Classification Essay on teachers


Write Classification Essay on teachers.



A class is going on, in a pin- drop silence atmosphere, a teacher with a group of students are working hard to resolve a very difficult problem in Mathematics. All the students are glued to what their teacher are saying, and are suggesting ways by which the solution can be reached faster. The teachers are the guiding angels to the path of success. They are involved in the task of shaping a student’s personality and also the mental orientation. They cause a deep impact and molds the students to dive in to the prospects of future. So, they are influential and a persistent companion and becomes the shadow in all the paths a student verge upon. But, regardless of the fact that the teachers are considered as a guide, still they can be classified into three major groups from a friendly teacher to an ideal teacher to the strict teacher, according to their approaches to their students based on their behavior (Gresham).


The three-broad classification of teachers are demonstrated below:
A teacher can be said to be friendly, if the actions so depicted by him or her is like the one a friend resembles, so that the students can share any things they want with their teacher. This category of teachers often give advice when the student lack decision- making approach and in so doing the teachers and students can opt for going to Gym together, or they can go for shopping, or can also have a drink. The friendly teacher act towards making the class far more comfortable. (Steven Glazerman)
An Ideal Teacher is the one who is treated as an idol, and guide the students in such a way that they students do not feel any pressure out of it and cause to motivate and uplift the morale and thereby encourage students, while refraining one’s self from criticizing them at the drop of a hat (Weisberg). 
 A Strict Teacher on the other hand is the one who do have a tougher approach on the students, with strong time management and is keen on following rules and going by books, and often maintains a strong control over the students controlling them and insists on adhering to deadlines and do not compromise with mistakes or any kind of carelessness by the students. This category of teacher is more like a disciplinarian (Springer).


So, to conclude, the three major classified groups from a friendly teacher to an ideal teacher to the strict teacher, according to their approaches to their students if combined will have the effect of a good teacher to their students in shaping their future for the long run. 

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