Chinese traffic jams problem solution

Write the report on Chinese traffic jams problem.

1. The background of the problem- Chinese Traffic Jam 

The main problem in China is the traffic congestion.
The reason for this problem is not due to weather conditions or road closures, the main reason is too many vehicles clogging the road, particularly heavy trucks delivering construction supplies to Beijing. China hasn't always had a problem with traffic, but over the past couple of years or decades, when China is rapidly urbanizing the problem of a traffic jam that is massive traffic jam came in to picture (Molloy et al., 2015). Which led China to live in the new phenomenon that is gridlock. Mainly this problem arises due to urbanization in China and due to heavy trucks which are used to supplies the materials for construction to Beijing.

2. The problem- problem of traffic jam in China.

The main problem which exists in China is the congestion that is traffic congestion. Which cause much more problem such as inconvenience. This problem became a major problem in the way back 2010, August 14. The china traffic jam that is national highway 100 traffic jam was a recurring massive traffic jam that mainly began from on 2010. And it was considered to be the longest traffic jams by media.
This problem exists due to as China is the oldest cities around the world, many of the Chinese cities are not designed for cars. And many in china use and buy the car only for the sake of show off, it is considered as the status (Jiang et al., 2014).
Chinese cities are simply not big enough to tackle increasing demand and the number of new vehicles. Due to poor transport management, it is not able to come up with the traffic solution.
According to the Economist for the past decades near about 15 million cars were added to Chinese streets every year and this is due to they feel having a car as the status symbol.

3. Solution 

Solution to the problem of traffic jam in China.
The government should make or create public transportation. In a way to take the pressure off cities roads. It should ensure the best transportation facility and at a reasonable rate and time.
The government should take the initiative to restrict the car's limits on the roads. Like Beijing even and the odd rule should be imposed and implemented in a way to reduce the number of car on the roads.
Focusing on to make and improve the infrastructure and cities so that it may accommodate the huge number of cars and trucks on the roads. TEB public transport that is thought to be more efficient than conventional ones. (Yu et al., 2016).
Make sure that if rushing only to nearby then prefer the bike as it will not create huge traffic congestion.
Designing the cities in such a manner that can help in accommodating the number of car and vehicles on the roads.

4. Evaluation 

The evaluation of the various solution to sort out the best solution to solve the issue.
The best possible solution to overcome the traffic jam problem in China is to make and design the cities in such a manner that can accommodate the number of the vehicles and car on the roads. As it will create long result also. If focusing on to improve the infrastructure then it will solve the problem for the longer period of time as the population is increasing day by day so to have the solution to avoid the congestion more focus should be given to infrastructure. And apart from this public transportation should be given more importance and regulated properly to attract the public to use it as it will also generate the revenue which can be used for development and improvement of the cities and infrastructure. 

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