Business Strategy and Success Factors


Mary, an Australian always knew that she would have a career to do with food, because her parents having worked as chefs, were continuously experimenting with new recipes for sauces and condiments, and bottling them for gifts. Growing up around this food loving way of life is what led Mary to start a small home business manufacturing a variety of condiments. Today, Mary owns ‘The Aroma Shop’ and a small factory in Wagga Wagga. Her products use organic ingredients, and are guaranteed to not make the use of preservatives Mary now wishes to expand her business to China as she is certain that her products will be popular, which include chilli sauces, pastes, chutneys and jams. She believes that the best way forward is to fly to China to meet the manager of a popular store – Mr. Lau a fifty five year old Chinese man. Conversely, one thing Mary is not so certain of is how to conduct business with the Chinese, and especially how to proceed with a first meeting.  You are to prepare a formal analytical essay of strictly no more than 1500 words on Chinese business etiquette and steps that Mary can use to make a favourable first impression when she visits China to meet with Mr. Lau. You will need to provide some research grounded 
recommendations for addressing these. You must also include a section on: areas of potential cross-cultural miscommunication, using one cultural framework Hofstede or GLOBE Models of Culture covered in this unit, and suitable adjustments Mary can make to increase the success of the meeting   
A minimum of five scholarly references are required in order to pass   this assessment. However, for a high mark, you will need to use many more scholarly references. It is very important that you assess the internet resource used for credibility. Single spaced, font Times New Roman 12pt, Calibri 11pt or Arial 10pt. Magazine article format – use a single column format. Title, name and student number.  
Task Details:  
This assessment is designed to allow students to develop good research and interpretation skills.  


Analytical Essay (Business Communication)


As aspiring young business woman the goal set my Mary is clearly inclusive of the cultural factor that might make her business more successful to the clientele from a specific culture. Thus, the understanding of the culture she is trying to adopt is essential for the success of the business. Her business meeting with a Chinese store manager is therefore the main concern for her as to ensure success in this new market she needs to make good impression in the meeting and thus it will not only be useful for this specific encounter but also help her understand the customers better. The studies made in Hofstede’s cultural dimension and the GLOBE model therefore is important in the development of the strategy for the business communication. Both of the models indicate the various effects the culture has on the internal business environment and the leadership perspective. Therefore understanding the various factors that differentiate the business environment and leadership attitudes in china are essential for the business success. The following key concepts should therefore be studies to ensure optimum performance overseas. 

Business strategy and success factors:  

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As per the scenario Mary is an owner of ‘The Aroma Shop’ as well as she had an undersized plant in Wagga Wagga. Her produces utilize natural items and she does not want to make use of stabilizers. Mary’s aromatherapy company put on the market the products online as well as from a physical locality. Described to curing others bodily, psychologically, as well as internally, she wants to approve aromatherapists, blending and bottling her own creations. At the same time as this company needs originality, Marry as an aromatherapy entrepreneur should be closely controlled adequately to pay close concentration to prepared factors, along with inventive in increasing her business enterprise. As part of Mary’s business arrangement, use up a few time to accomplish market explore particular to Mary’s locality, with the purpose of aim for a diverse customer base from different demographics.

Key concepts

Cross-cultural business communication: Intercultural or cross-cultural business communication is one of the most serious aspects giving to company development, as well as achievement in the even more composite international market whether in China or globally. The skill of businesses to obtain intercultural proficiency can either construct or spoil their prospects of achievement in a progressively more competitive, global company ground. Thus, a lot of businesses, as well as companies, are prudently investing in cultural consciousness preparing for their managers as well as workers with the purpose of tap into a few enormous latent global marketplaces. Communicating importance in business communication is of the highest meaning. One has to begin with a number of plans of what the addressees or marketplace is necessary to appreciate as well as this has to be restricted to the single detailed point. In the present days hectic with fast speedy trade world, nobody has the time or tolerance to make out a well planned principle. This is principally factual at what time an individual is attempting to influence someone in the directions of a queue of analysis, as in a promotion, deals field or job meeting.  At what time the individual’s target is to marketplace the company, ensure individual recognize the dissimilarities between promotions along with public relationships. Publicity engages paying to advertise individual’s company with the help of several media. Public relationships do not charge anything as well as refers to something that expresses an optimistic picture in support of a company. The rising cultural, racial as well as cultural assortment constructs that it will be almost undisputed core in the upcoming to control a labour force or market produces as indicated by the history. All varieties of business communications are influenced.  Companies that aspire to do business with customers on an global scale, or work through or handle employees situated overseas from varying cultural surroundings will need their administrators, HR leaders, plus deals forces to have a particular understanding as well as abilities to create the most of inside and outside business relations (Hoxmeier, & Lenk, 1998).

