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Write about outline connections and interactions between K-pop and Animé.


K-Pop or the Korean Popular music and Anime or a Japanese style of TV shows, apparently seem different in style, although these two forms of art and music have close connections with each other. The current assignment deals with identification of the connections between K pop and Anime. The interactions between these two forms are also analyzed in this assignment.

Connections and interactions between K-Pop and Anime:

Connection between K pop and Anime:

K Pops and Anime are two different things. However, the K pops and Anime blend with each other perfectly (Williams, 2016). Due to the high compatibility between two art forms, K Pop is used extensively in the Anime these songs.

Unique story-telling approach in both K Pops and Anime: One of the main features of K pop is its unique approach of storytelling. Along with melody, the songs in K Pop style focuses on delivering stories to the audience. Similarly, the Anime shows also give importance on telling stories for its audience (Howard, 2016; Joo, 2011). The story telling approach of both the music and anime shows enhances their compatibility with each other. It can be stated that the musicals used in the Anime shows can be reflected perfectly in the K Pop style. The similarity in the approach of delivering messages is one the factors that connects K pop and Anime together.
 Use of Extravagant personality in K pop and Exaggerated physical attributes in Anime match well: The unique personality of K Pop artists is one of the distinctive features of this form of music. The K pop music gives the most importance on their originality. Use of unique colors and costumes make the K Pop music highly attractive and eye catching (Choi & Maliangkay, 2014; Howard, 2013). In case Anime also, huge importance is given in case of presentation. The characters in Anime shows are developed in such way so that the easily get attention from the audience. Use of exaggerated physical attributes is quite common in the Anime shows. Often the characters here are found with large eyes. The eyes of anime characters can cover even half of their faces. Use of uniquely colored hair is another important feature of the anime characters. The characters with unnaturally colored hair are quite common in case of anime shows. However, the K pop artists also give importance on looking younger and attractive. They are well-known for their unique sense of fashion. Many K pop artists are actually fashion trend setters (Shin, 2009; Han, 2017). It can be stated that both the K pop shows and Anime shows are highly vibrant. Analysis on the presentation style of K pop and Anime shows indicates that both the forms present their works to the audience in similar way. Not only using quality content, both the music and TV shows try to amaze their audience with the visual presentation also. The similarity between the way of presentation connected the two shows together.
 In anime shows it is ensured that the feelings of the characters are expressed completely in their facial expressions and movements (Fuhr, 2015). On the flip, in case of K pop shows also, the artists perform unique dance styles to show the emotion depicted through the songs. It is another similarity between the K pop style and the anime presentations. The similarity in the presentation style indicates that the K pop goes well with the anime stories. This is another connection between the K pop music and Anime.
Wide variety of styles in K pop music is easily connectible to detailed story line in Anime shows: The Anime stories are usually intricate in nature. However, the plots include detailed description of the stories. In an anime show, one can experience wide range of incidents. In other words, in an anime show, several feelings and emotions are combined together. To express the feelings in an anime show, a special form of music is required which is highly dynamic in nature (MacWilliams, 2014; Beattie, 2012). The K pop music also posses similar characteristics. The music is available in different styles including the renaissance, medieval, baroque and romantic. It indicates that getting the perfect style of music for every mood in the anime stories becomes easier in the K pop style. It is evident that the dynamic nature of both the K pop music and Anime stories made them easily connectible with each other.
Another important feature of anime stories is their unpredictability. The anime stories have full of twists. In these stories, the heroes can show negative traits the villains can change their behavior and the important characters can die suddenly (Sasaki et al.2018). It is evident that only a dramatic music form can express such unpredicted incidents perfectly. In this case also, the wide range of styles available in K pop format, match well with the different variations in anime stories. 
The anime stories vary greatly in styles. For instance, the anime stories can be based on fairy tales, military activities and the contemporary issues. The different styles of K pop music match with the different formats of anime stories. It also established strong connection between the anime stories and the K pop music. The K Pop music structure typically combines the verse and chorus which nicely goes with the anime style and add more drama to the stories (Howard, 2014).
