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this assignment is based on the movie “Mystic River” and no other source should be used to write it and the only reference should be the movie stated above.


Critical Analysis Essay: Mystic River

The movie ‘Mystic River’ id directed by Clint Eastwood, who has given a film that, is very powerful and spellbinding. The story of this movie revolves around three friends who are together since childhood but gets separated later. Then they get reunited by tragedy. The film stars Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, and Sean Penn’ who have given their career’s best performance in this movie. It is a moving drama. 
The film starts with the scene in the neighborhood of blue-collar Boston where three young boys are shown as playing hockey on the street. Two men approach them and claim themselves to be policemen. Dave (played by Robbins), one of the boys out of the three, is taken away by them, and they hold him captive for four days and rape him over those four days. He escapes but three boys no longer remain friends after that. Everyone goes on in their life and pretends as if nothing ever happened. After this, the movie continues to the present day where an ex-con Danny (played by Penn) is shown as a proprietor of a local shop.  He has a family, and he loves his daughter Katie (played by Emmy Rossum) very much. Katie secretly dates a boy in the neighborhood whom Danny hates a lot for some reason that is not known. Soon, however, the Irish Catholic working-class person is surrounded by tragedy as his daughter Katie is found murdered. The investigation of the murder is led by Det. Sean Devine (played by Kevin Bacon) and he is side kicked by his ‘Black partner’ who is ironically named as Whitey Powers (played by Lawrence Fishburne). Both of them try to search for the answers to the murder that seems to be senseless.  The suspicion of the murder teeters between the Boyfriend and Boyle (played by Tim Robbins). Boyle came late on the night of the murder, and he was cut and bloodied. He told his wife Celeste (played by Marcia Gay Harden) that someone mugged him but the morning paper did not report anything related to the mugging, and he insisted that the police shall not be called. 

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The movie ‘Mystic River’ shows a plot that is gradual and unfurling and it gives audience time for absorbing such a forceful story and the solution of the crime. Though at some intervals, the story gets stagnated the performance of the cast is so strong that the overall impact is very strong. Boyle gets crippled psychologically, and Tim has given a truly convincing portrayal of that. He never recovered from his ordeal completely. A strong performance is also given by the wife of Boyle, which is played by Harden. She is shown to be fragile emotionally. The fear of the wife, he conflicts with her own self and her distrust is very much felt as she suspects the connection between her husband and the murder. Penn has put his soul into this character and his most wrenching moment in the film has to be where he finds out that his daughter has been killed, and half dozen cops used their strength to keep him from the scene. 
But the movie has some problems too like the running time is longer, and it gets stagnated at some points. The subplot of Bacon’s estranged wife is quite irritating and ridiculous as she is called and says nothing. This part has not added anything to the story of the movie‘Mystic River.'  The character of Markum remained quiet, and the majority of the film was dependent on it. Her character took some other tangent when she turned into Lady Macbeth. In the end, the film did not get resolved, but that is not the liability on the film because if the people would have known that what actually happened, they would not have lived happily ever after. The people who watched the film suffered from depression and hopelessness. They did not find joy in itbut rather got dwelled in a bleak realm of eternal misery and character ambiguity.
It is a dark movie and disquieting in nature. It has something classical in it and even biblical, but it takes a piece out of those who watch it. An average movie goer has been unsettled by this movie, and few people can clearly account for the reason of their uneasiness.  This movie ‘Mystic River’ can be viewed as a parable of the moral failure of Christianity in the modern world.

There is a skein of coincidences in the film, and the connections are somewhat implausible.  The intensity of the movie is extraordinary as the director has grounded the pulp opera conventions in an unvarnished, thickly inhabited reality. In a few scenes, an unbearable feeling is swollen up, and the ambitions of the director remain enormous.  The melodrama or grandiosity is avoided in the entire film. The characters that Mr. Eastwood has found have taken the weight of the film, and they have illuminated the abyss that has been inhabited by their characters. As stated earlier, Penn has performed in such a way that is beyond praise, especially his eyes that darts in anticipation of one more blow and his tensed shoulders to return it. But Mr. Penn has purged his work of any trace theatricality or showmanship and at the same time retaining all the directness and force that their applications of the method brought into American movies. This achievement can be proved clearly by observing that even if the performance is overpowering, it never overshadows the other cast. The tragedy in the movie‘Mystic River’ is communal, it is not individual, but each character must bear it alone and separately. Bacon is shown as keeled, and he is self-effacing.  His presentation in the movie is superb.  Then, Mr. Fishburne has shown such humor and skepticism that it has kept the movie from being swallowed up in the gloom. Whitey (whose nickname sailed through the racial transformation of his character from script to screen) is one of the characters who saved himself from getting implicated in the tribal history of the neighborhood, and his observations and jokes reminded of the broader world.
The revelations about the characters of the film show a good plot and such a plot is necessary to make any story a good thriller. The jolts of surprise felt when crucial bits of information in the movie'Mystic River' are disclosed nothing when compared to the shock of watching who people really are, and what they can do in the name of love, loyalty or self-preservation. The way Sean told his friend Jimmy about the death of his daughter is commendable. She said, ''God said you owed another marker, and he came to collect.''
The theology of grim is as very close to faith, but the understanding of Mr. Eastwood's about the universe and human nature is very pessimistic. The murderers and molesters children show an imbalance in the order of things that does not force the law and order and the impulse toward vengeance can rectify. The movie ‘Mystic River’ has all the qualities of profanity, violence that are abundant and the despair it shows is existential.  

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  • Mystic River.(2003). USA.


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