Global models of cultural communication: Cultural communication is a structure of international communication which explains how people of dissimilar background converse as well as interrelate with each other in diverse techniques in the midst of themselves. Performing business in an international financial system is extremely distinctive in the multicultural office, while obstacles to communication proliferate. There are further aspects that tackle group who are struggling to apply attempt with others of different surroundings. People arriving from dissimilar locales of the nation have different culture, which can explain feelings in a dissimilar manner. This might involve the obstacles to cross-cultural communication as well as can obstruct the perceptive of the person’s opinions. Therefore doing job crossways dissimilar cultures needs a varied ability set plus a singular business manner from the company in common. As connecting the cultures with alike as well as overseas to possess positive plans are vital for the achievement of the global plan (Tucker and McCarthy,  1998).

Framework: A functional framework is a channel to a business's strategies, aims, customaries, processes as well as training. The framework starts the method the business performs company as well as sponsors a commercial culture as well as uniqueness. A functional framework might also comprise standards of high-quality power and commence business principles and dissections surrounded by the business. Every functional framework like macro and micro culture encloses a set of dissimilar characteristics. The operational framework usually explains the commercial organization or administration configuration. This comprises how managers will rule the business as well as the hierarchy of its separations or administration groups. Most businesses contain guiding principles in support of core procedures along with formulas in their functional frameworks. The framework may have practices for managing the flow of the work, plans for offering on agreements in addition to for assigning resources to different aspects of the business. It might also consist of exact facts on processes for employing, services managing as well as client relationships. Businesses may have extra than a single exceptional framework. A business may grow a framework to accomplish a specific target (Locker & Kaczmarek, 2009). 


Setting up a company needs research, knowledge with the trade, economic backing, and facts of proper business, tariff plus service acts. Just the once individual has a plan in mind as well as a perceptive of what is required to obtain company off the field, an individual must study and discover where individual’s company would be further unbeaten (Wardrope, 2002).
Business plan with SMART objectives: If individual require a credit from a lender to establish individual’s company, individual will require giving the lender individual’s business plan. Web sites, as well as money-making software, can assist individual to expand individual’s business plan. Individual’s business plan must obviously state individual’s company's operation along with aims. 
International and national certification: determining whether it will be an individual ownership, joint venture firm or limited liability business is important. The type of individual’s company will conclude how individual file income taxes plus who is accountable for liabilities. Study the pros as well as cons of all form. Search for a lawful recommendation for other clarification as well as help in deciding the finest kind of individual’s condition. 
Selection and recruitment: If individual plan to appoint any workers, individual will require attaining a manager recognition number from the Internal Revenue Service. Acquire employees' recompense indemnity as well as wellbeing insurance; if individual plan to supply this advantage to individual’s workers. Post notes of worker powers as needed through act depending on individual’s business; individual might have extra necessities to go after. Be positive to ensure with individual’s state, metropolis or local division of work, certifying as well as rules.



Marry’s company plan will represent an image of her business at a single instant in time. In view of the fact that her business will continually be changing, her company related plan will rapidly turn into old-fashioned. Though, the official plan which she makes will provide as a paper that she can look reverse on any time her company is fighting back or she is having uncertainties on the subject of its course. Conferring with her plan at times as these can illustrate her if she is on the exact way. Possibly she has drifted from her plan as well as requires revisiting to her unique thoughts (Ghosh, 2012). Just the once she has done her original plan as well as one expectation, attained the resources she was looking for, continue in mind that her business plan must be an existing paper. As her company develops, she will discover that elder editions of her plan supply a supportive reminder of how distant she has arrived. 


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