Interaction between K Pop and Anime shows: 
Due to the several connections between K pop and Anime, these two forms of art interacted with each other many times. Below are some examples of K pop and Anime show interactions. 
K pop music reflects the suspense and drama in anime: The example of TVXQ, the pop duo of South Korea and One Piece, a highly popular anime series show the close relation between K pop music and Anime shows. TVQX performed a number of opening and the ending songs for One Piece (Reysen et al.2016). The dynamic style of music created by TVQX blended perfectly with the dramatic plot of One Piece which features the colorful characters like pirates, baroque workers and Thieves. There are two unique features of One Piece. Firstly, it shows characters which have different shades. In addition, the One Piece is extremely eventful. It does not let the audience to get bored for a single second. It indicates that the unique series required a special music form which is equally dramatic, dynamic and has high variation. So, it is evident that the K pop music is the perfect choice for the series.
The song of BoA in the anime show InuYasha is another great example of the interaction between K pop music and the Anime shows. Like other anime stories, this series also is full of drama and interesting events. The lead character of Inu Yasha is a half- demon and half -human and is looking for a jewel. Another character of InuYasha is fox-demon. Sango, another lead character in the series is shown as a demon-hunter. Discussion on the characters of this series reflects the level of suspense and drama shown in the series (Fuhr, 2015). It is also evident that musicals used in the story should be dynamic and dramatic equally in order to set the perfect mood for the series. It is quite clear that no other music form could match well with this series than the K pop does.
Bleach is another example where the K pop music is used to depict suspense in the story. Bleach features a character who can visualize the ghosts. The story centers on how the character helps the tortured souls. Clearly, the story is highly interesting and keeps the viewers awake all the time. There are a number of moments which are full of suspense in this series. The musicals created by Younha complemented the storyline in this series perfectly. The series shows the events occurred in modern period. It is also reflected perfectly in the K pop music used in the series.
The popular Anime series, ‘Detective Conana’ is another instance where the K pop music is used to highlight the lead character and reflect the suspense shown in the series (Williams, 2016). Detective Konan is a high school student who is highly charismatic and solves mysteries which the local police fail to do. The musical used in this series should depict the charisma and vibrant nature of the young detective as well as the suspense in the plot. The ending song of Boyfriend showed every emotion in the series perfectly.
K pop music creates ‘feel good’ factor in anime series: The above examples of K pop music show how the pieces were used to reflect drama and suspense in the anime series. However, the genre like romance in K pop series can create positive feelings and ‘feel good’ mood for the audience in a unique way. The opening song for ‘Rilu Rilu Farilu’, one of the most popular anime series of modern times can be considered as a great example in this case (Fuhr, 2015). The anime show presents fairies and features a number of entities like fairies, mermaids and insects. The musicals for this series needed to create a positive but dynamic mood. The opening song of A Pink in this series matched perfectly with mood of the story.
The show of Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals is another series that is famous for showing the funny activities of a group of friends (Williams, 2016). The series shows the events in a light mood. The show needed musical which goes well with the funny activities shown in the series. Like other Anime series, the story of Rock Lee also is based on a plot with lots of events. So, the musicals needed to incorporate the vibrant nature of colorful characters in the show. In this case also, KARA’s creations matched perfectly with the series.

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Implications of the connection:

The interaction between K pop music and Anime series made the music familiar to larger group of audience. The Japanese anime shows are not only popular in Japan, but they are preferred by international audience also (Sasaki et al.2018). The series like Naruto and One Piece are highly popular in the countries like US. Therefore, the music used in these series became popular to the American audience. It can be stated that the American viewers became highly familiar with the K pop music through these series. 


The discussion indicates that K pop music and Anime shows have high similarity in terms of style and presentation. Therefore , these two things are closely connected with each other and K pop music is used widely in the popular Anime shows. However, the interaction between K pop and Anime shows made the music popular to international audience.


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