Case Study on Nursing and Back Pain.




Need to answer the questions in regards to nursing and back pain.


In this assignment, two question has been answered in regards to nursing and back pain.


Question 1 Explain the physiology of low back pain.


Answer- Low back pain the common disorder which involves muscles, bones, and nerves of the back. Acute back pain can be classified if the pain duration is more than six weeks.The main reason for suffering from the back pain is working hard with a heavy machine.  Taking an overdose of calcium, levothyroxine sodium, and vitamin D. so the excess of vitamin D and calcium may cause the severe back pain. Much patient use to visit the physician mainly because of the low back pain suffering.  
According to the S. Kinkade Low back pain occurs posteriorly in the area between the lower rib and margin and the proximal things. 
Back pain is incredibly common but the two people who are suffering from the same level of pain may react differently to back pain. It is due to the different psychological attitudes and outlooks.
Back pain is connected to head- when the physical movement is limited this cause psychological distress and psychological distress in result yield more severe back pain.
The main causes of the back pain are the lifting the heavy objects or materials, sciatica, or disc injuries sometimes even through non-specific back injury (Salzberg et al., 2012). In a way to heal the chronic back pain, psychological therapy is found useful. As it takes to change the perception regarding the back or normal pain. They help pre-existing psychological vulnerabilities, change how you perceive the pain and also alleviate the psychological factors that maintain pain. 

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Question 2 what is the significance of acute tenderness over L3 and L4?


Answer The significance of acute tenderness over L3 and L4 is that it makes the patient difficult to move.It affects the movement of the body. While bending or while walking patient feels a sudden pain in his back.The lower the situation of a vertebra in the lumbar spine, the more weight it will hold. The more weight a vertebra underpins, the more potential for damage. While the L3-L4 section is less inclined to be harmed than L4-L5 beneath it, it can at present manage harm effectively from either affect damage or characteristic degenerationThe back pain, mainly pain in L3 and the L4 segment is caused or arising from theThe disc can be become herniated, resulting in unwanted contact between the disc and the nerve and frequently causing back pain (Atlas et al., 2008).The facet joints of the segment can become enlarged, which narrow the open spaces of the spine and compressing spinal nerve roots.Over a time disc can degenerate naturally which will lead to change the motion of the disc and usually result in stiffness and much less commonly--  tingling in the back pain


Salzberg, L. (2012). The physiology of low back pain. Primary Care: Clinics in Office Practice, 39(3), 487-498.
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