Case Study on Alpha Electronics

A case study on '' Alpha Electronics'' is attached as appendix A .Your contribution is required in creating development plan for Alpha Electronics so that it becomes more effective with time and achieve its goals 
Your task should focus on 
a) Identify company developement needs and objectives from the given case study
b) Identify mission and vision from the strategic plan
c) Identifiy and analyse data where company is experiencing any problems
d) Develop strategies for organisational development



The strategic plan is the systematic process in which manager of an organization identify their vision and make goals and objectives accordingly (Mays,Brannen& Sexton, 2017). In this regard, it can be said that tactical plan sets goals for the firm which it needs to be achieved in future. This report is based on the case study of the strategic plan of Alpha Electronics. It has two different parts.


Identifying company’s developmental need and objectives

From the given case study, it is examined that the Alpha Electronics has three different objectives. The very first objective of the company is to achieve excellence in technology. In this regard, the firm is interested in making changes in mobile sets as per new technology. Further, it has the second objective and it is to improve its efficiency of conducting research. Finally, the firm has the third objective which is to make innovation in the products and enhance the satisfaction level of its buyers. Thus, with an aim to fulfill these objectives, Alpha Electronics has to raise its efficiency. Thus, in accordance with the given context, the different developmental need of cited company examined and these are depicted in below:

•    To enhance research and development skills of employees.
•    To develop creative skill among employees so that excellence in innovation can be achieved.
•    To enhance satisfaction level of customers. 

Vision and mission of the company
    From the given case, it is assessed that company has thevision to become the world most technologically advanced mobile handset brand and provide benefits to global people as a whole. Below is the mission of company:
•    To deliver most technologically advanced mobile handset to the buyers.
•    To establish a remarkable and unique presence on the global platform.
•    To fulfill its responsibility towards the people of society (Plan, 2017).

Thus, these three are the main mission of the cited firm.

Identifying company culture
On the basis of analyzing given case, it is identified that manager of Alpha Electronics follows people culture. This is because; case reveals that firm has its operation presence in many countries. Here, firm changes its corporate environment as per the culture of the specific nation (van den Ent and,2017). This depicts that firm gives importance to the needs and demands of its employees. However, in terms of company’s readiness to the organizational development, it can be said that the company is doing well in terms of finance. Thus, with an aim to support overall development organization has sufficient money. The organization can use this money with an aim to support a variety of its plans.
Identifying persons who will take a key role in the development process

Marketing manager  
•    He will be responsible for assessing the needs and demands of its customers. 
•    He is also responsible for communicating this need to the production team.
•    He will also deliver information about firm’s product to its respective buyers. 
HR manager    
•    Identify existing skills among employees
•    Plan training programs
•    Make improvements in employees skills
R and D officer    
•    Assess research and development skills of its employees.
•    Arrange training programs with an aim to improve the same (Mitchell & Jarvis, 2017)

Thus, these three are the main individualswho will contribute towards the goals and objectives of an organization. Here, it is with the help of them only the vision and mission of the company will be met in an effectual way.

Analyzing data where the company is experiencing any problem

On analyzing given case study, it is examined that Alpha Electrics facing major problem from the competitors. Here, the cited company is facing intense competition from the firms like Motorola and Ericson. Both companies always enter with innovative and creative products. Thus, they are attracting the major customers of Alpha Electronics (Bonnet-Brilhault and,2017). Here, it is due to the intense competition only firm is not able to earn sales and profits as per its desire in an effectual manner. Thus, it is required by the firm that it should make a significant step with regard to the given approach. This is because, if not taken then objective of the company will not be met.
Developing strategies for organizational development

With an aim to pursue the goal of organizational development, following strategies are formulated:

•    Training and development strategy: It is being regarded as a very first strategy with the help of which research and creative skill can be developed among employees. In this regard, a trainer will be appointed who will have good knowledge in both given skills.
•    Making an appointment of the market research team: In this recruitment of market research team will be carried out. The main role of this team is to assess the needs and demands of the customers. Here, by complying with given type of activity cited company can enhance satisfaction level of its buyers. The given thing will cause a positive impact on the sales and profits of the company in an effectual manner (Fisher, 2017).

