possible to get over the traffic within vew minutes which is the clear sign of long life to the citizen for working, playng, creating as well as innovating.

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Canberra, the future place for the generation Z and a great business hub, is becoming the most popular city in Australia as well as in the World. The beauty of Canberra is its pure nature. The place of great communicator within the city makes it most popular and easy to live in.


As per midyear "quality of life" index in Australia, Canberra is gradually making possible to live for no pollution factor, low hours price to income ratio, moderate cost of living, high safety, most caring health care, less traffic commute time as well as high climate index !!!


The famous accessories to live in Canberra are presence of bushland near the city along with the evergreen scenic beauty, clean fresh air as well as the friendly locals make the city most popular. The easy communication and non-political surroundings are the pride for Canberra!!

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