Child Healthcare for the Day Care Workers

You need to choose one of your four questions and do the following:
1.Research the topic of your chosen question in more detail in order to develop a deeper understanding of the answer to the question.
2.For the first part of the report (400 words), write a report that answers the question with evidence from your research. Your report must include new material that was not presented during the tutorial.
3.For the second part of the report (400 words), describe the process you used to carry out the research on your question and answer the following: You may use first person language for the second part only. ?How effective was your research process in helping understand the answer you provided?
?b. What was most effective in finding quality references?
?c. What new strategies did you learn for future research?
4.Add an appendix- labelled Appendix 1- which contains your original four questions with notes from the tutorials. You can scan your notes so you don’t need to retype them.
How your report should be presented
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How the presentation will be assessed (implications/consequences for you as students)
The quality of your presentation will be assessed in the following way:
1.As the Statement of Assessment indicates, this report will be marked out of 15 and late assignments without an approved extension will have 5% per day deducted from the overall score. Assignments ten days overdue, without an approved extension will receive a zero grade. Assignments not formatted as above will have a 5% penalty applied.
2.There will be a rubric provided that will describe the criteria your marker will use in assessing your report.
IMPORTANT: Make sure you consult the marking rubric for this assignment.
What to do if you have questions while doing the assignment
If you have questions you need to ask while doing your assignment please first post your questions in your online class discussion forum and check to see if other students respond. If you do not receive an answer from the forum, contact your class tutor (you can find contact details for your tutor in the tutor details section of FLO).



Research topic:

“The significance of child healthcare for the day care workers working at cresh or day care organizations”

This report deals with the case of Raffaella and Ellie D'Angelo. Raffaella is a working woman who works as a CEO of an organization and her job profile is quite demanding and requires full time attention. Due to the requirements of her job,Rafaella is unable to give the necessary attention to her baby girl Ellie. As Ellie has turned 6 month old, Rafaella has decided to join her duties. In order to return to her duties she is giving Ellie bottles of S26 formula. It was observed thatafter taking 80ml of the formula Ellie developed urticarial rashes, indicating that the girl is intolerant to cow’s milk formula as due to an allergy that was diagnosed about a month ago. This case scenario is critical for the day-care workers as they will be responsible to take care of the child during the absence of her mother and they must possess all the details about her feeding habits and medication so that they can manage that child efficiently. 

As noted in case of Ellie she has received all the important vaccinations that are essential for the healthy development of the child. However, it is important that a complete detail of all the health check-ups and vaccinations must be provided to the day care workers so that they can maintain the health of the child. It was observed that Ellie attended full time childcare for about six week, during the earlier weeks she showed signs of anxiety and separations. Gradually with the help of the child staff, she was able to adapt to the new environment. She has also weaned frombreastfeeding and is now consuming S6 Soy formula. After few days,Raffaella noticed that her girl is having moist cough and a constantly running nose. The child is urinating less and in a lesser quantity.

The medical professional performed certain assessment to get details about the health of the girl and found that she is having severe nasal congestion. The medical professional took all the necessary measure and conducted all the necessary blood tests and x-ray in order to ensure about the health condition of the child. Ellie was offered intravenous therapy to improve the health conditions. As the conditions of the child improved the medical professional suggested some measures that will help the mother in maintain the health of the child and Ellie was given a release from the hospital (Tilahunet al., 2017).
The knowledge about the feeding habit is important for the healthcare workers, if they knew about Ellie then they could have tried to find alternatives that are suitable for the girlinstead of soymilk that affected the health condition of the child and she has to suffer from severe cold. The anxiety issues of the child were also a contributing factor for the deteriorating health conditions of the child that was not identified by the mother or the staffs at day care services.

Methods of research

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I have completed the researcher by analyzing the case study that was available; the case study has helped me in understanding that complete history of the child must be conveyed to the childcare workers, as they have to maintain the routine of the child in everyday basis.If they will have detailed knowledge about the schedules and requirements of child, they can take care of the child in the most efficient manner. In this case, as the day care workers did not have adequate information about Ellie they were unable to understand the anxiety of the child, as a result of which she was admitted to the emergency ward.This case shows the mother was required to adopt certain strategies and method that would have helped in maintains the health of the child.
In order to enhance the research work and understanding about child health care, primary research can be conducted that will help in collecting important data regarding the child healthcare (Gaillet&Eble, 2015). The research will help in understanding the measures that can be adopted in order to improve the health conditions of the child. In the research, I will try to focus on finding the different methods that can be implemented by working mothers while weaning the child. I will try to collect opinion of the daycare workers of certain well known organization in order to understand the significance of child healthcare and the policies that are followed by them in order to maintain the health of children that receive their services. The parents of the must also be surveyed to get their opinion about the measures that are taken by them for the health and safety of the child. This will assist in understanding the effectiveness of the strategies that are adopted by the parents and the parents will gain knowledge about the ways they can improve the health conditions of their child (Lopes et al., 2017). The surveys and interview will help in increasing my knowledge about the research and give me a strong hold on the subject matter. 
Future research can be improved by gaining detailed knowledge about child healthcare with the help of medical staffs and medical professional. They will be the best persons to suggest for the perfect, measures that can help working parents in weaning procedure (Miottoet al., 2016).There are a number of factors that are associated with the early weaning, thus, medical assistance will prove helpful in managing the risk factors.They can also specify about the exact diet of the child that will help inimproving the health of the baby. As in this scenario, it was observed that due to early weaning Ellie had to suffer cough and was admitted due to severe congestion in the nasal cavity. These situations can be avoided with the help of medical professionals. 

Reference list

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