Identifying change management techniques

Following are the change management techniques which can be used by the manager of Alpha Electronics.
•    Involving employees in the change management process: It is being regarded as one of the most effective approaches for eliminating the resistance of employees towards change. In this regard, it is required by the employer that it should communicate about the change to its employees and involve them in the respective process. Here, through this way manager can influence its employees for accepting the change. This can be done by showcasing the benefits which are related to the same in an effectual way. 
•    Make an appointmentwith change agent: The change can be managed with the help of change agent. In this regard, the companyshould make an appointment of that person who is the role model for the majority of the firm’s employees. This is because it has been seen that employees always follow the things which are being told by that person whom they consider a role model. Thus, these both given tools will provide great assistance to the cited firm (Pugsley and,2018). 

Developing organizational development plan
The development plan for the Alpha Electronics is given below:
•    Defining the main needs of organizationaldevelopment: Herein, proper or the clear description will be given regarding main development needs of the firm.
•    Arranging meeting with employees: In this section employer of the company will perform meeting with employees with an aim to communicate them the expectation of firm.
•    Appointing change agent: The CEO of the company will be appointed as a change agent
•    Providing training to employees: In this step,trainer will be appointed and significant improvement in the skills of the employees will be carried out (Mays,Brannen& Sexton, 2017). 

Developing training plan
Training name    To inform employees about firm’s development objectives.
Training responsible    The CEO of the company will be responsible for the same.
Date and time    On 23-May-2018 at 9:00 Am in company’s training room
Material required    Copy, pen,and laptop
Training objectives    Is to inform trainees about development objectives of the company and influence them to work towards the given objectives.
Benefits from development objectives    •    People research and creative skills will be improved.
•    They will get the opportunity for getting promoted.

Approach to solving any issues

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Following steps examined which will be followed by the manager of the cited firm in the condition if any problem arises while performing developmental activities. 
•    Identifying the problem
•    Analyzing the problem
•    Identifying the criteria for decision
•    Developing multiple solutions to the problem
•    Selecting the optimal solution (Mitchell& Jarvis, 2017).
Thus, with the help of these steps manager of Alpha Electronics can mark its effective presence in the market. The given thing will assist enterprises in terms ofachieving the goals and objectives of the company. 


