Case Study on Hong Kong Content Marketing Strategies

A case study of Hong Kong TV Mall, which analyse its digital campaigns with the use of digital & content marketing strategies.



In the present scenario, the scope of digital marketing is prevailing in the market. Many organizations are focusing on the digital marketing campaigns to reach to the potential customers with ease, and which will ultimately benefit the organization. Companies are using the strategy of digital marketing for the development and generation of quality customers, by providing them enhanced value in terms of customer satisfaction. This paper focus on the digital marketing strategies of Hong Kong TV Mall , that what strategies are adopted by the organization for achieving the competitive analysis by the analysis of target customers , and how it will lead to the achievement  of  marketing objectives, by providing recommendations that how digital strategies lead to success or failure of the organization.

Background of company

HKTV mall is a Hong Kong Television station that provides the facility of shopping and entertainment from the platform named HKTV Mall. The company started its broadcasting on 19 November 2014, through the channel of video on demand. The organization is a public form of organization, which is categorized under the Broadcasting and E-commerce industry. ("HKTV - Hong Kong Television Network Limited > Company Profile", 2018) The headquarters of the company is located in Trans Asia Centre, Kwai Chung, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, and Hong Kong. In the year 2013, the city telecom will be converted into HKTV. The group currently engages in the Hong Kong largest 24 /7 online shopping mall, providing the services like entertainment, online shopping and best customer experience in terms of shopping. The founder of HKTV Mall is Ricky Wong.

Competitive analysis

The competitive analysis of the company includes the possible competitors and how the company is working on eliminating the potential competitors that are already existing in the market. The competitive analysis will be done on the basis of SWOT analysis of the company.

Target customers

The target customers of the company include the people who have access to the internet, and have the financial benefits in terms of credit cards, debit cards, PayPal etc. The company is not focusing on the customers from Hong Kong only, but they will also try to focus on other cities as well.  ("HKTV faces stiff competition from YouTube, Facebook", 2018)The company is also focusing on the prime customers, by the use of Prime Program initiative, which focuses on the customers that have the access of station and are considered as the regular customers of the Hong Kong TV.  The company is focusing towards the customers that are middle-aged and on regular basis have increased the view on Facebook, YouTube etc. 

Digital platforms  

The company is focusing on the concept of being creative, be engaged, great content and be strategic. The digital platforms that are used by the company are YouTube, Facebook, twitter etc. as their potential target customers are the middle age income groups and the households. The company is using the Facebook page for attracting and engaging the customers. With the help of Facebook page, the company is highlighting products and coupons, to encourage the customers which in turn leads to increase in sales. The company is also focusing on Twitter as the social tool, as it will be directly integrated with e-commerce. ("HKTV mall founder charts growth course - Inside Retail", 2018)The company is integrating HKTVMall with Twitter for placing of orders directly from twitter account which leads to the amazing grip of the company on B2B channel. In addition to that, the company also uses the snap chat application, for informing customers about the offers and discounts that will be applicable to products. 

Marketing objective

The main marketing objective of the organization is to provide better customer services and an online store where the consumers will purchase anything which they want. The main aim of the organization is to become the best e-commerce company in Hong Kong and in the world. (Fleisher,2015)The company also aims to achieve the global customers, by providing a wide range of products to the customers as per the priority of the customers. The vision of the organization, to achieve the global reach shows the desire of the organization to become the global leader in the e-commerce sector.

Marketing strategies

The HKTV Mall uses a majority of techniques, for developing the priorities of customers by providing the best services. The company is focusing on the value-added features so that the customers will move towards the online mall. The company is extending the business where they will sell everything from diamonds to soy sauce. (Poon,2017) The company will focus on the concept that the visitors to the store will be converted into shoppers. The company presently has 25 distribution centres in Hong Kong for marketing process only. (Grant,2016)In addition to that, the company's marketing strategy includes the number of online marketing channels like, sponsored search, social and online marketing, television marketing etc. the marketing strategies of a company also includes print and media advertising, in terms of sales promotions, public relations and direct marketing.
The marketing strategies of the company are based on the concept of providing eco-friendly products and services to the customers, by the adoption of an integrative communication system in terms of digital marketing campaigns, which take the customer a satisfied customer.( Kaufman,2014)The company is adapting the model canvas model in which the company is using the AUTO RIP Technology, which helps the shoppers to purchase the music products easily that are only available digitally on the cloud. The company is focusing on the one-day delivery system that helps the company in expanding the grocery business.
The company is using the broadcasting channel for tracking the potential customers, as the station requires the registration of viewers in terms of mail address, age group and income. The company will easily identify that what are the effects of advertisement on customers, after watching it on station and later on purchase from the shopping site.
The company is focusing on the pick and package system that was designed in Europe, that will allow one person to handle at least 6000 orders in a day.

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Digital tactics

Each and every organization is focusing on the digital tactics for retaining the customers, as the customers can easily have the access to the products because of the social marketing techniques. (Kannan,2017)The company HKTVMall is controlling the internal retail market by controlling the purchasing power of the online shoppers. The company is always focusing on the maintaining the good reputation with the customers, which will ultimately lead to the generation of new customers from the word of mouth publicity. In addition to that, the company also added the review section on the site, on which the customers will post the reviews for the products and services, which will be benefitted to other customers in terms of making purchase decisions. (Lamberton,2016)The company is also having a strong service process, in terms of support and network, which also leads to enhancement of reputation in the eyes of customers. The company is also getting few complaints from the customers in terms of response system as the response system of the company is effective and the staff members of the company deal in the positive way with the customers for any problems or complaints.

Recommendations and conclusion

Digital marketing is seen as the new concept of marketing for the progress of the organization. Digital marketing is the concept of marketing that is followed in the e-commerce business. In the present organization that we have chosen i.e., HKTV Mall is also using the concept of digital marketing for expanding its business and make the products available to the potential customers. (Kotler ,2016)The recommendation s that will be provided to the organization for the success is that the organizations have to focus on the new form of advertisements, as per the potential customers, and these advertisement will be shown on other social networking sites and the channels like YouTube, where the present generation spends most of their time.


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