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 I got a freeware topic and its a group assigment so i have to research on  what are the differences between freeware and share ware


Summary of site

The published paper is about the difference between freeware and shareware. It includes history of the freeware and shareware software as well as various pros and cons of using it. This site has presented the difference between freeware and shareware with the help of examples. 

Free ware:-

Freeware is a software which can be used free of cost. It can be used by individuals or non-profit organizations. It can be downloaded, copied and used without any restrictions. It is said that freeware software is copyrighted software which can be used unlimited time. It can be downloaded from internet of free of cost.

•    It was first introduced I 1982 by Andrew Fluegelman, when he was to sell the software PC-talk. 
•    End user licence agreement is very important in case of freeware and it is very important for users to maintain copyright laws. 
•    This software has full features of software in free of cost and even it can be shared amongst users. 
•    Example:- Adobe PDF, yahoo messenger, 


Shareware is the software which is free to install and after installation it has limited use. User needs to buy the key once they finished free usage. It is generally distributed for evaluation purpose but after that it needs licensing. It is public domain software which satisfies copyright and licensing terms and conditions. In shareware software’s users do not have access to source code and even they cannot modify it. This can be downloaded and installed by user but they have to pay for it if they use it, but users get chance to try the software before buying. 

•    It also applies copyright laws but whole authority goes to author of the software with some exception. 
•    Most of the features is not available free of cost, moreover user needs to pay before they use full version.
•    WinZip packet tracer, Get right is some of the examples of shareware.
It can be used for certain time and then users need to pay.

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Various consequences and features of freeware and shareware have been listed in the site. Freeware is the software which is being developed for social benefits as well as shareware is software which is free in initial stage but later on user needs to pay to get full features of software. In freeware user get complete features in free of cost.

Reasons for use

Freeware as well as shareware software can be used by individual users to ease the work. For example Adobe PDF reader can be used to read PDF files which is a freeware software. 


Title of article:  Temporal Patterns of Software Evolution Defects: A Comparative Analysis of Open Source and Closed Source Projects
Author:Uzma Raja, Joanne Elaine Hale, David Peter Hale
URL (if available):
Date accessed: 10th April 2018
Journal Title: Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 2011, 4, 497-511
Year of publication: August 2011    Page Numbers:15
Volume no: doi:10.4236/jsea.2011.48058    Issue no: doi:10.4236/jsea.2011.48058

Summary ofarticle

The article is about the comparison of open source and closed source projects. The author has focused on comparing the various term related to software defects. 
Software defects can be of two types predictable and unpredictable. For any company to organize their business team they take help of software. Software ranges in various types like, freeware, shareware, open source software as well as application software which can be designed especially to meet the enterprise requirements. 

Reasons for use

As per the observation made in this article is that ay company spend around 50-60% cost in the maintenance of software from the total budget of software.  If any problem happen in the functioning of software that should be addressed immediately. Some companies immediately focus on removing the software defects but some delayed this process. As a result they get loss in their business as well as it affects reputation of the company too. 
In this article the author has focused on site selection and data description in which he mentioned about how three organizations where they were using same kind of data for the software. Model description facility should be used all organizations who are dependent on software’s. This will help to get future upcoming defects in the software. 
Shareware is the software which is being mostly used for commercial purpose. But it does not mean that they do not use freeware software. Sometime for smaller organization they use freeware software also for business purpose. Like the employee members can use Adobe PDF reader to the read the pdf documents. Then until they do not get a professional collaborative environment for chat and communication for internal employee they depend on the use of freeware software. Like Google hangout which is the example of freeware software. This can be used with I the organization for communication process, however using freeware software is not recommended for commercial purpose. So today’s world is mixture of software’s ranging from freeware and shareware. Smaller organizations are the real time example of such softwares. 


Title of chapter/section:  Shareware and freeware
Title of Book (include edition number) 4th edition
Sad Macs, Bombs, and Other Disasters: And what to Do about Them
Author (s):Ted Landau
Year of publication: 4th edition 2000    Relevant Page Numbers:928
PublisherPeachpit Press, 2000    Location Berkeley , CA
URL (if available):    Date accessed: 10th April 2010
Summary of section/chapter being used
The chapter is about the difference between freeware and shareware. This has tells the method of downloading freeware & shareware as well as the process of using it. 


Freeware is free to use for unlimited time but shareware needs subscription or licensing key to be activated for longer time. CNET has been listed as one of the popular tool in internet which allows users to download freeware and shareware software. 

Reasons for use

As per the book, it is said that freeware and shareware are mostly similar and it completely depends upon how much you pay for that. Freeware is completely free software where you don’t have to pay anything whereas shareware is the software where you have to pay only if you want to continue the use of the software. The software can be used for limited time which you can use for the trial purpose, and if you liked the software you can pay and use it further.

Freeware or shareware software can be downloaded from world wide web, based on the choice of users. CNET is one of the platforms where user can download freeware and shareware. After downloading the software next step is to maintain it in timely basis so that you can use the latest version for latest feature.
Bothe freeware and shareware has password protection and the users need to get that password for usage. Like for shareware software you need to pay shareware fee so that you can use it without any limitation. But for the freeware software you can put password just for security purpose. 


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