Business Research Report based on PINSIRI Hospital


Business Research Report based on PINSIRI hospital 


1.    Software Architecture

The Pinsiri Hospital has LAN based system which is not appropriate for services to customers or patients. The hospital wants to update their system so that the updated system can reflect the advances information and communication technology.   To convert the LAN based software into legacy software we have to work with proper software architecture. Software architecture plays a vital role in success of business. Some software architecture is described as follows which are followed by the Pinsiri Hospital to convert the LAN based software into legacy software:

1.1    services oriented Architecture

The services oriented architecture is a type of software architecture in which the services will run independently without relying on any other service in the system. The new system is being developed by ASP.NET framework and it using Azure cloud environment to host the service application so it become much easier by using service oriented architecture. This architecture for the software implementation provides an expandable and easy solution. It has loose coupling like web API services and Azure cloud services. Thus this is the better software architecture that can be used by the software.
The services oriented architecture also has some drawbacks or verdicts such as encryption is necessary in these applications to enhances security of application. 

1.2    component oriented Architecture

The component oriented architecture is based on components. There are no needs of writing from the scratch. This is software architecture in process works on component which are already present in with system without makes any changes such as writing the classes. There are many benefits of component oriented architecture such as reusability of component, reuse a compliment without making changes. In component oriented architecture there are so easy to replace the components. Thus component oriented architecture is good for the software’s. 
The component oriented architecture also has some drawbacks such sometimes there are difficult to remove the component from the application because it became the part of the application. There are dependencies between the components in this architecture which makes the system unmanageable. 

1.3    client server architecture

The client server architecture is another type of software architecture which is commonly used by different type of software to achieve some standardization. In this architecture all sensitive data will be located at server and client data in this will be available as per the demands on the customer on some particular time.  This is software architecture which works in two parts or layer on is client and another is server. 
 The client server architecture of software application also has some drawbacks such as it provides a distributed range of the system to hospital and sometimes the clients requests increase at high level which leads to system unresponsive or crashes.   

2.    Architecture comparison

The architecture that we have used in development of software for Pinsiri hospital is Azure cloud database which is providing the good management for hospital application to show advance information and communication technology. We are making comparison here between Microsoft Azure cloud service and Amazon cloud service which are described as follows:

2.1    Microsoft Azure cloud services 

The Microsoft azure is cloud based environment which are used to host the web applications, database services and web services. This environment provides us a lot of benefits such as better management for web and API apps, high availability of mobiles and auto scalable deployment for applications. If we are using Microsoft azure cloud then we don’t have any need to manage the servers. Some other benefits of Microsoft azure services are described as follows:
•    It is cloud platform which is available on a reasonable cost with better facilities so it gives the benefit of cost saving.
•    The people are worried sometimes by thinking about the security of data on a cloud platform from cyber crimes but Microsoft azure gives a better security to data and this is one of the main benefits of azure cloud platform. 
•    Azure has different things for different type of applications such as Azure web apps for application service for web applications and Azure API apps for application services to run web API. 
•    This is a highly scalable database which is easy to understand.
•    The Microsoft Azure cloud service has block chain application service
•    The Microsoft Azure cloud service also provides the message hub services.
•    It does not provide any automation manager or business rules services. 

2.2    Amazon Azure cloud service

Amazon was first cloud based services which are introduced in 2004 as cloud computing solution. This is increasing their services since starting. The Amazon is one of the expensive cloud services as compare to other cloud services such as Microsoft azure cloud services. The Amazon has different storage perspective it has a nice verity of active documentation in different form such as webinars, sample code and libraries.  Amazon has a good discussion forum for their developer to provide the regular and useful information.  Amazon azure cloud services are also described as below in details:
•    Amazon azure cloud service does not have block chain application services.
•    It also provides message hub services.
•    It does not provide the cloud automation manager and business rules application services. 
Thus this is the whole comparison between Amazon azure cloud service and Microsoft Azure cloud services. 

3.    Migration strategy

There are many cloud services which are provided by different companies or organization such as IBM cloud services, Microsoft Azure cloud services and Amazon cloud services. The migration strategy must be follow up by different facilities and strategies are described as follows:

3.1    suitability Analysis

The application quality must be good and strategy should be relaxing, and well architecture. The suitability of the application is also depends on component based architecture and another type of software architecture. The application for Pinsiri hospital should be good and must have a reduced time and cost. 

3.2    Stability Analysis

The application should be stable enough according to the requirements and must contains all security aspects such as application should not have any proper draw backs which will reduced the stability of application. The software for hospital should be stable enough to connect with advance information and communication technology. 

3.3    Security Analysis

The software should be at better cloud so that we can create a secure application and does not contain any threats that can break the security of application. The Hospital software should be located on a good cloud on which we can ensure about the security of data on cloud from cyber crimes. This analysis is more necessary because in case on cloud based application it is necessary to think about the security of data on cloud.
Thus these are the migration strategies for Pinsiri hospital software which can overcome the disadvantages of current system which is based on LAN. 

4.    High level analysis and design

The high level analysis and design are used to explain the architecture of software. These are used to understand the complete overview of system. There are mainly two types of design for software architecture named as high level software architecture and low level software architecture. These include the structure of complete software with their front end, process and backend database.  Some types of high level design and analysis are described as follows:

4.1    UML

UML stands for unified modeling language which is used to show the complete details about software.  There are different types of UML diagram such as class diagram, Activity diagram, component diagram, sequence diagram, state chart diagram, collaboration diagram, use case diagram and deployment diagram. Each of these diagram describe a different thing about software such as class diagram describe used to define all classes which are created for application and sequence diagram are used to describe sequence of events in application. 

4.2     Object oriented design 

Object oriented design is a phase of application software which is used to complete the software in an easy and systematic way. It defines a realistic view of software with respect to objects. This is better way to develop software of any requirements because in this we have a good design to fulfill over all requirements of application.

4.3    Object oriented analysis

The object oriented design must have an object oriented analysis to check that is meeting to all requirements or not. Object oriented analysis should be done at least one time after complete the object oriented design. 
Thus all these are necessary tips for software high level design and analysis.  

5.    Report and overview

Thus this is a business report for Pinsiri hospital software that can overcome all drawback of already exist software which is based on LAN software. This report provides a better way to know about the software architecture which can be used to implement in software such client server architecture, component oriented architecture, and service oriented architecture. This report also contain strategy migration and suitability, scalability and security analysis in this and it also contains high level design and analysis and UML, object oriented design, object oriented analysis in it. This business research report also providing a brief comparison between Microsoft Azure cloud services and Amazon Azure cloud services. Thus this is the whole description and overview about this business research report. 

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