The consultative process for maximizing the participation of employees
•    Defining the objectives of organizational development: In the first steps, detailed description will be given regarding the objectives of development programs which is being arranged by company.
•    Arranging meeting with employees: In a second step, CEO of Alpha Electronics will arrange meeting with the employees. In this meeting, he will communicate about the benefit which an individual will gain if they will participate in the development program of company.
•    Resolving doubts and enhances their participation: In the final steps, effort will be made by the manager in terms of resolving the doubts which are being faced by employees.Thus, it is through this way only, more and more employees can be involved in the development program of the cited company (Bonnet-Brilhault and,2017).
Approach toproblem-solving
While delivering training to employees, there are certain problems which need to be faced by the employees of the firm. Thus, with an aim to resolve the same following problem-solving approach will be used by the trainer.
•    Identifying the issue
•    Taking views from all employees in relation to the possible solution to the issue
•    Evaluating the options
•    Selecting and implementing the best solution.
The process to communicate the problem
•    At first, manager should gather appropriate information about the problem
•    Should conduct meeting with the immediate supervisor of employees.
•    Arranging meeting with employees and talk about the problem 
•    Explain the problem in a simple way.
•    To understand the response given by employees and consequently both should reach on to the appropriate solution (Pugsley and,2018).
Taking suggestions from employees and research previous solutions that are applied with an aim to resolve the same problem of the company is being regarded as two most effective method for resolving any kind of problem that arises during organizational development activity. 
An alternative way to implement development activity
With an aim to implement organizational development activity, manager of the cited firm has taken assistance from training and development program. But, in case if given thing does not work then alternative for the same could be conducting the seminar. Herein, people from the electronics industry should be called. Here, they can improve research and creative skills among employees by giving their own example. Further, they can also tell about their experience that how they have reached in the respective position. Thus, it is through this way development activity in the organization can be implemented in an effectual way.
Way to manage conflicts
Following ways identified which I will use in case if any conflicts arise between employees during the training program. 
•    Arrange a meeting with the individuals who are having conflict.
•    Listen to the views of both employees
•    Present my views in front of them
•    Taking both employees in the similar position and finding some middle way for the conflict.
•    Finally, through this way conflict can be resolved and both employees will focus on their respective work.
Developing intervention plan as per organizational development plan
With regard to the organizational development plan, one of a most effective intervention plan could be counseling. In this regard, it has been seen that there are many employees who will still show their resistance to the development activities as being arranged by the firm. This will happen even after implementing the change management steps which given above (Fisher, 2017). Thus, in order to avoid the same counseling is being regarded as one of a most effective intervention plan. This is the respective approach will not only help in resolving the problem which is being faced by employees, but it will also assist employees in the task of giving their immense contribution to the development activities of an enterprise in an effectual way.
Undertaking survey
With an aim to determine loss of resources required during organizational development activity survey is conducted and with an aim to do the same following questionnaire is framed.
1.    With an aim to improve research skill employees which of the following resources will be required by you most?
•    Finance resource
•    Human resource
•    Both
2.    With an aim to improve creative skill employees which of the following resources will be required by you most?
•    Finance resource
•    Human resource
•     Both
3.    With an aim to enhance satisfaction level of customers, which of the following resources will be required by you most?
•    Finance resource
•    Human resource
•    Both
From the conducted survey it is examined that there are two major resources will be required for all kind of organizational development activities. These are human and financial resources. Here, human resources needed in the form of the trainer. Similarly, finance is needed with an aim to convert all the theoretical plans of the firm practically. Thus, it is through this way only Alpha Electronics can successfully accomplish its organizational development objective.
Seeking feedback from the team
Here, feedback is taken from the individual who is participating in organizational development activities. With an aim to do the same one to one meeting is conducted with all the trainees. Here, many of the employees have complained that they do not get written material for the things which they are taught in class. Further, they also want that time of training should expand from 5 to 7 hours with an aim to gain the best result from the training.
Modifying activities in development plan
The activities which are modified in development plan are given below:
•    Defining the main needs of organizational development
•    Arranging meeting with employees
•    Appointing change agent
•    Providing training to employees
•    Giving module of training to trainees: This step is the addition to the development. Herein, trainee will get notes or written material for the things which are taught in class in relation to research and creative skill. Further, the training time will also be expanded from 5 to 7 hour. This is done with an aim toenhance effectiveness of employees in an effectual manner.
Identifying resources that are required to carry on the organizational development plan
Time and money are being regarded as two major resources which are needed with an aim to carry on organizational development activity on a continuous basis. Here, it is through this way the only vision of Alpha Electronic will be met. The given thing will cause positive and impact on the sales and profits of the firm (Mays,Brannen& Sexton, 2017).
Consultation with a senior manager
For the need relating to time and money, senior manager of Alpha Electronics will be consulted. In this regard, the meeting will be conducted wherein discussion will be carried out about all the plans relating to organizational development in an effectual way. 
Evaluating program on cost benefits analysis
For example, manager of Alpha Electronics has invested 1000 Australian Dollar in development program. So, this is a cost to company. However, in return if firm will get 1200 Australian Dollar then this is regarded as benefit to company. This indicates that the plan developed by company is working well (van den Ent and,2017).


From the whole report, it can be said that with an aim to attain the objectives of enterprise systematic planning is essential. This is because, it is through this way only firm can attain its vision.


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